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Mindbender book release Nov 5 2009 1981 to 1995 by George D Hathaway PH.D,
Mindbender is the biography of Canadian electrical experimetor John Hutchison written by a scientist and electrical engineer who worked closely with Hutchison and who personally wtnessed some of the Strange phenmena assciated with John and his appartatus .Based on correspondane with the author and others
. This volume chronicles Johns early experimentation with the Hutchison Effect and shows why conventional physics explanations of the phenomena are inadequate, .Electrical circuits diagrames and colour plates never before seen details
The apparatus John used to make objects fly around his laboratory , Fracture in unusual ways and create startling effects
" This is a true story!The phenomenon is at once elusive, tantaizing, extremely important ,and its real ,The challenge to science now is to constuct a viable theory ,not to debate de facto impossibility The white crow flew times"John B Alexander ,PH,D ColonelU,S ARMY (RET),

An informative revealing ,and indeed mindbending look at the hutchison effect by a wqell qualified first hand investigator intimately involved in attempting to pin down the realities of this elusive phenomenon for over a decade ,A must read resource for anyone who would confront head on the claims associated with this controversial enigma ,Harold E Puthoff PH.D, Institute for advanced studies Austin Texas ,
George Hathaways , book on the hutchison effect will turn out to be one of the lasting source books in the emergence of the 21 first century science , It is especially valuable because the author is so dedicated to the carefull reporting of the data ,No scientist can pretend to see the limitations of our current science without explaining figures 10 and 11 Hathaways reporting is a huge obstacle to the simple minded critics ,We owe hinm a great deal Proffesor Rustum Roy Arizona University distinguished proffesor of matials the Pennsylvaina State university Even Pugh Profffesor Emitus
"Hathaway has done an amazeing job of the chronicals , The life and activities of John Hutchison .I personally witnessed Demonstrations at the hutchison lab that convinced me that he had unique psychokinetic abilities Jack Houck Hunting beach
book info Livingston and Sons

other books "the hunt for zero point" by Nick Cook of Janes Defence Weekly
Electric ufos by Albert Budden , and Mel Winfield The science of actuality plus many otheres out there i lost count thanks john k hutchison

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