Friday, October 30, 2009


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From: ROB SIMONE [mailto:robsimonetalks@...]
Sent: Tuesday, June 05, 2007 11:28 AM
To: Tim Ventura; 'William Alek'; 'Sue Mini'; 'Robert Brown'; 'Jonathan E.
Jaffe'; 'John Pasik'; 'Fabian & Sharon Borowiecki'; 'Donald Zinger'; 'David
Schwartz'; 'David Lightstone'; 'Cliff Yukawa'; 'Steve Quayle'; 'Steve
Kaplan'; 'Sepp Hasslberger'; 'Rod Sego'; 'Peggy Kane'; 'Nikola Romanski';
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Ryan'; 'ZPEnergy'; 'Xigent Technologies'; 'Woody Neeley'; 'William
Hamilton'; 'Warren York'; 'Warren Williams'; 'Vernon Roth'; 'Tom Schulte';
'Tom Bearden'; 'Tim Renfro'; 'Ted Loder'; 'Ted Annis'; 'Steven Greer - SEAS
POWER'; 'Steve Elswick'; 'Stefan Hartmann'; 'Russ Whisenhunt'; 'Richard C.
Hoagland'; 'Reginald Jaynes'; 'Nick Cook'; 'Mike Windell'; 'Mike Watson';
'Mike Mintz'; 'Maria Chychula'; 'Leslie R. Pastor'; 'Larry Park'; 'John
Dering'; 'Jim Cox'; 'Jesse Small'; 'Jerry Volland'; 'James Schwartz';
'Infinite Energy - Editor'; 'Hal Puthoff'; 'Greg Dunn'; 'Gary Voss'; 'Gary
Schasteen'; 'Dr. Patrick Bailey'; 'Derek Gerlach'; 'Darlene and Marcus
Garretson Peter'; 'Alexander Peterson'; 'Alexander Frolov'; 'Alex
Kaivarainen'; 'Hossein Javadi';
Cc: 'Terry Brady'; 'Mohammad R. Uddin'; 'Sherry Shriner'

Hi Tim,

When I get some extra time I would be happy to...
I'm off in 3 days to shoot 3 more interviews,

When I was at John's I had my own detection equipment
which provided among other things, some interesting data
on the nature of the interaction of the RF fields which seems to be
the catalyst for the effect.


Tim Ventura wrote:

Hi Rob --


Your description (below) sounds absolutely remarkable.

I would very sincerely ask you to document EVERY aspect of the experience to
the best of your ability - in writing would be the best, although if you'd
like to schedule some time for an audio interview I could record (you have a
show as well, but there might be some advantage to a targeted recording for
posterity). For instance, Harold Berndt noticed a buzzing-noise like an
over-driven tube-resonance right before the event he witnessed last year - a
small detail that may offer us a scientific explanation, and I suspect there
may be several things like this that you might not remember noticing even a
month or two from now. I'm also incredibly relieved that you got this
footage on tape.

Historically speaking, the problem with Hutchison has been the following:

1. Skeptics questioning the intelligence & credibility of people witnessing
the effect.
2. The claim that Hutchison is "psychic" and the effect is thus
3. The claim that Hutchison is performing a hoax (by tipping the room upside
down, hidden wires, etc)

The "psychic" or "PK" claim has been the most insidious & pervasive: it was
first listed as a possibility by John Alexander, but subsequently picked up
by other scientists as evidence to explain away a series of anomalies that
appeared to threaten the existing paradigm of many people's scientific
knowledge. In reality Hutchison's work threatens nothing, and offers a lot
of potential, but psychologically this explanation has become a tool for the
scientific community to assuage their guilt at having no ready explanation
for the effect.

What's REALLY needed (in your documentary, hopefully), are observers who
will come forward and sincerely testify about what they've seen in an
accurate manner. John Alexander has done this effectively & fairly in past
programs, despite never having reportedly seen the effect himself. However,
most documentaries are entirely 3rd person, and it would help very much to
build public interest if you could speak in a personal manner about your
experience studying the paranormal and what it leads you to believe about
what you've seen.

I'd like to say three things for the record on this:

First, there are a number of possible avenues for understanding how the
Hutchison Effect works, and I believe all of them will lead us to an array
of remarkable new technologies. While many scientists and inventors have
explored a few of these in the past, Hutchison has never had the full
financial & scientific apparatus to conduct a real research effort. My own
belief is that with adequate infrastructure in place, it should be possible
to fully harness this effect and integrate it into today's science in a
beneficial manner.

Second, while John has been the victim of small minds and some irrational
fear by agencies like the Canadian EPA, I do NOT believe that he has been
the victim of a conspiracy to suppress his work. However, I am completely
convinced that nagging doubts and a lack of understanding by the
establishment has allowed this remarkable effect to "fall through the
cracks" and prevent it from receiving the rigorous study that it otherwise

Third, Hutchison's work continues to receive interest at the highest levels
of government and academia, but several groups that I'm acquaintanced with
have expressed fear that they may ruin their own reputations by investing in
such an unknown phenomenon. This fear is greatly compounded by several
ignorantly skeptical comments that continue to circulate.

It is because of these factors that I believe what you've already
accomplished has TREMENDOUS value in terms of helping to keep the Hutchison
Effect in the public spotlight and encourage public interest in what may one
day lead to full-fledged scientific investigation. To date, I've found that
everyone with any real knowledge of this effect and it's history does not
dispute that it occurs, and while there are many different speculations on
the cause, I hope that your work is yet another block in the foundation of
credibility that will help John's work to change our world in a positive


Timothy M. Ventura
American Antigravity, Inc
Phone: 425-605-0928
Mobile: 425-260-4175


From: ROB SIMONE [mailto:robsimonetalks@...]
Sent: Monday, June 04, 2007 6:56 PM
To: William Alek; Sue Mini; Robert Brown; Jonathan E. Jaffe; John Pasik;
Fabian & Sharon Borowiecki; Donald Zinger; David Schwartz; David Lightstone;
Cliff Yukawa; Steve Quayle; Steve Kaplan; Sepp Hasslberger; Rod Sego; Peggy
Kane; Nikola Romanski; Nicholas Lemberg; Michael Riversong; Michael Ritcher;
Joseph Brasseur; Jim RabidWolf; Holly Deyo; Hal Ade; George Gaboury; David
Clarke; Daniel Macbolen; Colin Stevens; Cathy Menne; Bill Ryan; Tim Ventura;
ZPEnergy; Xigent Technologies; Woody Neeley; William Hamilton; Warren York;
Warren Williams; Vernon Roth; Tom Schulte; Tom Bearden; Tim Renfro; Ted
Loder; Ted Annis; Steven Greer - SEAS POWER; Steve Elswick; Stefan Hartmann;
Russ Whisenhunt; Richard C. Hoagland; Reginald Jaynes; Nick Cook; Mike
Windell; Mike Watson; Mike Mintz; Maria Chychula; Leslie R. Pastor; Larry
Park; Kiril Chukanov; John X; John Dering; Jim Cox; Jesse Small; Jerry
Volland; James Schwartz; Infinite Energy - Editor; Hal Puthoff; Greg Dunn;
Gary Voss; Gary Schasteen; Dr. Patrick Bailey; Derek Gerlach; Darlene and
Marcus Garretson Peter; Alexander Peterson; Alexander Frolov; Alex
Kaivarainen; Hossein Javadi
Cc: Terry Brady; Mohammad R. Uddin; Sherry Shriner
Subject: Re: Dinner with the legend

Hi Bill,

I was just at John's apt/laboratory with a camera crew for new TV
series i'm co-producing and hosting. We shot for over
7 hours, in High Def, and captured some extraordinary

You may ask about the HGH bottle that
floated in the air for the better part of 20 min.
It was constant and controlled.....stunning...:)

It seemed to have 'over-driven' some of the components,
I'm not sure if that is a common problem...

Rob Simone

William Alek wrote:

Hello all,

Tomorrow night, I'll be having dinner with the legend, John Hutchison, Terry
Brady and Steve Elswick of Tesla Tech, and Gary Voss of TAP-TEN research. If
anyone has any questions they would like to ask of the group, please send me
an email?


William S. Alek, INTALEK, INC.
7760 E. State Rte 69 Ste C5-381
Prescott Valley, AZ 86314
PHONE: 928.255.0198

[Non-text portions of this message have been removed]

Tue Jun 5, 2007 9:46 pm

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Hi Rob -- ### PLEASE READ ENTIRELY ### Your description (below) sounds absolutely remarkable. I would very sincerely ask you to document EVERY aspect of the... Tim Ventura
Offline Send Email Jun 4, 2007
9:35 pm
Awesome!! _____ From: ROB SIMONE [mailto:robsimonetalks@...] Sent: Tuesday, June 05, 2007 11:28 AM To: Tim Ventura; 'William Alek'; 'Sue Mini'; 'Robert...
Tim Ventura
Offline Send Email Jun 5, 2007
10:28 pm
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