Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Hi John,

Tracey here. I was disappointed you emailed the world regarding your papers. I have taken good care of them and needless to say, thought that some of the info/contacts in them would do us well for your show. Ken and I have been talking a lot about it lately and can't wait until he gets settled here in town to start. We were both waiting from you for some information on yourself and more ideas re the "green" idea for your show. As discussed, I believe it will be a fairly easy sell to my contacts already in production on other shows. We really need your input as these things don't make themselves up. Material is so important. We have both backed off of the information we need from you as we knew that your back was a huge issue. Your papers are under lock and key safe at my storage for the moment and I am glad to send them anywhere you like. Even if you move down south, the show and movie are still possible as we won't need your physical being for a while as long as we keep communication flowing. Both Ken and I felt that we all gave this a nod to try for a year and stay with the projects. It hasn't been nearly that and am wondering where you are standing. We are still up for it if you are and if not, I can only say how very disappointing this is. I would never have considered these events if I knew you were not going to in fact give it the year we promised each other. I hope you are well and in response to this. I will call you this weekend as well.



Tracey Boyd

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