Friday, October 30, 2009


a NETWORK to improve life

for both the PLANET and its PEOPLE!


Some of the thousands of associates in the network and their contribution

(F founder; B board member, D deceased)

Prof. Maurice L. Albertson, Colorado State, Peace Corps founder, promoter of new science and technology / Prof. Harold Aspden, University of Southampton, engineer, design and testing of new energy conversion systems / Wolfram Bahman, B, meteorologist, monitoring of air quality for Los Angeles and Mexico City / Dr. Gon-Woong Bahng, Korea Institute of Standards & Science, new energy technology transfer / Dr. Robert G. Bailey, Lockheed Missiles and Space, new science and technology networking / James Beal, NASA, biological effects of low-level electromagnetic fields / Prof. Robert C. Beck, D, UCLA, medical engineering of advanced therapeutic modalities / Dr. Robert O. Becker, Nobel Prize nominee, Veterans Administration, medical scientist, effects of low-level electromagnetics / Lt-Col Tom E. Bearden, nuclear engineer, writer, theorist on the new electromagnetics / Clement N. Beauchamp, BD, jurist, development of new energy technology transfer modalities / Bob Beutlich, engineer, new energy science and technology networking and publishing / Hon. Berkeley Bedell, US Congressional energy committee, promote of new science and medicine development / Joachim Berg, Siemens, medical engineer, design of novel energy applications Barbara B. Bronfman, philanthropist, alternative healing / Chris Bird, BD, biologist, writer, promoter of chemical-free agricultural alternatives / Prof. John O’M. Bockris, Texas A&M, father of electrochemistry, hydrogen-solar economy researcher / Prof. Yull Brown, D, electronic engineer, developer of Brown’s Gas (water-as-a-fuel) technology / Dr. Paul Brown, D, physicist, novel nuclear technologies / Prof. Mirko Bunc, economist, studies of the implications of new energy technology in society / Dr. Eldon Byrd, D, medical engineer, scalar technology/ Senator Chesley W. Carter, FBD, Tesla technology, solar/biomass/wind energy promoter / Dr. Paulo N. Correa, U of T, physicist, inventor of new energy conversion system / Dr. James F. Corum, Batelle Research Institute, Tesla wireless transmission of electrical energy / Prof. Philippe Crabbé, B, Institute for Research Environment and Economy, implementing new technology acceptably / Richard A. Crowther, architect, sustainable housing design / Dr. Olivier Costa de Beauregard, Nobelist, physicist, fundamentals of physics / Jerry Decker, manages KeelyNet / Dr. Alexander P. Dubrov, Russian Health Ministry, scientist, biological effects of low-level electromagnetics / Dr. James P. Dunn, NASA, technology transfer commercialization / Helke Ferrie, writer and researcher, alternative therapeutic modalities / Hal Fox, ENECO, Journal of New Energy, research in new energy technology / Robert J. Fox, B, Odawa Centre, integrating new technologies with the First Nations / Dr. Janusz Grabowski, Magres Research, advanced magnetic technology / Prof. Bernard R. Grad, B, McGill, investigation in advanced therapeutic modalities and their rationale / Toby Grotz, electrical engineer, testing of the new energy technology / Prof. Josef Gruber, FernUniversität Hagen, economics chair, analysis of implications of new technology implementation / Hon. Daniel Haley, B, NY legislator, founder of first energy research & development agency / George D. Hathaway, engineer, testing of new energy technology devices / Alan C. Holt, NASA, engineer, advanced space propulsion research / John J. Hutchison, inventor of a lift and energy conversion system based on advanced electromagnetics / Bob Jerabek, D, engineer, inventor, developer of the hazard-less saw / Knud Jespersen, Rolltech, engineer, design and manufacture of water-as-a-fuel devices / Prof. Brian Josephson, Nobelist, Cavendish Laboratory, physicist, fundamentals of the new physics / Jeff Hayes, designer and testing of Tesla bladeless engines / Don Kelly, SEA/US, engineer, new energy technology networking / Prof. Louis Kervran, D, Nobel Prize nominee, National Research Council, France, scientist, researcher in biological transmutation / Moray B. King, Novel, engineer, word-processing and accounting software, new sciences database / Dr. Wingate A. Lambertson, chemist, inventor of solid-state energy conversion system / Prof. Eugene Mallove, D MIT, Infinite Energy, physicist, promoter of low energy nuclear reactions (cold fusion) research / Prof. Edward Mann, D, sociologist, new energy technology developments networker / Jeane Manning, writer, new energy technology / Raymond J. Marchand, B, space scientist, promotion of new technologies / Dr. Alvin Marks, physicist, inventor, Polaroid, advanced photovoltaics / John D. Mattingly, D, philanthropist, inventor of the WaterPik, promoter of new science and medicine / Dr. Robert Muller, University for Peace, diplomat, writer, promoter of new science and technology / Gaston Naessens, biologist, inventor of the world’s most powerful microscope, discoverer of somatid, smallest known lifeform / Dr. Hans Nieper, D, medical researcher and promoter of new energy technology development / Dr. Brian O’Leary, NASA, astronaut, writer, promoter of new energy technology / Jorg Ostrowski, architect, sustainable buildings and communities based on new energy technology / Dr. John Nash Ott, D, scientist, research in illumination and biological effects of low-level electromagnetics / Prof. Panos T. Pappas, Technikon Piraeus, physicist, new science and technology networker / Dr. Thomas E. Phipps, Jr., military scientist, theorist in the fundamentals of the new physics / Guy Playfair, writer, implications of new energy technology / Dale Pond, researcher, writer, replication of Keely sympathetic vibration energy devices / Mark Porringa, AECL, engineer, decontamination of nuclear wastes / Prof. Ilya Prigogine, D Nobelist, fundamentals of new physics / Prof. Panayis Psomopoulos, urban planner, promotion of sustainable communities and regions / Dr. Andrija Puharich, FD, physicist, physician, writer, developer of mini-hearing aid and amplification systems / Dr. Hal E. Puthoff, Institute for Advanced Studies, physicist, zero-point energy research / Michael Rademacher, Can-Rapid, engineer, design and testing of water-as-fuel systems / Prof. Elizabeth Rauscher, University of California, Berkeley, nuclear physicist, nuclear decay rate anomalies / Dr. Glen Rein, B, Estée Lauder, microbiologist, quantum biological research / Joshua Reynolds III, D, philanthropist, promoter of new science research and development / Walter L. Rosenthal, D Lockheed Aviation; design and testing of new energy conversion systems / Dr. Leo J. Shafer, design and testing of advanced therapeutic modalities / Rolf Schaffranke, D, NASA, engineer, advanced space propulsion research / Shinichi Seike, D physicist, new energy technology research / Kenneth Shoulders, physicist, inventor of new energy conversion system / Dr. Maria Sésic, D, Nikola Tesla Museum, physicist / Dr. Edmund Storms, Los Alamos National Laboratory, advanced electrolysis research (“cold fusion”) / Dr. John A. Tanner, D, National Research Council Canada, physicist, biological effects of low-level electromagnetic fields / Dr. Paramahamsa Tewari, India Nuclear Corporation, physicist, inventor of new energy conversion system / Roy Thornson, inventor of ultra-efficient inertial propulsion system / Prof. William A. Tiller, Stanford University, material scientist, new technology theorist / Dr. Jacques Vallée, physicist, developer of the internet system (first applied for Three-Mile-Island disaster mitigation) / Thomas Valone, investigation and promotion of new energy technologies / Prof. T. Nejat Veziroglu, Institute of Hydrogen Energy, solar-hydrogen economy / Marcel Vogel, FD, IBM, scientist, developer of computer diskette technology, fluorescent colours / Prof. Walter Von Lucadou, scientist, new science and medicine / George Wiseman, Eagle Research, engineer, design and development of energy savings systems / Prof. William Wolkowski, Université de Paris V, promoter of new science and technology / Dr. Jim Yehl, American Environmental Systems, designer of advanced microtechnology

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