Tuesday, September 01, 2009

wackypedia linked this so they cannot get the facts

no 1 issues i dont know mark millis . no 2 audio was stripped from ufo footage see my you tube channel johnkhutchison2008 where the videos where copyied from video tapes threw a digital elf camera and are not clear want footage in hi definition www.gryphonproductions.com www.bluebookfilms.com check my profile for scanned documentation on my 130 blogs i run http://www.myspace.com/johnkhutchison and you tube channel johnkhutchison2008 and this blogger no others websites the www.hutchisoneffect.ca site is run by adrien stone who writes emails in my name to anybody who contacts it he writes back sick emails because he hates me ok and takes your donations trusted sites are american antigravity and www.drrobertkoondzt.com and www.coasttocoastam.com updated info on myspaces and you tube ok thanks

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