Monday, June 11, 2007

nice letter

John Hutchinson

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From Princes Dr.Med. Swxxxxxx; Dearest One , Hows life these days ?I;see my posting is but gone from the forum of ; MUST HAVE BEEN SOME DISASTER THERE ? Computers I rarely use them . The phrase Computation . Again my son wishes to thank you for your wisdom with herbal remedies , You so kindly instructed us in the very interesting use of them ,We will never forget your Kindness toward us , A true understatement of fact . The illness is all but gone from his tiny body ! Is your phone number still 524 4875 and country code ? 604 ? or is that Area code , I will check my operator. Your most welcome at the villa Away from all the noise and thunder i see on the Heffect forum !I hope this does not go on in your real life ? !!!!! We would need to send a rescue team for you !On a warmer note , Prince Alfred Von Leichtstenstien ,Says; and i say as he did to us; A Warm Hello to you and Ken Shouldres! Did Henry sold off 3220 Sacramento Office ? Dearest I will call you ; As usual you may indicate this in your forum Heffect .For healthy reasons of enderments of testemony of saveing my sons life with herbal sciences of yours .My grammer of English is still sad ; Lots of warmth My friend Pincess Dr. Med.xxxxxxxxxxxx

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