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John Hutchison

dianne arcangel a must read guest with art
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Title: Afterlife Encounters: Ordinary People Extraordinary Experiences

Author: Dianne Arcangel

Pub. Date: September 2005

Category: Death, Spiritualism, Parapsychology, Psychology, New Age

Publisher: Hampton Roads (Charlottesville, VA)

ISBN: 1-57174-436-3

Format: Hardcover, 332 pages, $15.95

Available: Bookstores nationwide, and online at

Book Website:

Author contact:

A former hospice chaplain presents the effects afterlife encounters offer believers, nonbelievers, skeptics, and scientists via her groundbreaking research and gripping case histories.

The belief that humans survive bodily death in some form is universal. Long considered superstition, several lines of evidence now suggest that this belief is valid. Dianne Arcangel's Afterlife Encounters adds to this body of knowledge, and will provide hope and comfort for anyone who reads it."

-Larry Dossey, M.D., father of mind-body medicine and New York Times bestselling author of Reinventing Medicine and Healing Words.

March 31-April 2
New York City
Forever Family Foundation
New Life Expo -

Thursday, March 30 at 7:30pm
Book Signing
Long Island
Go to for more information.

May 5-6
Ralaigh, NC.
Rhine Research Center
After Death Conference -

May 18-19
Washington, DC
Book Expo America -

August 13-18
Big Sur, CA
Esalen -

Former hospice chaplain, psychiatric hospital therapist, and Director of the Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Center of Houston, Dianne is an international presenter on the topics of death, dying, grief, and afterlife encounters.

As an international spokesperson, Dianne has appeared on numerous talk shows, such as Oprah, Geraldo, Sally, Rolanda, etc.; and she has been featured in national and international television documentaries, such as NBC's Ancient Prophecies, the Learning Channel's Forces Beyond, CBC's Man Alive, and many more.

AFFILIATIONS: American Assoc. of Suicidology, Assoc. for Death Education and Counseling, International Assoc. of Suicidology and Prevention, Paralogical Foundation, the Society for Psychical Research, Rhine Research Center, and Forever Family Foundation.

Dianne's web site (
American Association of Suicidology (
Association for Death Education and Counseling (

If you would like to contact Dianne Arcangel, please email:


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