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Author Topic: John your email heffect is full !!!!! (Read 1 times)
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John your email heffect is full !!!!!
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John, did you find the Brentwood 'phone numbers'Your email , is bouncing back .Thanks T.G for Paris Hilton . Your forum is a horrendous mess gee man .no ADMIN???Hello John,

She doesn't need to do anything. Other than introduce or explain what you are about to do.
This will creates a lot of interest.
If you remember Arthur miller and Marilyn Monroe. What was he doing with her. Arthur was cerebral man.
She did not seem like it but was. We may have the same here.

P. S. I wrote her when she went to jail. I told her to stay positive and when she gets out, I would take her flying in my helicopter far fro the paparazzi She sent me an elegant photo and a nice letter.


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