Friday, May 15, 2009


Hello John,

Thanks for showing interest to be a part of the Shoot Session.

This session is being put together by BEN SHERMAN DESIGNS who are launching some of their new designs into the Market and like you already know it is for 7 days.

For this Job,BEN SHERMAN DESIGNS which is the Client wants just foreign Talents for the shoot and we are the appointed Agency who has been saddled with the responsibility of providing a few International Models which is why you were contacted and there will not be any show of NUDITY.

The contract sum for this Job is 40,000 Pounds, a daily allowance of 150 Pounds and a 1,500 Pounds for all your travel arrangements since you will be required to book your round trip ticket yourself at any airline of your choice.

The Client BEN SHERMAN DESIGNS is a household name which is well known in different variety of designs ranging from Jackets, coats, T-shits, polo shirts, Denims, Sweat shirts, Trousers and Shorts, foot wears and Under Wears all Men attires. As for Women they also have brand of Varieties ranging from Casual Tops, Dresses and Skirts, Trousers and Shorts e.t.c.

All you are required to provide for this Job are a VALID PASSPORT, A UK WORK PERMIT and A UK MODEL LICENSE (from the British Home Office here in the UK), that is if you have never had a paid Job in the UK.But if you have a valid EU Passport, then you will not be needing the Work Permit which means you will need just Model License.

For this Job you will be required to work with the Home based Photographers that will be contracted in very choice and picturesque Locations such as beaches, hilltops and fashionable parks and environs.

You are to know that all your traveling expenses and accommodation will also be covered by BEN SHERMAN DESIGNS and you will also receive an upfront payment of 50% as soon as you acquire the needed documents that will stand as proof that you will really honor the contract.

Kindly note this Job is billed to kick off 3rd June 2009 so we require your utmost dedication and allegiance but if the timing does not suit you, just let me know.

Let me know if you require any other info.


Raymond Anderson.


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