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John --

Do not forward or I will seriously kick your ass...I've been drinking beer, so I'm being more honest than usual. Jesus, breaking my own rules...

NGEO is National Geographic.

"XXXXX" is OSD - and the "aerospace exec" I told you about is actually is Paul's boss -- an undersecretary of defense. Not sure which one...

They've been pushing BPP (and your work) into the Pentagon for about 2+ years now - the Pentagon presentation I told you about was their biggest push. Remember - standing ovation? That was CIA, DIA, NRO, USAF, and a few others....about 400 officers in a joint briefing, at least that's what I was told.

They've been fighting on behalf of your research like crazy for the last couple of years, mostly because of the footage that we put together. They want to fund you. GXXXX doesn't (he would, but doesn't have the budget). If they fund you, it will be pure science, not weaponized..

PXXX is a believer, but his boss is still skeptical - that's why I need to get solid footage with HZXXX. If I can get that, you'll have somebody really valuable at your place in the very near future.

THAT is the reason that I've been bugging you so much lately -- you're amazingly close. Closer than John Alexander, who was a Lt. Colonel. Right now we're at the undersecretary of Defense, and I know that Rumsfeld has looked at your work also. If we can put together a couple of hours of solid footage, then we're set. Then you'll have a lab, and I'll quit pestering you.

BTW - If it matters, the "funders" that I told you about are Army Intelligence out of Ft. Meade (NSA). They showed up about 6 months ago. Mostly their interest is having me cover aXXXXXXX conferences, but my handler is friends with PXX, so part of our deal was letting me cover XXXresearch without being censored. (I didn't ask about UFO's, and I have no clue about anything else).



From: john hutchison []

Sent: Monday, August 07, 2006 12:40 AM


Subject: RE: XXXX and I coming over..?

Hi tim what is ngeo ?? what does lisa want ?? she can have it as it leads to good things in the long term I got it here



Sent: Saturday, August 05, 2006 2:31 PM


Subject: RE: XXXXXXand I coming over..?

HI John --

Are you going to be home tomorrow? We'd like to give it at least a shot then.

I know that you're frustrated - I'm not in any better position than you are. I'm doingXXXXXXXX on the weekends just to help pay the bills, which are escalating out of control. Nobody in my audience gives a shit: I sent out some funding requests last month and got back nothing. It's generalized apathy on a massive-scale -- at least in your case you can pull up stakes and find someplace to go.

Lisa's not going to be able to help - Coast and NGEO want the footage for their audience, and that's it. In my case, I don't want your existing footage, but I'd like to shoot some of my own for the Air Force guys. If I can take them footage of the effect plus my first-hand word that it happened when I was there, then I think they'll fund you like they promised to. Also,XXXXXXfrom the STAIF Conference also wants to visit in the next couple of weeks, and he knows a bunch of aerospace-industry execs that can help...he was talking about bringing one of them with him.

I've been trying to get you funding for a long time - since we visited last year. I keep getting told that everybody loves your work, but they're nervous about putting money into it without solid confirmation that it's a real effect. That's why I need to be there (otherwise I could just stay home & take XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX If we can get you funding, I still won't get anything out of it, but at least it will be a way to help a friend pay his bills, and it may even lead you into funding for a research lab.

XXXXXXXXXXXXXX can pay for XXXXX, Arizona where they're going to put this thing together. It's going to take setting up the XXXX first to make it financially practical, but that's the best they can do. I'm telling you buddy, nobody has cash at the moment, which is why the Air Force & aerospace industry is such a compelling opportunity - at present, they're the only game in town.

Anyhow, let us drop by tomorrow afternoon -- if nothing else, we can get your worries on tape, and maybe that'll help the situation. If you want to fire up the equipment, maybe we can capture some footage, and I can use that to strong-arm the USAF guys, and XXXwill use it to sell his aerospace-exec on a trip up to your place.



From: john hutchison []

Sent: Saturday, August 05, 2006 1:47 PM



Subject: REXXXXXX and I coming over..?

Hi guys lisa is on standby this stuff is for the originators as well as XXX tv I think I indicated that in my email unless you guys want to ship XXXXX is getting results with his XXX hes my student of many who is willing to learn this stuff iam calling it a wrap and getting out of here plus theres already a number of complaints DO I CARE NO cheers john



Sent: Saturday, August 05, 2006 10:01 AM

To: john hutchison

Subject: XXXand I coming over..?

Hi John... I just got off the phone with XX who called me as he and I would be very interested in coming over with both our video cameras to capture as much as possible while your up and running. If tomorrow is convenient, XXXXXX could be up fromXXXXX by 11 or noon and we could position the two cameras for best results should something happen. And as a side benefit, I also think it just might be a good opportunity to get you back on Coast as XXXXX and I could put together a good synopsis of what you're doing and then we could suggest to Coast that they have you back on (if your interested in that)?

XXXXX will also be in touch with you and I'll try calling you a little later when I'm in New West as my son and I will be working out at the Canada Games pool todayXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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Forum title: Ok ATS, is John Hutchison a proven fraud?

I originally was going to post a fairly brief reply to this post:

[i]reply to [url=]post by TravisT[/url][/i]


Not too long after beginning research on this topic I realized that this was becoming too large and perhaps was better off as a new topic.

Later I found another post proclaiming John to be a proven fraud while digging through posts mentioning John Hutchison on ATS-

[i]reply to [url=]post by Intothepitwego[/url][/i]


For the most part I agree about Billy Meier, even if he had something legit early on he destroyed any "street cred" he had by perpetrating multiple fakes. His ex-wife making the statement that he produced fakes/hoaxes doesn't help his case. The "wedding cake ufo”; faked photos and misleading photos taken of television shows, dinosaur books and other things; and the "ray gun"; don't inspire much faith from me in Billy Meier. This is my strong opinion that, at least his later stuff was very suspicious and enough things were clearly exposed to be fraudulent that there is little question left in my mind concerning Mr. Meier's credulity His early UFO pictures, to the best of my knowledge, still pass analysis by photo experts and no one has been able to produce/duplicate what is shown in his early photos with technology available at the time. It has been a couple years since I've given Billy any thought or research so my information could be dated and or completely incorrect concerning him.

I realize that there are still some die-hard supporters of Mr. Meier around, you are welcome to contact, debate or flame me via U2U but please don't confuse the topic of this post with anything concerning Billy Meier or other unrelated topics.

Ok back to the topic at hand:

If any group of individuals can shed some light on this subject, perhaps even answer this question, I believe it is the members here at ATS that can deny ignorance and get the job done. That question is:

[b]Has John Hutchison been [u]proven [/u] to be a fraud? [/b]

to be more specific

[b] Have all, or even a substantial portion, of his varied demonstrations and results been disproven and/or exposed as hoaxes beyond any reasonable doubt? Is there any evidence condemning John other than the debate over the “ufo on a string video” (he clearly points out the wire/string in the original video before and during the demonstration, he wasn't trying to hide it, by definition this is not an attempt to deceive or defraud [3],) Can anyone reference anything new? Something better than the few attempts to duplicate a small portion of the reported effects with optical trickery that still don't completely duplicate what is seen in the videos? Has anyone detected a string, a string attachment point, editing techniques, other obvious or even subtle indications, perhaps even proof of a hoax while analyzing his videos? [/b]

Now in reply to the posters above...

Am I to take what was said as a truth statement that John Hutchinson is a proven fraud or is it merely your opinion that I mistakenly took as a truth statement? Is the lumping of Billy Meier and John Hutchison an attempt at associative fallacy? If it was a truth statement, then please enlighten me. Share with me your evidence that proves he is fraud. If it was just your opinion then by all means you are entitled to it, but please in the future don't attempt to pass along thoughts, ideas, theories and opinion as proven fact. Perhaps someone has or you have effectively debunked or disproven all of his results or proven several clear and intentional hoaxes that I am not aware of. If this is the case then you have my apologies.


I am asserting that claims of a hoaxing or fraud are extremely strong and clear claims, that need to be supported by very strong evidence.

Any substantial evidence or information supporting any point of view in this debate will be considered and appreciated by myself and hopefully everyone else. Please attempt to keep basic opinions, emotion, and especially hatred, flames, prejudice, insults and especially ignorance to a minimum. If someone simply does not believe John , doesn't want to believe in the possibilities if his effect is legitimate, simply hates John and other “hippies” or similar thoughts and opinions and you have no facts to add then please, just be cool, sit back and see what happens here; or move on. If it is really “nagging” you to include your thoughts then do so, but I am asking the moderators to please keep a close watch on this topic.

I suggest three main hypotheses in this case: (we aren't attempting to prove any of these in this thread expect for 3, but supporting evidence for the others is welcome.)

1. Everything John Hutchinson produces is a genuine, if not always predicable and as yet may be unproven, not generally accepted , completely understood or easily repeatable.

2. Some of John Hutchinson's results have been genuinely produced. Other results have been exaggerated, incorrectly represented and/or poorly understood or .

3. Everything John Hutchison has presented as experiments and results are fraudulent and have been perpetrated as an intentional hoax. He decided to attempt to fool the world long ago and has done a rather impressive job of it.

Still, again, remember the primary goal of this forum topic is to logically and honestly answer the questions “Is John Hutchinson currently a proven fraud?”

To my knowledge, considering my somewhat limited yet expanding research concerning John Hutchison:


There is a good deal of controversy and debate. So far I have read a substantial amount of poorly researched, negative and /or ignorant debunkers, disbelievers, and pseudo-skeptics proposing how he [b]might [/b] have faked his videos, some ad hominem and otherwise deceptive arguing, but nobody has fully reproduced or adequately explained to me how he faked his results or perpetrated a hoax, hoaxes or fraud. I have also reviewed quite a bit of material and testimony in support of Mr. John Hutchison, although I would like to see some more evidence of individuals and scientists speaking on his behalf, witnessing his experiments, doing peer reviews and duplicating results from his experiments..

Examination and observation:

The super-strong electromagnet/upside down camera[4] does not explain what a lot of non-metallic objects do in the videos. Nor have they explained what many metallic samples have exhibited. Metals appear to liquefy, twist, break apart and/or bend in some videos. Analysis of some of his metal samples indicate aging, spontaneous rusting and changes to molecular structure [3][12][17]. The attempted debunking of these results have not effectively and fairly explained the majority of these alleged frauds. Many of the reported effects have not been duplicated on video, even using 'Hollywood' trickery. (Personally, I would like to see a debunker duplicate the metal bar breaking apart and then one half flipping over while the other stays in place and/or duplicate other similar observations, especially the ones with water, other liquids and metals.)

How large of an electromagnet consuming how many watts of energy would it take to suspend a 70lb. canon ball? Someone please do the math on this one, my primary assumptions are leading me to think that John Hutchison wouldn't have been able to afford his power bills back in the '80s if he is producing what is in many of his video with large and powerful electromagnets alone.

Many results that John has reported have not been explained completely [12]. Almost everyone likes complete explanations, solid evidence and repeatable experiments; but this goes for all sides, absence of evidence, is not evidence of absence. For example, if no person was able to provide proof of a hoax it doesn't empirically prove that Mr. Hutchinson is genuine either.

The science community, in general, don't like his methods because he “tinkers” and “tweaks” with stuff, doesn't follow scientific method and sometimes doesn't or isn't able to completely explain how and what he is doing, how he is doing it, the theories behind it and his results. Sometimes John has trouble reproducing results from his own experiments and when they do work they can behave and succeed seemingly at random with anomalous and unexpected behavior and results. Other entities have problems reproducing his results. Some people seem to lash out at him simply because he has long hair, doesn't wear a lab coat or a suit, and/or at his mannerisms and personality don't meet their expectations about what he “should” be, among other interpersonal and social reasons. This doesn't disprove or debunk him, it just shows that there is a social prejudice against him in certain circles and by some individuals.

Results produced can not be dismissed simply because someone doesn't follow the established scientific method to produce them. Results also do not have to be replicated every time on demand to be results; to be "scientific" and generally accepted as "proven", yes, to be results, no. Just because people have trouble replicating his experiments and results it doesn't necessarily make him a fraud either. One does not have to understand results or believe them to be possible in an experiment for those results to be valid. Lack of scientific recognition is not proof of fraud.

Scientists from places like Lockheed Martin, the US Army and NASA, among other organizations, have visited him trying to figure out what he is doing and how he is doing it. The Canadian Government seized all of his equipment in 1989 and classified it, denying the return of this equipment to John thus forcing him to start over. Boyd Bushman, a retired senior scientist from Lockheed Martin acknowledges the theft of his equipment [2]. The Japanese have invested in some of his experiments and to the best of my knowledge they have not accused him of being fraudulent. [2][3] John maintains a vast amount of video data for anyone to examine for themselves [12] and reports that one of the effects named after him recently has been accidentally reproduced during a university experiment [11]. John strikes me as a very agreeable and fair person, I believe he would be willing to attempt to show you the effect in person if approached with the respect any being deserves.

So far I have found no evidence that proves, or even strongly indicates to me, that John Hutchinson is a “proven fraud.” Although I have noticed, as a result of my research so far, what seems to be a concerted effort to discredit John for some reason, I have “plowed” through a tremendous number of individuals offering no evidence of fraud or a hoax at all, but clearly and proudly pronouncing John Hutchinson to be a fraud. Then I have witnesses a lesser number of individuals claiming evidence of fraud but not producing anything close to proof yet, at least no where near to my satisfaction. I shall refer to these entities as “The Cult of Disbelief” from now on.

At least one individual has even used underhanded tactics, deliberate trickery and propaganda against him. An edited video [10] was dubiously posted on that shows John doing the experiment with the”toy ufo” attached to a wire with all sound and explanations removed, this does appear to be intentionally cut from the video; in what looks an attempt to make John appear to be obviously and intentionally perpetrating a hoax then being caught in the act. Then the poster claims that only after John was “caught” that he offered the wire explanation. This source is the only original one stating anything similar to my note on [2] by saying “Later he actually admitted the fakery.”

I believe this is the same individual in [3]) So far this apparently immoral and perhaps malicious individual strongly appears to be the original source, or closely tied to the source, responsible for so many people believing that the “ufo on a string” is an intentional hoax and proven. Could this individual also be the original source for the so far unreferenced statement in the wikipedia [2] claiming John admitted to being “creative” with that experiment?

Then I observed a social effect of many self proclaimed “skeptics” and their “fanboys” having jumped on this bandwagon with their battle cry basically being 'look theres a string! Everything he has ever done is fake! YouTube dude says it is so! Case solved! Nothing to see here, he has been debunked, move along!' This video when considered in its original form may be still be controversial but in no way proves that John Hutchison is a hoaxer or a fraud. The experiment was originally done by a well respected T.T. Brown [3][12].


I find it interesting that with roughly 40 years of John Hutchinson experiments on videos not a single person, skeptic, debunker, scientist, video expert, basement troll or computer expert/analyst has found evidence of a single string or other obvious sign of a hoax in a single frame of his videos. I also find it hard to believe that with so many individuals obviously wanting to discredit John, that if they had found the proof of fraud or even a shred of evidence, that some reference or link to it would appear in some of the material I have already researched.

Some scientists may consider his ideas plausible or possible but stay away from him and don't openly support him in fear of ridicule and the loss of their oh so precious grant money. I propose this as a reason why there isn't a large body of accredited experts clamoring to validate his work.

I went through several pages of ATS links after searching for “John Hutchison”. I have found quite a few topics either containing or concerning John Hutchinson and his self-named effects here on ATS in the science, conspiracy, mysterious and other forums, but and I haven't found one yet that is in Skunk Works or that has been “stamped” with “HOAX.” I am using this as my primary circumstantial indication that Mr. John Hutchinson has not been effectively debunked or proven a HOAX by the community at to date.

I'm not claiming or making any truth statements here that John Hutchinson has discovered anything or not. I am not making the assertion that he isn't a fraud. I'm not directly attempting to defend John, but at least so far, I have been forced to do some John defending due to some ignorant John hating.

Why do some individuals put so much effort into being a pseudo-skeptics? Is it so they can sleep better at night “knowing” that there can't possibly be anything unknown out there to afraid of or worry about? Why do so many people seem to be terrified of what might be possible? Do they simply enjoy being ignorant and arguing just for the sake of arguing? Libel, slander and defamation of character is fun and exciting for them?

It appears that some individuals and groups are threatened by him somehow. There seem to be people that don't like to have to include all the extra possibilities his reported results bring to the table in science discussions and debate. Some people simply appear to enjoy hating on him and calling him lots of colorful names. There may also be an entity or entities that have a vested interest in discrediting him.

Those of you who have been supporting these proud and self proclaimed skeptics, the “piggy-back” skeptics and “fanboys” that haven't even bothered to do any investigation or research of their own, those of you who based your judgments, flames, disbelief, defamations and worse on the “ufo on a string hoax” slam campaign, those of you who openly, loudly and vehemently proclaimed your “truth”, really should be ashamed of yourselves. In my lifetime, I have born witness to some very despicable and nasty behavior, and the damage after, from people proclaiming absolute truth in support of a blatant and/or purposeful lie. Perhaps this lie has caused some amount of damage that can not be entirely reversed. Is this cool, is this funny, is this fair? Don't flame me or lash out at me for exposing you, if you are guilty of being described in this paragraph then I suggest you take some time to go rethink your misguided and ignorant actions and your life in general. Perhaps even go back and retract all unproven truth statements so boldly and assuredly posted.

The preceding statement is not directed at anyone who is suspicious, undecided or genuinely skeptical that has merely expressed their thoughts, misgivings, honest debate or opinions. Having an opinion and expressing it as such is perfectly acceptable, professing an opinion as “truth” can and does cause damage to other and is most definitely ignorant. Publicly and intentionally spreading half truths and/or lies about someone else, especially with intent to injure or discredit them, is immoral and illegal for a good reason. Supporting someone in the act of these dirty deeds makes one guilty by association.

Ok enough chastising and back to the topic at hand...

Why am I noticing such a strong effort to discredit Mr. Hutchinson recently? Does it have anything to do with Dr. Judy Wood's research and legal efforts concerning 911?

Personally, I would like to see more of the scientific community, other groups and the general public spend less time, effort and thought on what 'absolutely can not be possible' and bit more time pondering what just might be possible. Examples of the past- at one time many individuals in the science community insisted that it was “impossible” to broadcast radio waves over the Atlantic and later that it was “impossible” to break the sound barrier because the results would somehow violate the “laws” of science that they “knew” at the time.

Links, References and Evidence:

Neutral (at least they claim or attempt to be)-

[1} - Astronomers are scientists, and scientists are expected to be trustworthy, honest and follow a strict set of rules and laws right? Plagiarism is illegal and morally wrong right? Then why does this page appears to be plagiarized almost entirely, except for references being removed, from this page -

[2] Note: I have been unable to find any legitimate reference to the quote stating “Hutchison later admitted to being "creative" with the footage, citing pressure from the Discovery Channel to create material for the show and an inability to legally reproduce the original effect, according to Tim Ventura of American Antigravity” First off this statement is hearsay and the stated reference does not contain this quote. Also, Google search returned no results with someone directly quoting John or Tim Ventura saying this, only links to [1] or [2] and websites linking to [1] or [2].

[13] Google video link



[11] independent report of H-effect being reproduced

[12] (John's site here)


[15] sites names of individuals who have validated the work of John Hutchinson. Mentions metal samples from the video taped experiments being handed out for public examination and other support.



Con/Skeptical- (with my explanation of lack of evidence where applicable)

[4] actually there are pros and cons in the forum posts on this page. Every con I noticed while skimming through claimed, stated or referenced the same questionable “proof” of hoaxing already discussed.

[5] This page strikes me as more pseudo-debunking-

“Because evidence available only on film or tape can easily be faked, I enlisted the help of Center for Inquiry colleague Thomas Flynn, editor of Free Inquiry and an experienced photographer and videographer. We decided that what we were seeing might easily have been staged. One video sequence showed an empty one-liter plastic soft-drink bottle wobbling, then shooting suddenly upward. Tom laughed at the suspicious fact that the handheld camera did not follow the flying object, an indication that there was perhaps something up there that the camera should not see. We concluded that the movement of the bottle was consistent with it having been controlled by an “invisible” thread—or rather threads: frame-by-frame study showed that two attachment points would be required. We then reproduced the effect on a similar bottle using the necessary two lengths of monofilament line with which we caused the bottle to wobble and then soar. I was the hidden puppeteer to Tom’s camera. (See figure 2.) “

Note: “Figure 2 “is a small black and white still picture that doesn't show enough detail to evaluate anything.

“Of more interest to National Geographic was Hutchison’s production of “electronic fog.” Tom and I were unimpressed with this effect which we readily simulated by jiggling a jumble of metallic wire, backlit by a suitable lightbulb, before the video camera’s lens.

Our videotaped results—along with clips showing us making our experiments and commenting on them—subsequently aired on the National Geographic Channel (Is It Real? 2006). The similarity of our effects to Hutchison’s are readily apparent. We see no need to give the supposed wizard further attention”

I have been unable to find any reference to this reproduction video or even the series “Is It Real?” via searches on YouTube, Google video or Google search engine.

I also find it humorous that these guys claims that John makes up scientific sounding terms, “Despite Hutchison’s use of pseudoscientific terminology—he bandies about made-up terms like “cronons” and “gravitons”—his work seems anything but scientific. “ Like ZOMG he used the word “pseudoscientific” that must mean like these guys are totally smart and John is a complete loon and a fraud right? Well considering that cronons and gravitrons are both recognized and/or accepted as theoretically possible in and defined by generally accepted schools of (example: string theories and M-theory) quantum mechanics, who really winds up looking ignorant here?

I would have been absolutely convinced of a hoax, if our experienced videographer could have found any evidence in John's videos of a string or attachment points or evidence of video editing to cover their proposed fishing line, but I am going to assume that he was unable to do so. I would like to be able to evaluate their video or at least still pictures captured from their video to see if attachment points or strings were detectable in their reproduction. Until then I am simply going to cop-out and use a classic pseudo-debunkers tactic on these pseudo-debunkers. Even if they did completely reproduce what is seen in the related videos, that doesn't necessarily invalidate or prove anything. But again, video, or it didn't happen.

[6] I have been unable to get this site to open on this link or the homepage for over a week now. Is it abandoned? John haters have professed that this site also proves JH to be fraudulent. Once again, video, or it didn't happen.

[7] this page made me laugh because it's author went to a tremendous amount of effort to prove that there was a wire attached to the toy ufo, and did a very thorough and impressive job of it for the most part (I personally didn't like the conclusion). Maybe he should have done a little research like I did and watched the parts where John clearly pointed this fact out multiple times in the original video [3] He might have saved himself much effort and time. .

[8] Still more cries citing the “ufo on a string” and assertions that JH is a fraud, with no supporting evidence. I have evidence of the “Amazing” Randi being selective about who he allows to take his “One Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge,” basically if he can't cheat the applicant or reproduce the result of their claim with slight of hand; he attacks them via ad hominem and other fallacy tactics in an attempt excuse his choice to not allow a challenge. I will provide this evidence but please request via U2U and do not pollute this thread with that topic.

[9] This guy goes into more detail on different effects reported by JH, unfortunately his amount of research and detail is limited to observations including but not limited to “looks like”, “looks to me”, “what appears to be”, while throwing in a heaping dose of ad hominem argument. Once again, no evidence of any fraudulent activity is presented. He also swears a lot during his article about JH. To be fair, I do swear sometimes in friendly and sometimes not so friendly “buddy-type” conversations, but I strongly believe that swearing like this guy does in the written language shows character somewhere around low class and an extreme lack of tact. But watch out everyone, this guy is an “action” skeptic, he also pitches “woo.” At least he didn't mention “ufo on a string”, he accuses John of using lots of string but he did not expressly say “ufo on a string”

[10] The adulterated 'toy ufo” video


At this point I am still open to possibilities on all sides of this debate. I am honestly attempting to be neutral and fair to both sides here. I am stating that so far as a result of what I have researched; the examples, actions, attitudes and yes even blatant and/or intentional ignorance of the skeptical point of view here have been disappointing at best and have not proven a hoax or fraud. Some individuals may have even gone so far in their attempts to debunk John's results that they have opened themselves up to legal recourse. The pro John Hutchinson side doesn't so far appear to be the clear champion in this debate either, many people require complete scientific method validation, but they do have some evidence and testimony that is valid.

If anyone finds any references that are currently missing or has supplemental, new or relevant information please contribute to this topic. If I have made any mistakes in my research, constructive criticism is welcome. Again if he has been proven John Hutchison a fraud, please enlighten me, but do it with logic, evidence and some facts.

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We here-by nominate the second inductee on the wall of shame Adrien Stone and friends would like to present The International Ass Clown Award to Constable Chris Bell, and the Surrey R.C.M.P. 911 call center and report desk, for outstanding achievment in human rights violations

ON January 18 2008, I was threatened, and my vehicle was damaged, by Persons living in the address of 10664 137a St. Surrey B.C. Constable Chris Bell attended. File number 7140-2008. I am the property manager of this address as well as several others in the vicinity. I had just gone to arbitration on the matter of the eviction of Connie Shellard and Vic Lasalle. I had in my possession a supreme court order of Possession which is only to be served by hand directly from myself as the agent for this property, to the tenent(s). I was not attending the residence to serve this court order, I had been informed by my employer that the tenents had planned to be out of the residence by the early afternoon. Since my employer, Peter Muker, doese not respond to business calls in the evening it was up to me to confirm the status of the home weather it be abandoned or not. This was my sole purpose for driving by on this evening. I had previously not spoken to these people since they had been implicated in providing keys to my home to another neighbour, who subsequently broke into my home. This was early september. Due to my professional responsibilities to the realty company, I had asked Peter Muker to do all of the talking to these people as I had absolutly nothing productive to say to these thieving dead-beat scammers. As I drove by the front of the home, I observed them still packing their little pickup truck, and I did not stop to say anything. I went around the block to assess the amount of debris I would have to remove in order to plan the next day. As I drove by, Vic Lassale hurled a broken vaccum cleaner at my 30 000$ show truck. I didnt realise what had occured since my windows were foggy on the side and it was pitch black outside. I heard two simultanious bangs on my vehicle, and thought for an instant I might have run over a piece of debris in the alley. I got out of the vehicle and observed Vic Lassale standing in his backyard triumphantly with his arms folded accross his chest like a

230lb tough guy. I said the first words to him since September, "did you just throw something at my f-ing truck?" he replied "ya I did, why dont you step in my yard and do something about it, I'll fucking kill ya!" I said "I'm calling the F-ing cops asshole" He replied "go ahead" I got back into my vehicle and called 911 imediately. I circled the block to give the operator the address and parked in front of the residence to await justice. Constable Chris Bell was the first to attend. I explained my side of the story, not yet knowing where or if there had been damage because of the dark. Another officer attended, and as Chris bell went in to interview, the other officer took a few notes from me, as I searched my vehicle for damages. I found 2 brand new dents in my $1357.99 hood I had just purchased in July. I have photos of my hood taken 2 days prior with no damages. I pointed this out to the officer who began to act as though I was finding damages to suit myself. He got rude as he asked me other questions he kept walking away, then said "you dont have to keep following

me around. Get back over there." At this point Constable Chris Bell came back out of the house, and I showed him what I had found on my hood. He played the same tactic saying "why did you all of a sudden find this now?" as though it wasnt pitch black or something, and I were lying. He proceeded to tell me there wasn't enough evidence to pursue charges. Neither officer went out back to even look for an object that may have been used. He told me I was being accused of harassment by these people, and I am not allowed back there for the evening. I had given him proof I was the property manager for this and many other residences in the area, and he told me to not come back that evening anyways. I had explained that I have an order of possession for the home, and they are using police to over turn a supreme court order. He continued to cause interference insisting I leave and not return at all. During the investigation, Vic stood outside puffing out his chest and acting like a tough guy mouthing me off. Of course it came as no surprise when both officers admonished me for responding to his clownish behavior, adding their own to the situation. I was treated with thinly veiled contempt from beginning to end by these two "officers". Later in the evening, I realised I left my second set of keys somewhere. And out of a one-sided gesture of respect I phoned dispatch and advised them that I needed to go back into the alley to see if I had lost them there, having turned my own home upsidedown twice looking for them. The dispach put me through to Chris Bell's car. He told me if I went there again, it would be likely he would arrest me for harassment. I should let him go look for the keys, and he would advise me if he had found them. Since I knew he could care less about my damages, obviouly they didnt even look in the back alley when all that damage was done, and I was recieving death threats, he was not to be believed or trusted or respected any further. I told him for that matter I might like to go back and follow them to their new address so I may serve them proper small claim papers to recover my losses. He began to yell in an attempt to intimidate me and repeated his threat against my own freedom, then hung up on me. I allowed the next day to come, as asked then I recieved a phone call that sounded like someone laughing, and they said, haha I bet your gonna have a real nice f-ing day! at which point I hung up. The same number called back, I hung up without answering, and tried to call the police. Constable Bell had my number blocked from the switchboard the previous evening, I tried it 5 times, got the music, and was transfered to a dial tone. I went to the station on King George and 106th? near the pawn shop. It was closed, but I met an officer outside in his car. I asked him what I was to do? The dispatch blocked my number. He replied, they cant do that, show me. I demonstrated 3 calls in a row, then he asked to see for himself. He dialed the number by hand, and repeatedly got the same reslut, 30 seconds of music, then transferred to a dial tone, at which point he tried with his own cell phone and got a different result. He told me he was on hold for at least 2 minutes as I stood and watched. All of my calles were disconnected after 30 seconds. He said it was my phone. It is in proper working order, it is not my phone. I know alot about telephone trunking systems, and software. I have alot of the equipment and was trained as a technition. I know the switchboard has the ability to block any number, or prefix, or any variety of variable options. It wouldnt be a dedicated switchboard if it didnt. The officer told me to go home and call 911 and tell them I am in fear for my life, and an officer will attend and I can make a report. I followed his instructions. I got the same beligerant operator 4 times transferred me to a dial tone, and refused to acknowledge there was anything possibly wrong with the switchboard. I was yelling at her to stop being obtuse by the 3rd call. On the fifth call, I got a different operator who seemed to have a sense of duty, and took my info on the telepbas recieving. I was called back by the supervisor, and asked what was the issue, why it took so many calls and who was the officer who tested my phone outside the detachment. I described him as best as I could. This supervisor was a curtious proffesional who was attempting to remedy the situation, relieving the operators and the switchboard of their "control" over my ability to communicate with the dispach. He advised me that he would try to find out which officer I spoke with earlier and sent him out. On my way earlier to the detachment since it was no longer the evening I was asked to keep away from my tenents, I drove past scanning for a fistfull of keys I had l ost the previous evening. Also I wanted to see if they were gone as they said they would be the evening before. They were still there. I didnt see my keys in the alley and went directly to the detachment. The constable was located by the supervisor, and attended shortly thereafter so I could report the harassing telephone calls. I discussed every aspect of the preceeding filenumber as well as my inability to be able to make a proper report which he was reluctant to admit was intentional. File number 7341-2008 was generated. He said he empathises with my situation, and even in his position had our roles been reversed, he still could do nothing if someone had done this to him, so I should accept it. I thanked him for his candor, and he attended the tenents at 10663 137a St. to advise them to keep away from me and my property. I asked if he could relay an estemate of when they were leaving, and he said he would later call me with their response. When he was still here the supervisor called back, I put him on speaker phone so the officer could hear first hand what was developing, and advised me the tenents saw me drive past and were howling harassment again. We worked out a solution where Peter Muker would finnish doing my job and serve them personally instead of me, and they would give us warning when the home was vacant. When the officer did call me back he had changed his tune, and dictated to me the tenents would be out by the 31st of January, and not to attend that residence before then. HOWEVER this completly contraviens the supreme court order of possession which was for 2 days only. He was aware of this order and restricted me from serving it under any circumstances. I also have no illusions as to what the reasons for my inappropriate treatment might be. I have a previous history with the police, and given their power of discretion I am always left holding the bag. I suggest the proper supervisor reigns in these discretionary trends before I am forced to take the law into my own hands. Obviously if I cant even make a report, I must do this. Correct? Is this your intent to push me over the edge and draw straws to see who doesnt get the brunt of it? I suggest you do your jobs. I pay your wages. Not some disgruntled evicted tenent going around threatening people who work real jobs and destroying things they are jealous of. I do your job at my level assuring there are no deviations of criminal law on our properties, ever. I report major crimes, and run out drug dealers and bikers alike who are imposing their garbage upon the world our children share. I do this with out guns, weapons, tasers, chemical sprays, or back up. I told all I knew about the Picktons, and then I found out more and told that information as well. Your job is to attend and mediate, and next time I suggets your officers uphold their responsibilities and show the respect I DESERVE. Every officer is bound by 2 sets of rules assuming they have no morals or scruples, the laws of the land, and the laws of their office. BOTH sets have been breached repeatedly in my case. I am writing this letter against Constable Chris Bell's service record under advisement of Howard Ruben, an attorney that goes after police who commit human rights violations. I offered him alot of money to go after this department, he has advised me this is the first step, to write a letter against the offending officers service record. He has also advised me that whenever I have a dispute like this, the officer can only attempt to adjust my permanent record, but they need co-operation from the crown, as well as a judge and jury. I on the other hand, have the ability to permanently adjust the officers permanent service record by writing a letter outlining my complaint in plain clear concise language. By adjusting the officers record in this mannor, they will likely be passed over for promotions when competing with another officer who has a clean service record. This letter of complaint against Constable Chris Bell would also be attached to my permanent record so future officers who interact with me might have some tact, dignity and advance warning when handeling my complaints in the future. There will be alot of them since people who are malignant and parasitic in nature often resort to using police as a tactic againt civil dispute situations that they will not get the upper hand in otherwise. A supreme court order is an order not to be reinterpreted by any one other than the supreme court. I am good at my job, and I evoke this kind of desperate behavior from people who have no options other than to comply, or call the police and make false allegations. Expect to create 30 more file numbers with my name on them this year alone, as I attempt to gain proper lawful control over unlawful improper tenents by the rules and law of the R.T.A. in this area. I will from now on be writing a letter of complaint for each violation of my rights in the future against any department or officer that sees fit to treat me as a sub-human.

I happen to write a newsletter based on high voltage engineering. My work can be found in physics text books, and scientific journals, as well as an upcomming discovery channel production. That said, I am well aware as are you that when you stun gun a person simutaniously, the voltage and amperage is lethal because it is doubled. I have no respect for nepatistic murderous gangsters such as some of those whom various police agencies employ. The R.C.M.P. can expect a feature article to be made public of their behavior at the airport, and their awareness of the physics involved. When they get stunned in training, do you use two or more units simultaneously? I have also studied martial arts under one of the the most advanced trainers in the world, Andre Noir Schwartz. (He trained the New Westminster regiments on simple hand to hand techniques, until they used those against the Hondurans to torture information from them in the 90's). During my pressure point training, I was taught to strike simultainiously both sides of the body to cause permanent nerve damage due to the multiplication effect of both sides of the nervous system clashing and shorting the bodies electro-chemical system at once violently. This coupled with the voltage and amperage multiplacation killed that polish man at the airport as certainly as though he were struck in the head with a shotgun shell. Dont even attempt to take me for a common joe, I know there are murderers in your employ. I worked for Willy Pickton personally for months, he already alluded to the direct involvement of certain Vancouver police officers in the destruction of less than perfect citizens, and their involvement of their transportation out to the farm in the trunks of impounded vehicles. My respect for the individual officers has been drasticly erroded by each and every interaction where I am treated less than fair. My website gets over 3 million hits per year and climbing, I will be launching an awareness campaign against the injustice I have been subjected to as well. I did my time. I am more educated than these officers. I make more money. My truck is nicer than theirs. I suggest the officers get over it before I take court action against the department. **FYI** I record every conversation I feel might lead to a problem for me as well. So hats off to you Constable Chris Bell, I hope you remember me as fondly as I remember you. The next time we meet, have some dignity, and show some respect, or your injuctice will be recorded for my follow up article and left for everyone to hear. How would you like people to google your name and come up with this kind of personal PR? Now you can show the family, I bet the children will be so proud. I can operate with impunity in my medium as well. There are many types of "Members". You act in accordance with your office or you will not be re-membered kindly. An official appology may cause the letter to be removed from public scrutiny. This appology would be in letter form, and be presented by the supervisor of Constable Chris Bell . And signed by Christopher Bell .

Adrien Stone

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go for the exstortion it should be a blast and blackmail this is what you have done to many others why dont you turn the website into a hate site enjoy iam sure whatever you do it will be convincing cheers john i dont want the site yes you do send out emails to the one who try and contact me threw there, well as you know i could care less as iam involved in another gruop --- On Fri, 4/10/09, wrote:
From: Subject: To: JOHNKH25@YAHOO.COMCc: XXXXXXXXXXReceived: Friday, April 10, 2009, 8:11 AM
There is no reason to act like a lunatic. There is a good reason to pay me for my services. I would also like back all the money I gave you and spent on you, my entire investment in you needs to be returned to me. You are a liar, and a thief. Ace has made me a very generous offer, so have some others. However, people donate money to MY site because they like what they see, and they want it to continue. You soaked me for thousands, dont even bother me until you replace what you took. You may control the site once you pay up. No one will help you. EVERYONE knows you didnt pay your bill or keep your promises, and this is why you have NO CONTROL of an entire website about you. It happens all the time. Your a deadbeat liar, and everyone knows. I dont need to stalk you John, you will come to me. Your investors will be sent east, to Hathawy. I have collected enough information on the hutchison "hoax" to finish your scam for good. People will stop believing when I compile everything in one place, films will stop calling. You should really take out a loan or whatever you need to do and repay me. It will keep your reputation intact. ALL investors get sent to your friend George until this is resolved. I wonder if Ace will answer your fan mail when he buys the site? Feeling a little betrayed are you? I would also be very careful when attempting to slander me if I was you. I have your phoney "reputation" in the crosshairs. Pay up, or sit back and watch the show.

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Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Im forwarding some site emails. go ahead and say just one more thing about me and they will get deleted from now on. your treacherous and a traitor. you deserve only your shadow as company, and thats what i send to you. the meaning of partnership, friendship, and trust are things you might want to search out in yourself, you will find NONE outside of yourself until you grow up. I asked you for certain things i had an interest in at the time, the time has passed. I wouldnt allow your junk here if you paid to have it all delivered. ALL I wanted was some type of partnership, you must have misunderstood me, and thought i said partnershit. keep your events and your tragedies and your successes to yourself. keep your stuff. keep your betrayals. last of the old friendships off to the landfill last year. now there are none left. just dont be in touch.On Thu, 2/5/09, wrote
NO 2 EMAIL some goof lasale was a deadbeat I evicted. he damaged my truck and made threats. cops were called by me. chris bell decided to be a fuck, and obstructed my supreme court order. refused to give me a file number and sided with the guy threatening me. I made an example of chris bell. I wrote a well worded complaint and hand delivered it to his staff sgt. As I told you, such letters are career enders for rcmp nobodies. did you see the look on his face? I wiped his smug mug and sent him into the recession without his promotion. he must have just got a caculator, and found out how much he cost himself by power tripping someone who actually has power and needs no guns or spray to enforce it. its kind of you to blow them off. EVERYONE who has come up againt me has had their balls handed to them if you havent noticed. im really sick of the game. I win. its like im driving a ferrari, and every asshole in some old ford wants to race. im tired of wasting gas on other peoples attempts at imagining they are above me. im still doing the newsletter a bit. I invented a table like a coffin that osscilates with any tone, or music, or radio telescope (stars) I run through it. ill do this months letter on it. people lay on it, and experience OBEs. I dont need a lunch. i dont want any friends anymore, even if we were on good terms, i dont have anything for anyone any more. I pulled any of paris site stuff i made down, im sure she doesnt need my promotion. I already said all i have to say to her as well. I hope she finds a palace pink for a princess and has a happy ever after. its kind of a shame i wont be there. it was nice while it lasted, knowing everyone. im writing new chapters, and conducting a brand new experiment. everyone I used to know, i will not allow into my life no matter what their circumstances, or mine. As you may have noticed, I have my princess, and i need nothing. I refuse to see anyone of them again. west and the gang can wither alone. I imagine your wondering why I havent tarnished your reputation with all the exposure of the site. I made it for you, to help you. I hope your grateful for the opportunities and exposure. over 10 million pages served. pretty soon youll be like mcdonalds. I hope you find the colors and brushes i left behind in your universe. I hope you decorate it to your liking. im no longer in it. if for some strange reason, if we should find ourselves in the same dimension again, perhaps you might remember why i left yours. its very dark in there. someone decieved you into imagining awful things, and you continue to persist. many who love you abandon you to your darkness because no one is allowed to directly tell you where you are. those rules can be bent. many have come to awaken you from your darkness yet you persist to dream up more. then they must leave. these people have something to say for you. your a smart guy, figure it out if you care to bother. go in peace. NO 3 EMAILFrom: Subject: RE: Astragaloside IV now on the market lolTo: "john hutchison" Date: Saturday, February 7, 2009, 11:34 PM
I thought i made my self clear, quit bothering me. dont contact me, dont have your friends contact me either. your not smart enough to be a stalker, just fuck off before you hurt yourself. I wouldnt ever speak with you again. your a salt resistant leach, kevin, phill brett who ever the fuck you think you are. yes im mocking you, your nothing, you and everyone who thinks like you are already extinct. i know exactly what you are in every form. i know your rotting, keep your steanch of decay in your own neighbourhood. haul yourself off to the land fill. i really hope you understand the thought of all i did for a blood sucking slime like you makes me want to puke in your withered face. you got away with ripping me off, decieving me. so did everyone else, your not unique. my energy is my own. can you feel yourself disappearing? I do. I found the loose thread in your sweater and tied it to a bus. you are undone. i win. fuck your eyesocket bitch.

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Tuesday, April 07, 2009


he race to insanity known by everybody the owner of this website is now strongly trying his best to disinfo 107 convictions of exstortion i keep at bay those who seek his death a failed attempt last year nobody likes him and anybody who have had dealings wound up looseing almost everything heres a sample of his attempt with me now messages a friend I MUST ADVISE YOU.. do not do any business with this man, John Hutchison! He has Robbed EVERY investor of their money. This is why he is on welfare in a druggy part of town. I am an investor who owns the website he claims as his. He pretends not to know who I am, pretends I am stealing money from HIM! This is what all thieves do. Guard your investment carefully. The man who is Not insane who knows about this technology is George D. Hathaway Hathaway Consulting Services 39 Kendal Avenue Toronto, ON M5R 1L5 Canada TEL 416-929-9059 He is the ONLY authorized "agent" of this technology in the world. John Hutchison has gone mad, do your research before you put your money into his lying insane hands. Speak with George first. This is a direct quote from Sterling D. Allan Founder and CEO of PES Network, Inc. and the New Energy Congress I've had two people in the past month tell me they gave money to John to receive a device and never received it.(Sterling D. Allan; Aug. 31, 2004) here is the link to that page, You have been warned Prakash, may you have much luck and success in your "venture" with George Hathaway. and

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