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PESKI WEDIA WIKI PEDIA AND WWW.HUTCHISONEFFECT.CA REAL GARBAGE WRITTEN BY IDIOTS YOU GOT TO LOVE IT WWW.HUTCHISONEFFECT.CA A EXSTORTION WEBSITE I DO NOT OWN IT ITS RUN BY PIRATES OK A LETTER I SENT TO STERLING D ALLAN SEE ALL ON MY YOU TUBE CHANNEL JOHNKHUTCHISON2008 AND MYSPACE ALL OTHER WEBSITES ARE JUST BOGUS SITES WANTING YOUR MONEY EXCEPTION ARE OFFICIAL SITES OF PRODUCTION COMPANIES , GOVERNMENT SITES RADIO SHOW SITES AND NEWS MEDIAS LIKE CNN NEWS GLOBAL NEWS FOX AND OTHERS PLUS REAL SCIENTIFIC SITES BY REAL SCIENTISTS NOT WANTOBE TYPES OR CYBER LUNATICS STATEMENTS ON BLOGS FORUMS AND OTHER CONSPIRACY THINKING PLACES HI dear friend sterling allan interesting article but a bit off course today i have had yet more offers from gruops uping the price on this lab this all good stuff correction the first huge demonstration was for fox tv in 2000 ghosts best evidance caught on tape . then fox family 1999 demo then many others up to 2004 beyond invention check it out on the website or wikipedia beyond invention then ark of the covenant revealed now on dvd then grb entertainment then chinese tv , japan tv plus tom sky and at least over 200 film crews news, offers from the usa pentagon in 2006. then polar shift films with radio host rob simone,cnn news , cnn other nbc tv not aired yet then many scientific teams visited as well this is all variefied on my you tube channel johnkhutchison2008 and see photos of letters and visitors do see clips of the news and tv shows from 1999 to jan 2009 on my you tube channel the lab has duplicates one is lake city studies where there tons of machines stored there and george hathaways lab reproduction as well as hiroshima city thanks make your corrections, additions nick cook book hunt for zero point , george hathways books publications and his latest book mind benders JUST IN A BOOK FROM YORK UNIVERSITY fieldl propulsion by control of gravity stoyan sarg where replication of the hutchison effect page 39 with photos then also ken shoulders the hutchison effect and evos google search this presented in may 2005 to princeton then german esqure articles features on the hutchison effect along with dr peter kokoshinegg and bredow, dr amon and many others i include this letter to investors done by nancy ---------- And again, people don't seen to know the facts. In 1994 and 1995 he was on lecture tours in Japan. From 1994-98 John was also busy salvaging important electronics from decommissioned warships. It was from these warships he found some rare, key components contained in the current anti-gravity lab. Between 1992-98 he was flying back and forth to Japan, working with Tesler Labs in Hiroshima doing anti-gravity. It was in 1999 that John Hutchison duplicated in his current lab the anti-gravity done in his old lab. He did this to prove to himself that the anti-gravity was not a fluke and could be duplicated with equipment OTHER than what was in the old lab. The Hutchison Effect is based upon principles and formulas that can be duplicated in various equipment, including the "new lab". And "other people" have been emailing him, saying "don't sell it to Germany, sell it to us." .... John sent out the email that the lab was sold, so that others would understand an offer had been made and was accepted. For clarification, it is John's understanding this is what has been agreed upon: 1. The components of John Hutchison's (most recent) anti-gravity lab will be packed onto pallets. 2. These components are the pieces of equipment that were used by John Hutchison between 1999 and 2008. The equipment that created the anti-gravity that has been repeatedly documented during this time period. 3. The list of the components are at the end of this email. 4. There are missing components, which are also listed. John is not obligated to provide these missing components, but he will assist you in finding sources for this equipment. 5. It is UNKNOWN if the equipment will arrive intact and undamaged in Germany. YOU are responsible for the shipping, and for providing us with any specifics necessary for packing. (I suggest you buy insurance.) 6. John will also pack many replacement parts for the equipment, so if the lab does sustain damage during the move, repairs can be made. 7. John Hutchison (and Nancy) will come to Germany AFTER we are done with our project in the Gulf of Mexico. 8. In Germany, John test all the equipment to see if it is working. He will direct persons from your lab in how to make any necessary repairs. He will then instruct persons from you lab how to connect the components. 9. You have agreed that John Hutchison is not required to duplicate in Germany any anti-gravity that was accomplished in Canada. 10. The cost of the lab equipment is $50,000.00 A down payment of $5000 will be made by July 30, 2010 Upon receipt of the $5000 John Hutchison will remove from Ebay the items from that lab that he is currently offering on Ebay. If the down payment is not received by July 30, 2010, the lab will be available (entirely or in part) to other buyers. 11. You will come to Canada the day prior to our packing the lab. (sometime between Aug. 4th and Aug 10th, 2010) Before coming, you will give us specific instructions for packing. You will handle all issues with customs. 12. Upon the lab items being properly packed on pallets, you will pay John Hutchison the balance of the purchase price ($45,000 U.S.) in cashier's check (or other adequately secure payment). 13. When John Hutchison and I finish with our work in the Gulf of Mexico, we will pack the "anti-gravity lab" equipment (used in the Gulf) onto pallet(s), which you will then arrange to ship. 14. After the work in the Gulf, you will pay John Hutchison $10,000. He will provide his own transportaion to Germany, and you will provide lodging for John and Nancy. John will fly to Germany, test the equipment and instruct your personnel how to connect and configure the lab. The anticipated time to accomplish this task is two weeks. (Again) Here is the list of equipment from the lab: RF signal generators (15, we may need some for the Gulf of Mexico) General Radio sweep generators (5) Universal Magnatron power supply system Universal Klystron power supplies (2) RF amplifiers (2, may need to use these in the Gulf of Mexico) Phase shifters (3)..two made by John Oscilloscope monitoring system Vacuum tube oscillators (4) Antenna tuners (2) Inferonometer (made by John, may need to use this in the Gulf of Mexico) Variable power supply Radar interference system Spectrum analyzers (3) Microwave teleometer RF projector units (3)..made by John Double spiral pancake foil system (navy) RF choking coil Variable induction coils (2) has been sold Directional antenna (large)..made by John High powered magnatron Universal Radar testing system (2) Radio Receivers (5) Switch Box units (2) Function Generators (3) Approx. 1 cubic yard of cables Variacs (3) Frequency meters (2) Variable Tunable Cavities (2) Echo Box (currently listed for sale on Ebay) Various interconnecting monitoring machines, including watt meters and gieger counters. Small audio amplifiers (2) Centrifuge Miniaturized Tesla lab...made by John Alpha Beta source 200 millicurries Doorknob capacitors (10) Xenon spark gap Microwave plumbing (wave guides) Missing: High voltage capacitors (25), a static generator, tesla coil, high voltage transformer (30k volt DC), a 15k volt transformer, toroidal coils and high voltage corona suppressors (30). Please respond and verify this constitutes the agreement. Anderson Cooper 360 404 826 0444 404 878 5835 nicole HUTCHISON EFFECT DRAMATIC STRANGE EFFECT - CNN iReport SUB STORY GLOBAL NEWS 500 stories here johnkhutchison | Social Networking: Photos, Videos, Blogs | myNBC Paris Hilton: john k hutchison’s Profile YouTube - johnkhutchison2008's Channel - Breaking news, politics, online news, world news, feature stories, celebrity interviews and more - ABC News CBS RADIO SHOW CNN iReport Search Facebook | John Kenneth Hutchison From: Sterling Allan To: Free Energy Updates Newsletter Sent: Wed, July 28, 2010 1:23:17 PM Subject: Hutchison Effect Lab Sold; Aerogenerator Turbine; Spacequakes  'Free Energy' News * Feature: Tesla / Finances > Donate to PES Network Passing the hat on Tesla's B-day - On the 154th anniversary of the birth of the father of free energy, we honor the memory of the man who is finally beginning to get the attention he deserves in the mainstream; and we pass out the hat to keep the news, directory, and networking service we provide going. (PESN; July 10, 2010) Wednesday, July 28, 2010 * Feature: Anti-Gravity > John Hutchison > Hutchison Effect Lab Sold - On the 11th we reported that John Hutchison was putting all the components needed to produce anti-gravity up for sale on eBay. Though that bid period ended without a sale, John says a couple of German groups have subsequently come forward to salvage what is left, even though it isn't likely to result in anti-gravity. "I'm not an inventor", John says. (PESN; July 11, 2010) * Wind > VAWT / Largest / Offshore > Massive Aerogenerator Turbine is 3X More Powerful - A new design called the Aerogenerator X would have a massive span of 275 meters and would produce a whopping ten megawatts of electricity — that’s three times the production capacity of typical modern commercial horizontal axis turbines, making it more viable for off-shore applications. (Inhabitat; July 26, 2010) * Magnetism > Earth's Magnetic Field > Spacequakes Rumble Near Earth - Researchers using NASA's fleet of five THEMIS spacecraft have discovered a form of space weather that is a temblor in Earth's magnetic field that packs the punch of an earthquake and plays a key role in sparking bright Northern Lights. (NASA Science; July 27, 2010) To subscribe/unsubscribe, modify your receiving options, or view archives, go to FARADAY, FERMI , RUTHERFORD, HUTCHISON all GREAT EXPERIMENTALISTS OF HIGH SIGNIFICANCE NO HYPE REAL SEE LINK John Hutchison work is of inestimable value. The link is a commentary by Tim Ventura. It details the big story, in detail , and provides the complex context of the the HUTCHISON efects. Yes the "H" Effect deserves capital letters. It for example even has connections with the "Bell". when you have read the linked PDF --you wll see JH is doing physics, the highest duty , discovering by experiment -- new physical effect. and likely doing some of the same discovery of the black world. --the visits by "JA" told by "JA' are careful mixtures of some truth , with lies by omission. in a correspondence JA wrote me that he did not see what he wanted to see . what a slick slick spin meister -- he does not tell you what he saw that surprised him--lying by omission. He JH , was under a difficult circumstance, and to understand it you must wade through the details, about the "H" effect Indulge me, when you have read it, you will see the com,plexity and the Nick Cook dodge, and the absolutely real non personal non PK effects. The full story of the OFFERS to purchase JH work in the past , by entities , likely to conceal, deals laced with cyanide pills , and probably disappearing into the black defense SAP world. subject to proprietary restrictions, . John's name someday will be up there with Faraday, Rutherford, Fermi etc. he wins this recognition because he has diiscovered more empirical results than most physicists dare dream about. those who claim JH is hoaxer , tell that to his neghbors up to a quarter mile away, when JH works, crazy stuff happens, metals bend wriggle , levitation occurs and other odd EM stuff. they complain to RCMP. Besides they don't send super spooks such as JA with others for TWO weeks to Canada and record a ton of stuff , for crackpots. JA lies by omission . WHAT did he see--all of it. Believe nothing JA says. He is a first class ultra glib liar, as smooth as Jacque Vallee gone over to the dark side Nick Cook will not bite the "hands " that feed him , in his dilletante searches He pulls his punches, and does not exceed his leash, he is a useful tooland not going to go over the line. Some of JH EFFECTS are duplications of black world finds--The smears and lies told about JH is standard methodology. These effects are worth billions, and multiple Nobels, JH is a irritant he has been raided and confiscated multiple times JH was required to rebuild his lab. why was the RCMP doing this? Because the Canadian govt in the areas it matters is totally subservient , as is Australia is and they wanted to send a message , don't fool around and you wont be raided.. NICKS 2ND BOOK ? HE PROMISED. THE POWERS OF SECRECY KNOW JH IS AN HISTORIC SUCCESS AS TTBROWN WHO DISCOVERED. MULTIPLE EFFECTS IF AT NOON ON CLOUDLESS DAY JA SAID THE SUN WAS SHINING I'D CHECK BEFORE SAYING SO. and

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wiki wacky has it all back asswards stalkers break in and write up there own stuff do not use only official site is or these links HUTCHISON EFFECT DRAMATIC STRANGE EFFECT - CNN iReport SUB STORY GLOBAL NEWS 500 stories here johnkhutchison | Social Networking: Photos, Videos, Blogs | myNBC Paris Hilton: john k hutchison’s Profile YouTube - johnkhutchison2008's Channel - Breaking news, politics, online news, world news, feature stories, celebrity interviews and more - ABC News CBS RADIO SHOW CNN iReport Search Facebook | John Kenneth Hutchison and

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