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Tuesday, April 22, 2008;testimonials

vote for me on paris hilton fun site illvote for you lol

Sunday, April 20, 2008


hi thanks well i was not the one to do this present it to these places it was george hathaway alik pezaro norman hathaway who presented it to saic ; hipotronics ; washington state university col john b alexander at that time inscom along with naval labs and los alamos 1983 results inconclusive and on tlc tv john said i stumbled into something and what i stumbled into we do not know that was thev opinion of 8 out of nine scientists on a 4 month test later macdonnel douglas ran a 2 day program with results on videio as well as documentation later my epic ctv news demonstration with cbc and global tv demos then in 1986 deputy prime minister eric neilson brought in dr lorn kuehne of dsti and csis gruops this was later classified as a matter of national security then it was boeing company tests then germany without the lab japan prince hans adam liechstenstien rene loise vallee andrei sakorove then some years later due follenstien kennedy space center wanted to get support then mayor peter garretson along with tim ventura videos where shown in the pentagon tim told me in writting also rumsfield knows of the work about 2005 to 2006 i guess i did not wanto at this time later it was reps from china and japan testing there own samples about 2006 to 2007 then late 2007 dr ludwig of germany spent ten days filming the effects along with many others i did leave out over a hundred production companyies have come and gone all this activity and the poor surrounding tennants within ten city blocks complaining to city hall about stuff floating around brought down the authorities as the mayor said to me on the phone its not zoned for levitation or labs city hall was over welmed and he was here visiting some years ago maybe if it was industrial no problems but tennants went to the news medias the police the fire folks so there objective as stated to normalize the areas and this place a term i never heard before i left out lots like the max planct institure findings gee normalized i took a zanax lol i had opertunities to move to toronto to deveope it threw george and funded by leichstenstien as i said in my other letter iam not a scientist my self anf funders also made a big pile of free energy units displayed in japan and germany tested fine just no go money to factory production threw pace as they bever got funding from the canadian enviroment protection agency these power cells however where well tested by many others from differant countries with video documentation and written documentation plus they where taken apart right after a demonstration so show no tricks they fall under the section like dr meads unit as well as darpas solicitation for miniture management power systems to replace the old battery replacement unit that works on junction barrier tech . or excited germanium metals re the old millitary diodes but ok ill have some new levitations going soon after this normalization process from the city folks lol cheers john hutchison lots on you must click on my profile see leters and pictures oh i can act normal when i want to but its boreing to me i fit into any role gee i played moses in the ark of the covenant look at those sparks on the show reel
----- Original Message -----

> John,
> I'm applauding your bravery confronting the established as "final truths"
> scientific dogmas. You are lucky man (been real Canadian/American) to be
> considered by representatives of US, Canadian, and German governmental
> institutions. I was not given this right - they just neglect me. Only
> Russian governmental
> >
> thanks kiril the lab itself is a few tons but worked fine in industrial
> setting for the gov guys who tested it canada usa and germany i turned away
> many positions and chances to work with it why as i was never trained as
> a scientist and had no ambition like you to promote it to me at least
> hathway and pezaro promoted it not i it was just interesting how the news
> medias wanted to film it my goal was replication of nikola teslas
> electrical machiney and others my interest changes a lot ill be onto old
> machine tools that ill build them replication or firearms and also life
> exstenstion my great fun was with the artificial reef society of british
> columbia working on 4 navy destroyers that was about 4 years of work and
> study i also love mingling with people and doing tv shows longest was
> ark of the covenant 6 months to build it and test it
> and it worked see show reel there ; but again iam not a scientist latest
> info is on adriens website ill be doing other shows
> cheers john

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Saturday, April 19, 2008

john hutchison leaves bag shrow finalyspelling errotrs


WHAT EVER HAPPENED WAS A BLESSING;;THE FIRE DEPT PRESSRED BY THE MAYOR AND MOST LIKELY PRESSURE FROM THE NSA CANADA SECURITY LAWS TO STOP THE LEVITATION EXSPERIMENTS DONT FORGET RUMFEILD KLNEW OF THESE TESTS AND COKNOWLEDGE IN THE USA PENTAGON I HAVE ALL THIS IN WRITTING AS THE TESTS WHERE BEING REPORTED TO CITY HALL AS WELL FOLKS GOING TO THE MEDIAS ABOUT THESE TESTS LOTS HLIKE THINGS LEVITATEING THE BIS I FINALY LEAVE BAGSHOT ROW BBAGGINS BIRTHDAY PARTY ANGEL INTERVENED TO HELP THINGS GO BETTER INSTEADOF A MASSIVE THROW OUT J M AND A B MY OTHER FRIENDS ARE NOT FRIENDS UP HERE GROVELING PIGS LOOKING FOR STUFF NOT CO NCERNED FOR ME ALL PARIS HILTON INVIME ONTO HER SITE TO KEEP BUSY WELLAS OTHERS SUPPORT FROM USA OK HOW DO I KNOW ITS BLACK OPS THEY TURN SILENT ALWAYS SOME OF ARE BILLIONAIRES AND FOLKS I WORKED FOR BEFORE IAM OFF TO LOS ANGELES PLEASE NOTICE THE ANGEL BESIDE ME ON BELCONEY COASTTOCOAST NO HELP AT ALL I GOTBIGGER AND BETTER NETWORKS TO WORK WITH THANKS TO R.D K. A AND OTHERS AND OTH WHOM TRULY ARE THERE FOR ME THANKS TO ALL TO MANY TO HERE ILL TRY ABC . MTV R.D K.A MIKE MACCARDELL GLOBAL TV RICHARD STYRETT CFRB 97.1FM C.B.S RADIO ABC NETWORKS DISCOVERY NETWORKS PLUS OTHERS update mass paranoia social paranoia brought to you by the minister of propaganda not new used in nazi germany i think in this case of course is systems are set up and becomes a way of life to exist they must come up with new laws and regulation like my belconey need to be normalized afterthe heffect levitations the folks reporting these effects reached the intelligance networks this came back to the city to shut it down asap the lab ;indicators are previous friends ? george hathaway col john alexander garretson tim ventura others always step away from it and let it fall no rescue attemps unless i was working for them that i turned down dont forget donald rumsfield now retired seen this stuff i got in writting ;;;;; a;lso a civilian should not be doing this stuff me of course ask anne marrie of 2006 2 month stay here in her words like liveing in a spy movei ann can be reached threw thomson and howe power management systems kimbley b.c but anyway our network tv show will be civilan plus i saved all the stuff that worked one belconey item was part of the device now sitting here best way for a new demo is abc world news do it that way i have other real friends in black ops but must remain silent ;; interested billionaire the rockerfellow family daiken family the liechstenstien family who fund george whi i know ; question why was dan ackroyd tv show shut down pror to my visit ???? maybe just bad timeime in rateing notice has shut down i guess they dont like civilians doing this with so much heat and tv medias showing this stuff i dont think iam wrong i must do a sanity check but these feilds radiateing out all over new westminster one just has to read the witness reports on blogger anyway its negative stuff so onwards to better things i think i was pushing to hard read rob simone staements as well as tom sky this much activity must even caught by sattelite nav systems and gravity sensores they have on these things like before almost dislogeing telephone poles in 1986 yet in a prober situation as like hollywood we cover only one show on this then onto energy cells and other fun stuff for all the hobbits i think then under better conditions might get positive mill support iam sure as i got a massive amount of positive letters from them as they see this on tv for now we can do tiny effects instead of thrashing around 1500 pounds of equipment ripping apart the building and scareing the locals running to the medias and city hall gee an understanding mayor i understand his decision rightly soo asi said i dont like negative things and i knew i was pushing hard
----- Original Message -----

When will it stop? When the media is held accountable.

At 05:48 PM +0100 4/19/08
The media here is engaging in more PsyOps - controlled explosions of supposed bombs at someone's house, more "terror suspects" trials and all the usual claptrap. When will it stop?


-----Original Message-----


In this information about the Freedom Tower plans and about SAIC, lie the elements of a major PSY OP, imho. Here's why:

The 'between the lines' messaging being imparted is that "security measures" (in this instance, requierment to shred documents after they are used) have not been fulfilled, leading to a breach in security and therefore leading to "unsafe" conditions. Afterxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx to know how thick the concrete floors of the Freedom Tower are, would we?

So, what will the outcome of this story likely entail?

Answer: A thorough review of security and a decision tht, oops, SAIC's security contract must be expanded giving them greater control over the site and the information that passes within it. Likely, too, a greater enclosure, making more area "off limits" might well occur.

This is the second story via MSM that has come to my attention this week involving "security breaches" that result in the sub-text "demand more security." The other was a TSA story about how few Air Marshalls there actually are; such that we are not safe from the, you guessed it, "19 you-know-whos, wielding you-know-whats.

We can conclude that the public is being jolted with new reminders of the validity of the official governmental myth because that myth is showing signs of erosion.


At 05 wrote:

It looks like SAIC is failing in its job with "security" of the site.

At 11:34 PM -0500 4/18/ wrote:
Report: NYC Freedom Tower plans found in trash
Report: Homeless man finds plans for New York City's Freedom Tower in a corner trash can

AP News

Apr 18, 2008 21:54 EST

The government agency building a 102-story skyscraper at the World Trade Center site is investigating the discovery of two sets of blueprints for the building that a homeless man says he found in the trash.


The schematic documents for the Freedom Tower, under construction at ground zero, were marked "Secure Document ÷ Confidential," the New York Post reported Friday.
The documents, dated Oct. 5, 2007, contain plans for each floor, the thickness of the concrete-core wall, and the location of air ducts, elevators, electrical systems and support columns, the Post reported.
Michael Fleming told the newspaper he found the documents on top of a public trash can in downtown Manhattan, with written warnings on it to "properly destroy if discarded."
The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which owned the World Trade Center and is building the 1,776-foot Freedom Tower, has protocols requiring contractors and architects with secure and nonsecure documents to shred them, spokeswoman Candace McAdams said.
The agency's inspector general is investigating the disposal of the documents, which McAdams said are bidding documents given out to contractors, agency staff and selected companies bidding on work.
Mishandling the blueprints would be "cause for serious disciplinary action ÷ up to termination for employees and breach of contract and legal action for contractors," she said, although she added the plans have been updated many times since October.
City police weren't investigating the disposal; Tishman Construction Corp., the main contractor building the tower, declined to comment Friday. A spokesman for the building's architect, Skidmore Owings & Merrill, didn't return a message seeking comment.

Source: AP News

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

paris phone connection
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From: Paris Hilton

Date: Apr 16, 2008 11:12 PM
Want to get a phone call from me, PARISSS!! or to personally meet me face to face!? Go to the URL below and fill out the offer, you have to put in your CORRECT cell phone number, you get a pin number, plug it back in, the same exact number you put in, and confirm is the same number im going to call you to give you info, if you cant meet up, then at least you got a phone call from me talking to you right? =]

heres come people i have met up with, wanna be one too?

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©2003-2008 All Rights Reserved.Hi John,

This may be completey not doable for you, however... Are you available and can you transport a small aperatus to Colorado on Thusday?:
We are in the middle of shooting and epsiode of Wife Swap on ABC TV.
The new wife I have is a real "Jack Hammer" who yaps too much. Tomorrow she will lay down her new rules on a erasable marking board.

I would love to bring you down here to set up some apperatus to make her "Rules" board float in mid air in the garage.

Now, I don't know if your equipment can be transported by jet because of size and safety. If it can, please consider that Wife Swap has 8.6 million viewers in the US and it is shown in 24 countries.

Today I took er her out with my children to measure the magnetic fields of storms and she became difficult. I need her to know how serieous I am about my anti-gravity theory about tornadoes and hurricanes.

Let me know if you can do it. I will get it cleared through ABC.


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Wednesday, April 16, 2008


For Immediate Release - April 16th, 2007



Spiritual, environmental and entertainment industry leaders come out to show their support for WATER.

DATE: APRIL 17TH, 2007

WHAT: VIP BLUE Carpet Premiere of Russian Filmmaker Saida Medvedeva’s groundbreaking, new
documentary film WATER. Water is the most amazing yet least studied substance. And in the last few years, a
revolution has taken place in the science explaining the structure of water and how easily it can be changed.
This and much more fascinating and detailed information is featured in this film by researchers from Russia,
Kazakhstan, Switzerland, Israel, the US, Britain, Austria, Japan, Argentina, China and Tibet, including world
famous water researcher and New York Times best-selling author, Dr. Masaru Emoto of "What the Bleep Do
We Know?!.” The film covers a vast array of water related topics including biology, religion, science,
parenting, conservation efforts, behavior, and politics to name a few.
Water explores how human intentions not only change the structure of water, but how our thoughts
can alter our environment.

Proceeds from the film and premiere will benefit The Love Planet Foundation, a non-profit organization
which creates education and awareness on world water issues, the environment, and the long-term preservation of our planet.

WHO: Celebrity guests include: Maria Conchita Alonso (actress "Host of Viva Hollywood") Erin Gray (actress ) Patrick Kilpatrick (actor "Shark" "Minority Report")
Carmen Perez ( "Nip Tuck" "Drew Barrymore's film "He's Just Not that into You") Leyla Milani (model"Deal or No Deal")
Elaine Hendrix ( actress "What the Bleep do We Know", "CSI" "Joan of Arc") London Bisset (actress "Epic Movie") Barbara Niven (actress "Eli Stone")
Kenny Johnson (actor "Saving Grace" "The Shield") Zee James, Kelvin Brown and Tequan Richmond (actors "Everybody Hates Chris")
Spritual Luminairies including Eric Pearl (author/Healer "The Reconnection") Barnet Bain (Producer "The Celestine Prophecy" "What Dreams May Come")
Leonardo DiCaprio's film company Tree Media, Mojo Hunter (model,"Joe Millionaire" ) Nina Hagen (80's Rock Star, German TV Host)
Prince Rudolph Kniase , Drew Herriot (Director "The Secret") Betsy Chasse ( co-Director/ Producer of What the Bleep do We Know")
David Sereda (Director "The Voice") , Ashley and Courtney Peldon ( actresses), Environmental and Entertainment Industry leaders and more!

TIME: 5:30 PM-Media Check-In

6:00PM BLUE Carpet and Interviews

6:00PM Pre screening light reception

7:30PM Screening Leonardo DiCaprio's WATERPLANET, A DROP OF LIFE and WATER
10:00 After party Event


SPONSORS: H2Om Water with Intention, Steaz, Honest Tea, Sushi Dan, California Pizza Kitchen, Veginout,
Recyclaholics, Clif Bar , Natural Source Printing, Label Impressions, Whole Life Times, LAYoga, and Vision Magazine, Lucky Earth,
Perfect Organics, Sounds True,, STAR Media , Conscious Living TV, Bioflex , Pro Lab Digital, Lucky Earth, Geo Mio, GREEN Clean LA,
Penguin Books, Gemini Sun, Beyond Words, EM America, Chico Bag, The Sustainable Group, Vision Quest Productions.

PRESS CONTACT: Sandy Fox- H2Om Water and The Love Planet Foundation

818-761-5288 or 818-692-2292
Intention Media Inc. contact

*WATER opens April 18th at the Sunset Laemmle 5


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Sunday, April 13, 2008

paris website all our yesterdays not wrong to reflect on love

paris hiton site john dino dude health

Friday, April 11, 2008

paris hilton site cbc evening news

hollywood and long beach green events

HI, here is the link to the Sonny Bozeman Show.

I will be there at 3:30 show will start at 4pm and last til 5:30pmDora Khuzaie SANDY WRITES can you come to our movie premiere on the 17th? have you heard from
Paris or George Noory?
Shirley MacLaine would love this film , Just checking, it is going to
be a great gathering of souls!
love and good luck with the BFF
event details:

6:00 p.m. - Film premiere; WATER
Event benefits The Love Planet Foundation.
Screening Leonardo DiCaprio's short film WATER PLANET,
A DROP OF LIFE and WATER by award winning filmmaker Saida Medvedeva
Celebrities expected: Maria Conchita Alonso, Erin Gray,
Barbara Niven, Patrick Kilpatrick, Zee James, Carmen Perez,
London Bisset, Leyla Milani, Elaine Hendrix, Ashley and Courtney Peldon,
Mojo Hunter, Eric Pearl, Nina Hagen, Prince Rudolph Kniase,Producer Bob
Bain,David Sereda,
Betsy Chasse,Environmental and Spiritual leaders,and many others.
5:30 press check in; 6:00 red carpet arrivals; 7:30 screening;10:00
after party at Sushi Dan.
Screening at the Laemmle Sunset 5 Theater, 8800 W. Sunset Blvd.
West Hollywood. After party at Sushi Dan 8000 W. Sunset Blvd.West
Contact: Sandy Fox (818)XXXXXXXXXX / cell (XXXXXX

johnhutchison wrote:
> ----- Original Message ----- From: "Sandy Fox"
> To: "johnhutchison"
> Sent: Thursday, April 10, 2008 10:08 PM
>> Your going to WIN! You would be the BF EVER!
>> johnhutchison wrote: AND SANDY FOX PRESENTS

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paris web site no 3 vote for me lol

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six o clock news

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paris hilton website