Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Im forwarding some site emails. go ahead and say just one more thing about me and they will get deleted from now on. your treacherous and a traitor. you deserve only your shadow as company, and thats what i send to you. the meaning of partnership, friendship, and trust are things you might want to search out in yourself, you will find NONE outside of yourself until you grow up. I asked you for certain things i had an interest in at the time, the time has passed. I wouldnt allow your junk here if you paid to have it all delivered. ALL I wanted was some type of partnership, you must have misunderstood me, and thought i said partnershit. keep your events and your tragedies and your successes to yourself. keep your stuff. keep your betrayals. last of the old friendships off to the landfill last year. now there are none left. just dont be in touch.On Thu, 2/5/09, wrote
NO 2 EMAIL some goof lasale was a deadbeat I evicted. he damaged my truck and made threats. cops were called by me. chris bell decided to be a fuck, and obstructed my supreme court order. refused to give me a file number and sided with the guy threatening me. I made an example of chris bell. I wrote a well worded complaint and hand delivered it to his staff sgt. As I told you, such letters are career enders for rcmp nobodies. did you see the look on his face? I wiped his smug mug and sent him into the recession without his promotion. he must have just got a caculator, and found out how much he cost himself by power tripping someone who actually has power and needs no guns or spray to enforce it. its kind of you to blow them off. EVERYONE who has come up againt me has had their balls handed to them if you havent noticed. im really sick of the game. I win. its like im driving a ferrari, and every asshole in some old ford wants to race. im tired of wasting gas on other peoples attempts at imagining they are above me. im still doing the newsletter a bit. I invented a table like a coffin that osscilates with any tone, or music, or radio telescope (stars) I run through it. ill do this months letter on it. people lay on it, and experience OBEs. I dont need a lunch. i dont want any friends anymore, even if we were on good terms, i dont have anything for anyone any more. I pulled any of paris site stuff i made down, im sure she doesnt need my promotion. I already said all i have to say to her as well. I hope she finds a palace pink for a princess and has a happy ever after. its kind of a shame i wont be there. it was nice while it lasted, knowing everyone. im writing new chapters, and conducting a brand new experiment. everyone I used to know, i will not allow into my life no matter what their circumstances, or mine. As you may have noticed, I have my princess, and i need nothing. I refuse to see anyone of them again. west and the gang can wither alone. I imagine your wondering why I havent tarnished your reputation with all the exposure of the site. I made it for you, to help you. I hope your grateful for the opportunities and exposure. over 10 million pages served. pretty soon youll be like mcdonalds. I hope you find the colors and brushes i left behind in your universe. I hope you decorate it to your liking. im no longer in it. if for some strange reason, if we should find ourselves in the same dimension again, perhaps you might remember why i left yours. its very dark in there. someone decieved you into imagining awful things, and you continue to persist. many who love you abandon you to your darkness because no one is allowed to directly tell you where you are. those rules can be bent. many have come to awaken you from your darkness yet you persist to dream up more. then they must leave. these people have something to say for you. your a smart guy, figure it out if you care to bother. go in peace. NO 3 EMAILFrom: Subject: RE: Astragaloside IV now on the market lolTo: "john hutchison" Date: Saturday, February 7, 2009, 11:34 PM
I thought i made my self clear, quit bothering me. dont contact me, dont have your friends contact me either. your not smart enough to be a stalker, just fuck off before you hurt yourself. I wouldnt ever speak with you again. your a salt resistant leach, kevin, phill brett who ever the fuck you think you are. yes im mocking you, your nothing, you and everyone who thinks like you are already extinct. i know exactly what you are in every form. i know your rotting, keep your steanch of decay in your own neighbourhood. haul yourself off to the land fill. i really hope you understand the thought of all i did for a blood sucking slime like you makes me want to puke in your withered face. you got away with ripping me off, decieving me. so did everyone else, your not unique. my energy is my own. can you feel yourself disappearing? I do. I found the loose thread in your sweater and tied it to a bus. you are undone. i win. fuck your eyesocket bitch.

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