Tuesday, April 07, 2009

warning www.hutchisoneffect.ca

he race to insanity known by everybody the owner of this website is now strongly trying his best to disinfo 107 convictions of exstortion i keep at bay those who seek his death a failed attempt last year nobody likes him and anybody who have had dealings wound up looseing almost everything heres a sample of his attempt with me now johnhutchison@hutchisoneffect.ca messages a friend I MUST ADVISE YOU.. do not do any business with this man, John Hutchison! He has Robbed EVERY investor of their money. This is why he is on welfare in a druggy part of town. I am an investor who owns the website he claims as his. He pretends not to know who I am, pretends I am stealing money from HIM! This is what all thieves do. Guard your investment carefully. The man who is Not insane who knows about this technology is George D. Hathaway Hathaway Consulting Services 39 Kendal Avenue Toronto, ON M5R 1L5 Canada TEL 416-929-9059 He is the ONLY authorized "agent" of this technology in the world. John Hutchison has gone mad, do your research before you put your money into his lying insane hands. Speak with George first. This is a direct quote from Sterling D. Allan Founder and CEO of PES Network, Inc. and the New Energy Congress I've had two people in the past month tell me they gave money to John to receive a device and never received it.(Sterling D. Allan; Aug. 31, 2004) here is the link to that page, http://freeenergynews.com/Directory/Inventors/JohnHutchison/index.html You have been warned Prakash, may you have much luck and success in your "venture" with George Hathaway.
http://myworld.ebay.com/johnkhutchison http://www.johnkhutchison.blogspot.com and http://www.thehutchisoneffect.com/

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