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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

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John Hutchison -Anti-Gravity Scientist -

John appeared as a guest on Rob's new Reality TV Series "Somewhere Out There" where he was filmed in his laboratory conducting anti-gravity experiments. The HD camera crew filmed 20 minutes of a canister lifting off the floor and levitating in mid air. John returns to the show to discuss the shoot and his recent work.

Rob Simone to Speak in Los Angeles and Orange County, CA This Week

Rob will be presenting a multi-media lecture about his new book "UFOs In The Headlines - Real Reporting on a Real Phenomenon" revealing never before seen news reports and information on key UFO proponents like: Sir Author C. Clarke, Hillary Clinton and The Duke of Edinburgh.

- The history of the E.T. presence from a journalistic perspective -

The Lecture will include rare footage, photographs, images and newsreels.

TUESDAY, Sept 16th - L.A. Mufon 8:00 - Public Welcome

Unitarian Universalist Church
(Inside the Fellowship Hall)
12355 Moorpark St..
Studio City, CA 91604

WEDNESDAY, Sept. 17th - MUFON of Orange County - Public Welcome

Neighborhood Community Center 145 Park Ave, Costa Mesa, CA 92627

1845 Park Ave, Costa Mesa

Rob will appear in the upcoming documentary film:

"Dante's Inferno"

The Dante's Inferno Documentary, Produced by Boris Acosta, now in post-production, started filming in Italy in February, 2008 and ended in the United States in August, 2008

{Rob Discusses the appearance of NIMROD in the Inferno and the historical perspective of his allegory}

Listen to the show free, Mondays, at 4:00 P.S.T. at

104.4 FM London - 12am Monday nights.
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UFOs in the HEADLINES Book

by Rob Simone

Lost until now, 100% Newspaper articles in a "photo-book" layout of the most explosive UFO/E.T. stories ever published! 1950-2003

This Brand New "coffee table" book is 292 pages.

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