Friday, November 27, 2009

106C9LWOU AND WIKI PEDIA youtube horror


the anonymity of the user base
the anonymity of the user base
As an example of the dysfunction created by anonymous web pages on YouTube, a user going by the name DeludedEnlightener stalks jakluk4.

He makes constant death threats and on many channels uploads malicious movies about jakluk4.

Her problems with this stalker are not limited to just her but has also caused many problems for her subscribers and friends too. DeludedEnlightener has now started to link with them (me included) and sends dreadful letters and links to his movies on many different pages about jakluk4.

I feel that these problems emerge because people can have many fictitious names and play ninja assassin like games without fear of getting caught. Modern internet laws also make it hard for users as it places the user as being guilty first of internet crime, such as copyright infringement, leaving the user to prove their innocents.

This as I understand is happening to you John.

The biggest problem that comes from your problem John is that it places into question the permanence of information on the internet. If a hacker can very easily bring down your sight by uploading copyright infringing movies your screwed and you lose your data. This could happen effectively at any time.

Perhaps there may be a case against YouTube if they fuck you up unnecessarily by deleting your sight due to their own security negligence, you could be financially compromised by YouTube as the movie data has a certain financial cost associated with it as you pay for the costs of uploading it to YouTube. You could Sue them for the total costs involved.

Difficult situation, I feel that these problems are only solved if the anonymity of the user base is done away with and YouTube get a better security system.

Not sure about your thoughts.

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