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hi thanks well i was not the one to do this present it to these places it was george hathaway alik pezaro norman hathaway who presented it to saic ; hipotronics ; washington state university col john b alexander at that time inscom along with naval labs and los alamos 1983 results inconclusive and on tlc tv john said i stumbled into something and what i stumbled into we do not know that was thev opinion of 8 out of nine scientists on a 4 month test later macdonnel douglas ran a 2 day program with results on videio as well as documentation later my epic ctv news demonstration with cbc and global tv demos then in 1986 deputy prime minister eric neilson brought in dr lorn kuehne of dsti and csis gruops this was later classified as a matter of national security then it was boeing company tests then germany without the lab japan prince hans adam liechstenstien rene loise vallee andrei sakorove then some years later due follenstien kennedy space center wanted to get support then mayor peter garretson along with tim ventura videos where shown in the pentagon tim told me in writting also rumsfield knows of the work about 2005 to 2006 i guess i did not wanto at this time later it was reps from china and japan testing there own samples about 2006 to 2007 then late 2007 dr ludwig of germany spent ten days filming the effects along with many others i did leave out over a hundred production companyies have come and gone all this activity and the poor surrounding tennants within ten city blocks complaining to city hall about stuff floating around brought down the authorities as the mayor said to me on the phone its not zoned for levitation or labs city hall was over welmed and he was here visiting some years ago maybe if it was industrial no problems but tennants went to the news medias the police the fire folks so there objective as stated to normalize the areas and this place a term i never heard before i left out lots like the max planct institure findings gee normalized i took a zanax lol i had opertunities to move to toronto to deveope it threw george and funded by leichstenstien as i said in my other letter iam not a scientist my self anf funders also made a big pile of free energy units displayed in japan and germany tested fine just no go money to factory production threw pace as they bever got funding from the canadian enviroment protection agency these power cells however where well tested by many others from differant countries with video documentation and written documentation plus they where taken apart right after a demonstration so show no tricks they fall under the section like dr meads unit as well as darpas solicitation for miniture management power systems to replace the old battery replacement unit that works on junction barrier tech . or excited germanium metals re the old millitary diodes but ok ill have some new levitations going soon after this normalization process from the city folks lol cheers john hutchison lots on you must click on my profile see leters and pictures oh i can act normal when i want to but its boreing to me i fit into any role gee i played moses in the ark of the covenant look at those sparks on the show reel
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> John,
> I'm applauding your bravery confronting the established as "final truths"
> scientific dogmas. You are lucky man (been real Canadian/American) to be
> considered by representatives of US, Canadian, and German governmental
> institutions. I was not given this right - they just neglect me. Only
> Russian governmental
> >
> thanks kiril the lab itself is a few tons but worked fine in industrial
> setting for the gov guys who tested it canada usa and germany i turned away
> many positions and chances to work with it why as i was never trained as
> a scientist and had no ambition like you to promote it to me at least
> hathway and pezaro promoted it not i it was just interesting how the news
> medias wanted to film it my goal was replication of nikola teslas
> electrical machiney and others my interest changes a lot ill be onto old
> machine tools that ill build them replication or firearms and also life
> exstenstion my great fun was with the artificial reef society of british
> columbia working on 4 navy destroyers that was about 4 years of work and
> study i also love mingling with people and doing tv shows longest was
> ark of the covenant 6 months to build it and test it
> and it worked see show reel there ; but again iam not a scientist latest
> info is on adriens website ill be doing other shows
> cheers john

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