Sunday, February 11, 2007

we need peace

Kucinich Attacked For Standing for Peace - Dennis needs your help
Dear Friends,
This past weekend, thousands of people flooded the halls of Congress to lobby in favor of Congressman Dennis Kucinich’s legislative proposal to enact a Department of Peace. Yesterday, a Cleveland area PUBLIC radio station lambasted Congressman Kucinich and his proposed Department of Peace without fully gathering the facts.
WCPN carried an interview today in which the talk show host, Daniel Moulthrop, raised questions about Congressman Kucinich’s proposal for a Department of Peace by asking his guest on the show, Chris Maag, what he thought about it. The Department of Peace addresses domestic abuse, spousal abuse, and other violent crimes. Chris Maag, a freelance writer for the New York Times and Time Magazine, went on to describe Congressmen Kucinich as "a clown, lazy," and falsely chastised the Congressman for not doing anything about what were clearly local law enforcement issues.
In 2001, almost 21,000 homicides and 31,000 suicides occurred and almost 1.8 million people were assaulted. Homicide was the second leading cause of death for people ages 10 to 24. The annual cost of treating gunshot wounds is over $200 billion. Cutting and stab wounds cost an additional $51 billion. The cost of violence, though, cannot be measured only monetarily. To address this culture of violence, Congressman Kucinich, along with 52 of other congressional co-sponsors, has reintroduced the Department of Peace legislation.
On the radio show, Moulthrop’s guest Chris Maag criticized Congressman Kucinich and his proposal for a Department of Peace while simultaneously claiming that the Congressman is doing nothing to address the issues of crime and violence.
Call WCPN today at 1-877-399-3307 and DEMAND that they provide the Cleveland area with the real facts about the Department of Peace and that Moulthrop apologize to Congressman Kucinich for belittling such an ambitious and widely supported legislative proposal. Urge them to read the Department of Peace legislation.
Please send a positive yet assertive message to WCPN about the Department of Peace and Congressman Kucinich’s vigilant work ethic to usher in a culture of nonviolence into America. Send emails to or go to the response box. Also, please call the radio station at 216-916-6100 or toll free at 877-399-3307.
Also, in addition to your phone calls, please help Dennis promote the true message of peace by contributing to Dennis' courageous stand for peace in our homes and communities.
Thank you for all of your help,
Elizabeth Kucinich
Please support Dennis's work by making a contribution at, and by forwarding this message widely.To be removed from this list, simply send an email to with the word REMOVE in the subject line. Thank you.
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