Sunday, January 28, 2007


Officer in Charge,
Nowra Sheriff's Office,
Court House,
Plunkett Street,
NSW 2541.


Re: "NOTICE TO VACATE" Case Number: 700/2007/R0011460.

Attached is a "NOTICE TO VACATE" you have issued to "Fiona CRISTIAN or occupier" of 40 Warrain Crescent, Currarong, warning her to "vacate the premises without delay - in any event no later than 11:00AM Tuesday 20 February 2007 otherwise action to evict will proceed without further warning.".

Are you aware that your letter is a serious offence as you have NO AUTHORITY to issue such a threatening demand? You may be under the delusion that there has been a lawful Judgment from the NSW SUPREME COURT ( ABN 77 057 165 500 ). However, there has been no such lawful Judgment, and any award of a WRIT OF POSSESSION is not to be drawn into consequence or example, ie: it is invalid. It is invalid because, in the Court Proceedings, Fiona Cristian had never signed a Memorandum of Consent for the Court to proceed summarily, ie: no consent from Fiona Cristian to be without a Jury.This is her LEGAL RIGHT, and it is LEGAL PROCEDURE that such a "clear and unequivocal consent" be obtained. Therefeore, the NSW SUPREME COURT ( ABN 77 057 165 500 ) is, by definition, a KANGARRO COURT.

This email is a warning to you that you will be committing TREPASS if you should try to set foot on the property for which you have that ILLEGAL WRIT OF POSSESSION.

Yours sincerely,
John Wilson.
Tel: (02) 9872 1661.

----- Original Message -----
From: Arthur Cristian
To: Undisclosed-Recipient:;
Sent: Wednesday, January 24, 2007 6:58 PM
Subject: Perpetual Limited vs Fiona Cristian - Writ has been issued

We received the writ in the mail today. See attachment.
It was issued well before the 21 days it was supposed to sit in the Sheriff's office, as ordered by Justice Hidden.
They gave us a deadline of 11.00am 20th February 2007 so this means that The Second Eureka Stockade is officially on.

We can now put back the date of advertising to either around 8th to 11th Feb or between 15th to 18th Feb. It is VIP that we get as much Publicity as we can so getting some great adds out will help.

To confirm numbers please confirm who is coming and how long you can stay for.

There is much to organise. We need organisers to put their hand up now. There is no wasting of time.

We need at least 15 people behind the barricades. Preferably 30/40.

We need others for food supply/delivery for those behind the barricades everyday.

Others for media - PR - Marketing etc - targeting various market segments, particularly other activists & most importantly the Aboriginals.

Others distributing fliers door to door

Others for website development & marketing etc

Others for funding music recordings, documentaries, news etc etc etc.

We need a film crew & journalists on board at the site

We need to make a huge Eureka Flag with Aboriginal colours in the background. Please forward designs urgently.

Fiona has baby due around this time & with three kids we can't have her behind the barricades & I will need to be with her & look after the kids for around 1 to 2 weeks. We have no extended family support around us.

I am also still running the court of appeal case, doing PR, Marketing, hopefully talking to the press with Fiona & recording music, etc etc so I can't always be behind the barricades all the time.

It appears that Eureka 2 is a real-true people power movement where we demonstrate the real-truth.....Where all men & women look after all men and women so that all men & women are being looked after.

Demonstrating to all Australians how Australians go out of their way to look after other Australians (protecting our home
from being stolen from a bank etc) will inspire Australians big-time & others all over the world. What more powerful message can there be than when others are in our home (without us) to stop the bank from taking our home away. Unbelievable.

It seems that this is what the Supreme Creator has planned for all of us but we have to recognise and grab the opportunity as it arrives and run with it. Eureka 2 is such a God-Given opportunity. If I was to say to the media, look I can't even get inside my own home because of all these patriotic supporters who want to protect our home from being stolen, well what does that say about Love For Life. What media impact will this cause. What stirring of the deep-real feelings will arise from such a loving act?

Protecting our home is protecting your home...everyone's home..... we win this challenge...we all win.

I have no intention of being a leader of men & women but I have every intention of inspiring all men & women to love all of life, to break the spell of Ego, fear, indifference, arrogance, ignorance, greed, selfishness, lies & secrets that is destroying our children and all the men & women of our most beautiful & wonderful country. Eureka 2 is the moment, the turning point of world history. We will look back on these coming days and share the stories with our grand children, unable to wipe out the huge smiles on our face. The laughter & joy of embracing children whose future we guaranteed to be one of absolute freedom & truth for all. I can't think of anything more satisfying than this before I die.

All the best
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Phone: 0418 203204

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