Saturday, November 11, 2006

friends in the entertainment industry

some are but screen shots as i would never take a picture of a fellow entainer but some got on my films and on videio my famuos la 99 video also i woud watch many films yin took of private in house filming charley minor and denise charly well wound up dead threw a girlfriend he was president of a&m records see city confidental i met many fine folks oddly also when i met steven seagal i never seen him in a film and later i did it appeared funny to me but hey these folks are just like anybody else some i did not meet ; as they have passed but yin worked with them and rented there home as she pointed out in la 99 no 2 footage i got kirk thatcher we stayed in his home great guy and friend as well as sandy fox and others let share sme photos oh long ago i had a big kid crush on shirley temple black she wrote me with a big red kiss mark as friends knew her lived next door anyway ill share a few segments of fotos dennis weaver i met many time he gave me an award ok onward with fotos

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