Thursday, November 09, 2006

then there was laura from new york

phone calls hours long one hundreds of emails a great package came here she made contact to me i phoned back and it started shes very famuos lady and goes into the white house for dinners she turns her cell off at the white house she lost 17 folks in the 911 attacks and missed it by days she has hobbits and doeshome schooling plus is an auther she helped a friend of mine out ; plus she helps elderly folks she runs many projects and is known in the entertainment industry and policticial arena white house maybe she knows dennis kucinich we are still friends of course i have her project book here why she sent it i dont know but full of papers and homeland security projects she knows richard bach i have highest regards for laura she wanrted to meet me here but it never happened lots more to this then one can imagine i keep my promises as promised to laura ps you might have seen her on oprah

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