Thursday, November 09, 2006

1988 to 20000000 the fires of love burnt as hot as the sun itself

that sumer i met yin from hollywood in vancouver oh my god we both felt this emotion if it is that i feltt it before in 1970s but the lady did not felt that way yet this time is was as hot as anything beyond beleife it started to fade in 2002 as yin went to india she in 1988 lived on mandevollecayonroad she had her owm motion picture companey and has done many films everybody knows who she is down there names like ted turner she does not like him she showed me his office i met many folks you know about from yin of course anyway yin took up residance at the sheraton landmark hotel in vancouver in 1988 turning into 1989 i moved in we worked on special things for weeks and off to germany i went for 2 years then los angeles i lived on nagle avenue sherman oaks she showed me the coasttocoast radio place as triage entertainment was located there i filmed it ; la 99 we love lived as special ;; this magicical relationship was beyond anything one could understand she lived here i lived there its slwly faded in 2000 and upwords ever so slowly we still email one another or talk over the phone but i felt this feeling again with somebody it was our relationship written up in a book in japan known amoung princes and princes of eruope our relationship as well as statesmen and whom i met also the govener and prince and governess we had christmas at the mansion of the govener i still got his card fires burn hot do i self destrucy a relationship ? i could have moved to india ? but corinnee new i was not ready yet as i used to put yin on a pedistal i must be free to love or i wil surely dye i indeed have no time left putting this on the angels wings these letters these weird electronic messages bits and bit i seek what i felt in 1988 again i have no time left as i slowly deep six my possesions

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