Friday, November 21, 2008


Who We Are...

Is defined much by the way we move in the world. Both our actions and our inactions alike. The kindnesses we do and do not extend to others. The Love we spread. The helps we lend. The smiles we bring. The laughter we share. The Light we shed in moments of darkness.

We determine who we are through our thoughts and actions alike. However others pass through our lives - sometimes for short periods of time, sometimes for the expanse of years or even the course of our entire lives - who provide us with shared experiences that bring great lessons. Our responses to these lessons shape, mold, and forge the very selves that we become. So it is only right that we thank those who have brought us the gifts of lessons through love and joy, hearthache and pain, for they are all equally valuable, and contribute to helping determine who we shall become.

My thanks to those who have had such tremendous impact on my life.


If We All Took The Time
To Express Our Gratitude
For the Beautiful People
Who Bless Our Lives...
And the Lessons They Deliver...
Both the obvious Lessons of Love
and those disguised as Heartache, as well...
Imagine the Possibilities!

My heart and soul contain a deep and endless well of gratitude towards the many wonderful people who have helped me mold and shape my life into what it is today. There are far too many to mention herein, but I'm going to try to cover many of them, for without them, my message, the Core of who I am, would be so very different:

Brandon and Christopher Ojaste, for being the most incredible and supportive children imaginable! I am so grateful to have been graced with the care of two most amazing human beings. I'm so very proud of you both, and so appreciative of the many lessons you have brought me, since the very day each of you were born. I love you both so much! This path I walk, I walk for have inspired it all. You are the greatest gifts of my life!

Barbara and Tony Saba, my parents, for endless love, support, and numerous life lessons. How can one begin to describe or list such things in one place? I'd need a book for that alone. My deepest gratitude for being blessed with such parents, no other parents could've been so perfect for me!!

Tommy Saba, your gorgeous lessons of love, of friendship, of in the moment living will be remembered always. Thank you, oh so much dear brother, for always turning my eyes to the world before me, never letting me forget the beauty of the moment....and for a million laughs and magical moments filled with laughter and fun. You are so dearly missed. It was an honor to share the journey of your life with you. I can't believe you're gone. Hakuna Matada baby bro!

Mary Ellen Saba, together we learn, more with each passing year, the journey of sisterhood. Sometimes it is more than we expected, sometimes there is heartache...but each stage is a learning process. Your love, support, and caring is so beautiful...thank you for that and so much more...especially for never giving up, and for always believing in me. Thank you, too, for bringing those beautiful babies into the world, and our lives!

Anthony Saba- mirror personalities in so many ways, yet vastly different, too. You have grown into such an amazing man, and your work, your passion, and your dedication to your passions is a true inspiration. Thank you for being such an outstanding example of what we are capable of becoming.

Alessandra and Michael Ditchkus, for lighting up my world, and giving me renewed reason to commit myself to the work I do.

Sonja and Victor Debs, the most incredible aunt and uncle imaginable, for their endless support and inspiration.

Sala Saba, a grandmother who taught me far more lessons than I realized at the time, ones which have reverberated through my soul years after they were introduced.

Gladys and Buddy Ehler, for love and many life lessons, and for introducing me to a love for the ocean and nature itself, not to mention many summers at the seashore!

Jackie Debs, an amazing cousin, with crystalline advice and mucho patience!

Eugene Debs, your generosity, kindness, love, and genius was an inspiration. You taught lessons of how to live and be in the world, and they shall never be forgotten!

Vic, Lola, Ray, Mare, Moni, Pete, Nona, George Sr & Jr, Jenny, Carrie, Julie, Stevie and Danny, thank you for love, encouragement and support over the years...I have amazing relatives and I love you so dearly!

Nancy, James, and Family; Sue, Rich, Josh & Becca, thank you for love and support on this journey called life. You guys are awesome!

Janet Houseman, for being there every step of the way, for caring for my children and myself like her own - I am forever grateful for your undending support through every turn in the road!

Nancy Love, for being a brilliant and supportive agent, and guiding ray of hope as you taught me to navigate the publishing industry.

Barbara Gilson, the dream editor, for the many patient and brilliant lessons you brought about the shaping and molding of one's work and message.

Jo Rowling, not just for a tremendous opportunity, but for being such an inspiration in your work, your integrity, and your life! Thank you!

Christopher Little, Agent, one little line about 'pluck' changed my life forever...thank you so much...

John Taylor-Gatto, for being an inspiration, an example...for your courage and commitment to Truth...thank you, endlessly.

Deepak Chopra, for being an inspiration, a star, a beacon, encouraging one to step fully into their potential. I thank you for your encouragement and are truly living, breathing inspiration.

David Wolfe, for demonstrating courage in speaking one's Truth, and for opening my eyes to new paradigms for presentation...what a gift you are to the whole world!

Laura LoBianco-Sword, for endless support, love, friendship, and encouragement, as well as savvy legal guidance. You truly are a goddess!

Mike Sword, for friendship, kindness, and abolute genuis in shaping and molding many important elements of legal and business structure and format.

Richard Blank, for numerous lessons on the toy industry, and life in general - as well as for his many kindnesses, and guidances along the way.

Rich Prinzi, for guidance and advice...your timing is always perfect, since I'm 15. It may be rare, but it is always right on time, and you are always brilliant!

Chris Stein, your brilliant artistic renderings truly brought the projects to life...thank you for gracing my world with your awe-inspiring talent!

Ed Mulligan, from 'back in the day courtesy', to lending your artistic brilliance to my projects at just the most important moments...I am deeply grateful to you...thank you, you brilliant, dazzling soul.

Adam Mazy, for your willingness to lend your artistic insight to projects no matter how crazy they are A-MAZYing!

Mick Wieland, for believing in me since the very first project, always listening to every last crazy idea, and ever lending brilliant support and advice. You are a gift, and I'm honored for every moment I've passed with you.

Mark Ryan, for believing in a new author, and helping me navigate the industry, as well as for many lessons along the way.

Todd Spehler, for your confidence in me, and my many ideas, as well as many engaging lessons about the world of business.

Robert Oppenheimer, for having faith in a 'crazy little idea' and directing me, providing me with the know how, show how, and introductions along the way. Thank you so much.

Mariah McClean, for constant support, kindness, and love in the process of helping me step fully into my Truth. You are one of the greatest gifts of my life!

Iyanla Vanzant, for words of encouragement at the precisely right moment...and for demonstrating the power of presence, and how to deliver Truth boldly, confidently. You are truly a light in the World.

Robert Smith, for taking interest in the thoughts and ideas of a then little insecure girl, bravely trying to step into her Truth. For encouraging me to believe that my thoughts and ideas had value, and that I should and could dare to put pen to paper and record them. For teaching me the value of my Self.

Kara Dooris, for her bravery in being my first-ever client, and for writing such glowing testimonials!

Mark Melaccio, for unending love, support, patience, and faith...I'm living the dream, and I thank you for it!

Danielle Simonian, for a dazzling friendship, for being the beacon of light, the mirror most needed, and an inspiration and companion on an extraordinary journey of concepts, ideas, and beliefs that truly push the limits from ordinary into extraordinary. Too, for teaching me that partnerships can be strong, good, and places for growth and expansion, rather than limitation. You truly are an angel!

Patti Sayers, for being there from the start, from the word go. No matter how crazy or off the wall the ideas got, you ever enthusiastically supported me...that is a gift beyond compare and I'm so grateful to have a friend like you. You are astounding, truly a beautiful soul!

Donya August, your grace, dazzling creativity, and spunk demonstrated what one can become. Thank you for the inspiration and insight into potentiality and possibility. You are a gorgeous soul.

Kathryn Lusticg, for being a true inspiration, a light in the world...for sharing this journey of exploration and innovation..and for 'speaking the language' at precisely the moment I needed someone who are a precious gift, and are so very treasured.

Albert Mongillo,for gracing my world with the gift of are extraordinary!

Kevin Delia, for not only extraordinary assistance, but for your support and faith in me at crucial moments...your friendship and support raised me up, and I'll remain forever grateful.

Frances Silvernail, for being the ideal mentor, for helping shape and mold my thoughts, for being tough on me when I most needed it, and for being a beacon of hope and inspiration. I thank you, from the depths of my heart, you have deeply shaped and molded my beliefs...

Dom Perotta, for many a 3 a.m. phone call, for endless support, encouragement, and consideration, and for teaching me so much about friendship and love. You are an outstanding soul, and I feel fortunate beyond compare to have known you.

Chris Fiore, you brought me one of the greatest lessons of my life. You are an extraordinary human being. Thank you for bearing such a beautiful gift. You are an inspiration.

John "Said" Kashani, it's funny how the little things can affect you so deeply...but oh so true. You played an important role, at important moments in my life. I'm so very grateful for the impact you had upon my world. You taught me important lessons about integrity, ones I've never forgotten. Thank you for being such a beautiful soul...

Sean Leon,for shining rays of hope during dark moments....and for helping me remember the magic of being alive. Thank you!

John LoSacco, for decades of believing in me, supporting me, and exploring many ideas and concepts through endless hours of converstaion. You helped raise me up, through your belief in me. Thank you endlessly...

The Prevosti, Reid, and Byrnes Families, for opening their hearts and homes to me. Your love, support and kindness taught me so much about life.

Joy, Tami, and Col, for being an important part of the Journey Into Self...and for being part of the realization that, "These may well be the best days of our lives...what are we going to do with that?" I'm so grateful to have learned that this is true EVERY day of our lives. Thank you for that, the fantastic capers, all the joy, laughter, love, and friendship....

Fred Lanzetta, for beliving in a wild idea, and supporting me endlessly, showing me I COULD and actually WOULD do it. Your faith in that young girl that I was back then set me on the path to NOW. Thank you so very much.

Rich DeMayo, you were there at the start, when I embraced the first 'project', and you put your faith in me. The lessons came hard with you, but come they did. Thank you for many gifts you brought to my life, and for bringing me one giant step closer to my Self.

Sean Lehane, who would've known that one sunrise atop a brownstone could bring so many lessons? Thank you...for all time.

Julie and Mike Gattis and family, for love, support, friendship, and the deepest of kindnesses along the way. I am forever grateful...thank you so very much!

Janine Sizemore, for love, friendship, and support and kindnesses - and for being a partner in figuring out the chaos...thank you!

Lenore Clemente, your insight into how one should choose how one wants to live was one of the greatest gifts one could give a young girl. Thank you ever so much for taking the time to explore and share that with me. You forever changed my life.

Dr. Jody Smith, for unleashing my sense of curiosity, for opening the doors of philosophy and comparative religion...

Dr. John Ottonhoff, for asking, "So tell me, why aren't you a professional writer?" ... and for lighting the way...

Dr. Phil Barlow, for mentoring me, for channeling the curiosity, for demanding ever more...

Dean Caroll Jackson, for being the wall I had to keep banging against, in order to find my true inner voice...and learn to express it. Thank you ever so much. Sometimes someone telling you you will never succeed will be just the impetus we need in order to do so. I owe you a well of gratitude.

Ryan Petrone, for the gift of both friendship and laughter - you truly light up my world.

Doug O'Connell, for support, encouragement, and faith at all times....and for telling me to "Fly!" Thank you so much!

Sunoko Aoki, for friendship, for love, for trust, for guidance, for listening, for your willingness to set out ever-so-patiently on any and all are AMAZNG!

Walt Anderson, for the gift of loyal friendship and awesome are golden!

Steve Plyer, for being there when the going truly got tough...and for a shared appreciation of that which really matters.

John Sullivan, for reminding me of the beauty of the small things in life, but most of all, for teaching me lessons in integrity...

Jim McGee, for allowing me in during such a bittersweet yet precious time in your life...moments shared bring us ever so much, and you brought lessons that reverberate through my life to this very day. I love you for are an amazing man...

Trish O'Farrell, for bringing song, laughter, love, joy, and many lessons into my life. For teaching me to trust, reminding me to be open. I love you.

Dave Shappass, for love, friendship, support, laughter, and helping me always see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Robert Bach, for helping me unleash the writer within, for the gift of love, of friendship, of acceptance...for helping me discover the core of who I truly am. My deepest and endless gratitude.

Bette Fineman, for being the voice of reason from afar, and for constant support and faith. You are truly a gift!

Becky Lai, for extraordiary friendship, whose rays of light extend far across my lifetime, no matter how far apart we may be.

Steve Stoll, for friendship, support, and an awesome sounding-board....and for knowing me 'when...', and being such an encouragement every moment I've known you...

Steve Catone, for creating the setting to make so much were a gift not only to me, but to oh-so-many of us!!! Thank you for creating the 'American Liverpool', YOU RULE!!!

Eddie Seinz, for your faith, belief, and patience...and endless photographs on a wild and crazy project!

Ted E. Boye Sidorovich, for friendship, for fun, and for the use of your shop and props for the very first project that started me on the journey to Now. I bet you never realized where it would take me....I sure didn't.

Teresa Richmond, for stunning, solid friendship, through thick and are an outstanding, beautiful are an expression of love itself in this world.

Joe Monaco, for friendship, laughter, joy, and hope during dark moments. In the craziest of ways, you are an inspiration.

Rocco Guinta, so long gone, but never were an inspiration...

John Hutchison, physicist extraordinaire! Thank you for gracing my life with inspiration, passion, and zest! Your genius, your commitment, your life, all serve as an inspiration!

Maureen Shay-Surko,, for extending friendship, fun, and loyalty at a crucial truly helped shape who I became, and I'm so grateful to know you.

Sandy Collora, for friendship and an education on some of the most important things in life and business alike....and for leading me to realize who and how I do and don't want to be when operating as a creative in the world-at-large...your lessons will never be forgotten...

Eric Sequest, for love, support, and gorgeous friendship...not to mention many a late night/all night talk when things seemed darkest. You have given a gift of friendship that will live in my heart for always...

James Boulton, for unparalleled friendship, insight, and showing me that I CAN, because of Who I Am... Thank you for the gifts of friendship, of love, for the power of faith in self and will never be forgotten.

Emma Boulton, for love, compassion, friendship, and encouragement....and for helping me see the light inside of me...thank you so much.

Niki Taylor, for loving me through it all, for throwing out the rope at just the right moment, for holding the mirror up to remind me who I am inside, and why I continue on. For believing in me when even I no longer knew that I could...thank you, so very much.

Vinny Dean, for bringing love, light, and joy to my world when it was most desperately needed. For helping me fall in love with were truly a gift, and I'm forever grateful.

Tommy Ahmadi, for your faith and confidence in me, for 'picking me out of the crowd,' for showing me just what I'm capable of doing... And for a lot of laughter and fun as well. You are an amazing man...thank you!

Pete Robinson, for fun, laughter, wild capers, and intellectual stimulation at a time when it was very much needed. And for always helping me grab a piece of the puzzle! Funny how little things can shape and mold you, isn't it?

Jim Cherry, for being the lesson I most needed at the precise moment it was most valuable.

Christian Lyon, for one of the most hard-hitting sentences ever spoken to set my mind free. My deepest gratitude.

Noah Carroll, for being a deep and unending font of love, support, and encouragement at a particularly unique point in my life. Too for being a steadfast companion on the great journey that we call the road to self-discovery - where we find the keys to love, self-knowledge, and terrific confidence as we come to stand solidly within our gorgeous manifestation of Living Truth.... No words capture the love and gratitude I extend to you.... You are loved, cherished, and honored... Always...

Mike Ojaste, for giving me the greatest gift ever - these two amazing children. The lessons you offered set me off on a terrific journey. Were I not left in a position where I had no choice but to rise up and BEcome...I may well not be the person I am today. Thank very much.

Tom Killeen, for bringing love and lessons that were extraordinarily important in forcing me to step up and learn who I am, and what I am capable of becoming. Difficult lessons, but I thank you for them.

'Digby' Sean Liebowitz, for fantastic capers, love, laughter, brilliant lessons on both people and marketing to them (ha!), and for your worship and adoration ;-)

Breeze, for an all-too-brief, yet beautiful period in which you brought light, joy, and Music(!!!) into the lives of both me and my children. Thank you so very much!

Serena Dean, for setting me free at precisely the right moment, and for your love, support, and honor in doing so... Twice.

Dr. Douglas King, for having the insight to put his faith in the wacky ideas of two young girls who hoped they knew what they were doing. You are incredible!

Ramzi, for making me just have to prove you wrong...!

To the Folks at Methodist Home for Children, there are far too many of you to list, but thank you so very much for the brilliant work you do, for the education you provided, for allowing me to be a part of the whole process, and for being such a light in the world. You are truly gifts to all on this planet, and I'm honored to have been affiliated with you.

To Everyone at Safechild, Raleigh, thank you for an amazing education, and for the work you bring to the world. I am so honored to have been a part of your organization.

To the Boys at Lansing Personnel, especially Frank, The Two Bernies, Mario, Roy, and Dave, thank you so much for a dazzling education, an understanding of the 'ins and outs' of the world at large, and for friendship, fun, and fellowship as were one of the most amazing work/life experiences a girl could ever dream of! Thank you, you amazing group of fellas!

A deep gratitude to the many masters and mentors who have come before me, to those who have led, through example, to those who have shown the expanse of human potential....we all owe you a great debt of gratitude for demonstrating how wonderful humans can be!

May we Be the Light We Wish to See In The World!

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