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HI !John ;A Week Of hell For "Me "" please put this on your "BLOGGER" Any doubts that the world can be magical, folks?'s proof positive. I've had my blog, what a week now? A WEEK. There are MILLIONS of blogs out there. "love this one of Johns "

HOW...IN ONE WEEK....does an editor find mine, and write me asking if I have ever tried to have my work published, and what else do I have???

ONE WEEK. The statistical likelihood of that???? COME ON!!! I asked her how she found it, she said she was searching under magic (MAGIC!!!!), and my title with 'illusion' came up, somehow. Maybe myspace's search cross references them? I just don't know. I won't question it. It just IS.

I'm telling you, I don't know where it is heading, but Magic is Afoot. I've totally recreated my paradigm here...I am now no longer looking at 'musts' and 'have tos' in the same way...I'm back to who I was before I somehow got lost. Yes, I have to untangle the nightmare of a web I've caught myself in, but look, dear friends...I start living in tune with me, and I don't even have to set foot outside the house...don't even have to submit a mss. and THIS???

LOL, as proof positive of things coming to one...the fed ex guy asked me out, lol. Now I've no interest, but see? Romance can even come to one, if you are open to the possibility!!! Now if only the Gods would come to me...

Ah, be careful what you wish for... yes? (I didn't say FOR me, but to, just clarifying that!)

That said and done: Believe in the power of right living...I'm telling you, I feel as if I'm living in another realm, the coincidences are uncanny!!! And they are coming more frequently now...what is this???

Hugs to all!
Paris Hilton 310 XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX 8 XXXXXXXXXXXX YIN GAZDA FILM MAKER POSTS A Cosmic Opportunity to serve the Planet on July 17, 2007at 11:11 am GMT

There are myriad activities of Light taking place this year to help prepare Humanity and the Earth for her Ascension into the Realms of Infinite Perfection. This amazing story by Shelley Yates tells about a miracle that happened to her and her small son. The miracle revealed an opportunity for Humanity that will create an unstoppable shift for Planet Earth and all her Life. Please read this information carefully. Take it into your heart of hearts, and share it far and wide. Know that YOU are the Hands of God now made manifest in the physical world of form..

FIRE THE GRID, by Shelley Yates ( )

The Story

We are now in a time when natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes and tidal waves are dramatically affecting our planet, and our lives on it. We now have the power to destroy this beautiful Earth quickly, with atomic power, or more slowly, with pollution and devastation of our resources and overpopulation. I have been guided to tell you that we also have the very real power to save this planet and to make it a loving and healthy place for ourselves and for future generations. Please take a few minutes to read my story. It will hopefully save our Earth.

Two miracles happened in Halifax , Nova Scotia , Canada . My son and I drowned in a flooded marsh and not only lived to tell the tale, but we are better than ever. I was "dead" for fifteen minutes. I was told by Beings of Light how to save myself and my small son, and I was given a message on how to heal the Earth.

We have all been waiting for the moment when things would be different, for surely God will do something to save us from ourselves. Well, there is something in the works, but God is merely directing it through people like me, and it will take the faith of people like you to create the reality. Once again I am getting ahead of myself, but in the messages I am receiving, I am being given a way for us all to participate in a healing of Mother Earth, and a launching of the human race into a time of health, peace and positive change. But for this to happen, you will need to sit in meditation for just one hour of your life.

I once heard in the Star Trek series "resistance is futile." I did not want to be a messenger for God, but when God wishes our awakening, it will happen. So now I will tell you the truth of what happened to me after a car accident that occurred in November 2002.

My son and I were traveling to a friend's house for an afternoon of play when disaster hit. My car was swept into a flooded marsh after hydroplaning. The car landed upside down in this boggy marsh and sank to the bottom. I tried to open the car's windows, but the power windows failed, and we were trapped inside. I spoke with my tiny son who was four at the time and assured him that mommy would get him out.

The car was filling up quickly with the cold, murky water, and I held my son's coat tightly in my hand while I waited to be fully submerged. I hoped that I could open the door after the car equalized with water and we would swim out. My final words to my little boy as the water came over his head was, "Hold your breath, honey; Mommy will have us out soon." I watched him take a large gulp of the remaining air, and the water took him. When I felt the last air pocket escape the car, I tried the door. It wouldn't budge!

The other door was equally stuck. I struggled with the doors several times, to no avail. We were trapped and going to die. At this point I took Evan's little body and pushed it over the seat, hoping beyond hope that he would find air. As I struggled to free us from this coffin on wheels, I realized I had to breathe. As I drank the deep breath of water into my lungs, the fiery feeling added panic to the moment. I wanted my baby back, and I swung my arms feverously about in an effort to find his body. I couldn't; and I needed to breathe again.

That is when I heard a voice, a calm majestic voice, directing me to relax. This voice cooed in my ear, reassuring me that all would be well. I was infused with the knowledge that if I fought the water, my rescuers would not be able to revive me when they arrived. The voice said that if I fought the water, would drown. No shit, I thought—I get a wise-ass ghost on my deathbed. The voice continued to give me instructions about what was to happen and that all would be well if I just followed the instructions. I relinquished myself to his voice from beyond and passed quietly into the other side.

While on the other side I saw Beings of Light who once again assured me that my son and I would not only get out of this car, but we would both be fine. They were definite in explaining that I must follow instructions implicitly and not lose faith in their words. I was told to have faith that I would be divinely directed, and I was. It took my rescuers fifteen minutes to pull my lifeless body from that car and another seven minutes of CPR to revive me. As my body bolted upright, I blurted "get my baby out of the car." Twenty-two minutes had passed. The rescuers jumped back into the freezing bog to retrieve my son, knowing against hope, that he was dead. It took rescuers another five minutes or so to get my boy free from that car. His limp body was transported to the IWK Children's Hospital, where he was immediately hooked to every machine known to mankind.

The team of emergency doctors and neurologists were waiting for me. They assured me that my sweet little boy was indeed brain dead, and in addition to this, his internal organs were full of blood. He was hemorrhaging throughout his body, and his organs were non-viable. Things were the most bleak I have ever known. That is when the voice came to me again. "Have faith, child."

The doctors advised me to unplug my baby and let him pass peacefully, for even if a miracle happened and he did live, he would be a vegetable. "No quality of life" is all I remember thinking. Once again I heard the voice, "have faith." For that moment the doctors agreed to keep Evan on life support, but advised me not to hold out any hope.

It was in the quiet of my first moment alone that I was given the instructions. "Follow the instructions implicitly." Memories of the visions and the voice in the lake flooded back to me. There was someone there with me, I was sure of it, and I decided to listen carefully. I was instructed to rebuild my son's aura by infusing his little body with the auras of others. Twenty minutes at a time was one of the first rules, for if it was longer, you would drain the aura of the giver.

They instructed me to parade loving people through Evan's room, each depositing their own energy field into his lifeless body. They were to do this by connecting their flesh to his flesh and allowing their energy to run through his body, and then to give Evan their "gift." If they sang, they were to sing. If they were story tellers, tell a story, and so on. Infuse him with positive energy and your love and your talents, and this will revive him.

I proceeded against hospital protocol to send loving humans into my son's room every half hour. They then followed the instructions and gave their gift of love. This procession lasted twenty-four hours a day, for three days. Dozens and dozens of people came. They "camped out" every day and every night—loving, trusting souls infusing his lifeless body with fresh energy.

The fact that I was able to convince the hospital to allow this unorthodox behavior to happen was a miracle in itself, but on the third day, after 72 hours of constant vigil, my boy opened his little eyes and recognized me. He was back!!!

The doctors were baffled. They continued to tell me that he would never walk or talk or be a normal child again. However their words this time had no effect on me. The guidance and direction from my spiritual Light Beings had proved to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that he would be fine; after all, my "friend" in the lake had told me so.

Within the first week Evan had recovered all his body functions, and by the end of the second week he was running down the halls to the hospital playroom. This was indeed an incredible miracle. What had I done to deserve such reprieve by our Almighty Creator? I didn't know nor did I care. I wanted to take my son home and be done with the whole nightmare. This is when I realized that might be done with my Light friends, but they were not done with me.

I continued to hear the voices and be directed with both visions and seeing auras. Needless to say, I was more than a little freaked out. As time passed, I would ask, "What do you want of me?" They would speak of the love for the Universe and how things have gone terribly wrong. Humanity has spiraled out of control and has lost its true connection to God and to this Earth.

They want desperately for me to give the humans of this world a message from ” beyond" - that we have inside of us the power to unite this planet as one race with peace and prosperity for all. This power lies inside us all, and when combined with the loving energy of other humans, we can do for this planet what we did for my son. We can revive this Earth and catapult it into healing. With this healing will come a new phase of Humanity. We will have a time of peace and harmony. All it will take is our intention as a united group—and one hour of our time.

So as the voices and visions unraveled, I was given the guidance of how to make this all happen. However it will take many of us on this planet to see to the success of the project. As they told me to rotate the humans through my son's room, they have told me to unite Humanity from every corner of the globe—not every human, just representatives from every corner. We can do this. We need to unite enough people to fire the Divine Energy System of this planet and jump start it like we did with my boy.

This global project of loving intention is completely possible. Your intention to make it happen can change the outcome of this planet. I will discuss the details of the plan in Phase Three of this article. I will give you the directions to follow, and you will see how little it will take for you to become an ambassador of Light to our home, Planet Earth. I beseech you to join me when we fire the Earth grid on July 17, 2007, and add your energy to this project.

The Plan for July 17th 2007 at 11:11 GMT:

When we do sit in meditation simultaneously and fire the Grid for one hour, we will unite the globe and connect all the regions of the Earth simultaneously. In the process, we will unite our souls in love, peace, harmony and collective cooperation for a better world for our people, today and in the future. The plan was given to me by the same Light Beings that guided me while I was drowning in the lake. They have been with me since that time and have been delivering to me information about our world and how we, with love and unification, can pour our loving intention of peace and healing into this Earth. They want to set us on the path for a healthy planet, viable and working now and for the generations that follow. They also want to direct us to the way to enlightenment and union with the Divine.

The Light Beings use the term "fire the grid" when they speak of the energizing of Humanity with Divine Power on July 17, 2007. They say firing the grid will accomplish two things. First, it will pulse healing energy into the center of the Earth and regenerate the core or the heart of the planet. Just as we poured our energy into my dying son, we will individually give the gift of our true intention, the gift of our individuality and the gift of our healing energy. As they explained, my son's energy field was badly deteriorated, as is the Earth's.

When we pour some of our living energy into the Earth, the accumulation of our combined energy will regenerate the Earth. They told me humans are like little lightening rods channeling God's energy to the planet. Because we have separated ourselves from our complete connection to The Source by not having a fully functioning Human grid, God's energy has not been able to easily flow into the Earth. If we choose to come together to rebuild our grid, then the natural flow of energy between us and God, God and the Earth and from person to person will be restored. Do you see what a wonderful gift you will give? This energy will live on eternally with the Earth and its inhabitants—the splendor of the Creator's intention for us realized in the creation of this new energy field for our planet.

How do we do this you ask? The time has been set for July 17, 2007, at 11:11a.m. Greenwich Time. I have been given no indication about why this date and time have been chosen, but this date has been told to me over and over again. I have been asked to bring together as many humans as possible throughout the world, from every corner of the globe, to simply sit and pray or meditate for one hour during that time. This plan involves only one hour from each of us. Our combined energies will work to direct energy to the Earth and to each other. Those of you who meditate, meditate and see the intention of your thoughts swirling deep inside our Earth, delivering the love and healing. Those of you who have no ritual of faith may simply develop one that works for you. You may sit quietly and repeat a phrase of your intention, such as "I offer you my energy to heal this world and its people." Any positive words of hope, love and desire for change will manifest these thoughts as reality— our new reality.

We are being offered the opportunity to save ourselves by offering only an hour of our lives. We can call out to the Universe that Earth has good people here. We can show the Divine Creator that there are enough of us who truly want to evolve and become what we were intended to be. We can help create a miracle. In choosing to participate, you will be defining your intentions to the Universe and you will also be defined as a human who desires positive change for this planet.

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