Friday, June 22, 2007


Be advised that General David Sarnoff's grandson and financier Daniel Sarnoff informed me today in an extensive conversation that Sony Image Works President Tim Sarnoff has thoroughly reviewed our KINGDOMS COME treatment synopsis by Jim Marrs as well as the original 60 page director's cut treatment by Doug Ivanovich and has decided that Sony Pictures is now prepared to enter into a negative pickup or other production deal with the KC Team subject to either of the following:

1) An expression of interest by Robert Zemekis, Ron Howard or equal to direct the proposed feature film trilogy.

2) An expression of interest by a major film actor(s) to star in the KC trilogy production.

I am contacting Woodrow Harrelson's attorney David Michael Esq. as Woody is also friendly with Mr. Zemekis to discuss his interest in having a major role in the KC production.

Once this pre-production director and key acting talent issue has been resolved, Tim has advised his brother that he will promptly take the project to Sir Howard Stringer who is the Chairman and CEO of Sony Corporation to get his approval for a negative pickup or other type of production transaction agreement.

I also now have a commitment from a Swiss financial capital services group representing Prime European banks to provide the necessary financial guarantees for a bank like Dawai who is specializing in feature film financement to finance the KC production subject to a negative takeout or other type of production agreement.

We expect to finalize the next pre-production step in 30 days. The Sarnoffs are extremely interested in our RAM program and understand we are asking Sony Corporation to put the KC project on an extremely fast track in order to properly prepare the global public for the timely introduction of the RAM technology. Dan is being invited to meet with our associates in D.C. to obtain the necessary assurances of their support for this project. Background checks of the RAM & RAMSTAR principals by Dan have been completed and are considered acceptable to both him and his brother.

We are now concurrently contacting the Japanese Government's Department of Energy to take a major role in the RAM T&P (Transport & Power) Corps. formation of an international development consortium of Oil Have Not nations to implement a well planned roll out of the technology in concert with ODNI/CIA once we have the critical geopolitical deployment plan in hand. A plan for financing the RAM program in the billions is part of the deployment plans
extensive macro-economic, sociological and geopolitical study which we expect to fund in the next 60 days.

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