Friday, June 08, 2007

paris posts

Hi john Listen, you know Yin far better than I, so I want to ask your opinion. Yin hasnt written me in a few years now, and she's never gone this long w/o writing before. I know full well she may just be busy, or unable to get on the computer. HOWEVER, since the last thing I sent her was my critique of the film she is working on -- well, I am just hoping she isn't offended. "I" WAS brutally honest. And I WAS. I was as tactful as I could possibly be, I praised HER for the so many wonderful aspects of it that ARE there, told HER I believe it to be a truly great movie in the making, but expressed that I was concerned that it wanders too much off topic at times, and that I felt that people who didn't already know the story would get lost. Too, that he had too much commentary in there abouthow hard it was for HER to make the movie on HER own -- that Hmm. I really had FAR MORE POSITIVE TO SAY THAN NEGATIVE. I just feel really bad if She is upset over that. SO...Iam asking your She the type of LADY to be injured over constructive criticism, even when She ASKED for it?In 1999.... Hmmm. I feel bad if that is the case.. Oh well, what can one do?Has Yin written you yet. Paris............ 818xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 310xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 78xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx;;;xxxxxxxxxxxxx;xcxxxx

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