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Pics of the "Great Journey"
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The Saga . . .

We Kidnapped a one John Hutchison on 6/06/06 (woah!) and brought him through the Stargate!! to visit with Jay Delbeke the Great of SG1 Production Studios. There John, Lolli Cook (Me!), Jason James (of iplay and iearth) and his brother Jerry, took a tour of the amazing planet, meeting new friends and finding lots of fun toys!!!

After we went to the creational sensational shop of foam and FX - 3D Custom Foam - to meet the emperors Cam Stewart and John Mallory, what humble and gracious men there!! John found fellow enthusiasts in The Special Makeup FX team of Shaun Noelte, Tibor Farkas and friend Mike Soloman. We all danced and sang and had a great time, well no dancing and singing but it was great!! lots of dead bodies, parts and large foam creations!!

Upon returning John to his home Land, Lincoln, we took a tour of his inspiring grounds! Overall a beautiful day of adventure, intrigue and new friends, Thanks for your generosity and kindness John, and For being an inspiration to us all at 3DCF, iplay and iearth -

Much Gratitude
Laura Lea "Lollipots" Cook

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