Friday, January 26, 2007

my southern hobbit sends neet stuff poetry and cat picture

nichole ortberg all her stuff mentioned is her own stuff poetry and pictures see other posts on her heritage in america like johnny appleseed shes a bright spark in this world with high interests in ecology life concerns for her generation plus over drugging with pharmaceutical truly a bright spark whi is a leader also i call her my southern hobbit great sense of humuor shes has we talk long on the phone jokeing also aye ;;

Im sending you a garage door lift master it's the motor that brings the door up an down what can we do
to make these things run off of alternitive energy ex.. fuel cell crystal, clean nuclear or zero point anything. I want overhead door company to be the first garage door company to go green with there products. Can you work with me on this one??? please I know its a small step towards a green world put its a start an maybe it'll start a trend for others to start thinking of alternitive energy. :) Tidal Waves
Tidal wave's of thought explode in my head,
looking at the world, i see the walking dead,
motions of beings come closer to talk,
yet i hear nothing an walk.
Every sound that drop's splashes back an hit like bass,
sending me to an unconceance place,
feeling the urge to speak an be heard,
understanding my rhymes that boggle an twist the mind,
healing the vibes with truth an time...
To Far
To far up to hang this far down
spinning forward an hit the ground.
Rewind it all to see the end,
to find my self at the beginning again.
August 2,04

In a Moment
Lost in a moment of time, you fight the pain yet still can't rewind,
caught in the middle of fight or flight you've done them both an lost twice,
Where's the end so i can begain, I know my soul has grown tired an old
like a bomb shell ready to explode, back to the place were only angels know.
March 3,05

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