Friday, November 24, 2006

god how i thuoght i would be gone from here this november is again black

black novembers dirty black as the town itself is like out of old eastern eruope according to alik below photos are nichoes and 106 shambler buddy , trying to remain positive my life stly is logical for the conditions self made i find it fun in throwing out stuff its just stuff its a goal knowing when all gone ill get on a jet and leave forever never will i return here ; the outgrowing it has superceded my time limits like north van couver i do not and will not look at it as i outgrew those times as well as these times i have several condition around the world that i can escpape to workwise i like physical work yet i have oppertunities at the usa pentgon gruop ; gordon novels gruop ;as well as fox television network show i see each day here wasted remaining positive iam always do i have felt also is there anything else ?? yes information has is fast right up to longevity but i ask what on this plane or should i leave it the only thing holding me down is love i might meet ;her] that realy only important to me is her nothing else matters i realy have no interests in anything else i been there and done it i only want her all the worlds powers and folks who i actualy talked to its nice and refreshing but her is what i seek if i cannot find her then ill leave like i have come death oes not scare me its a part of nature no i belive in life exstenstion untill its time to part more random photos

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