Friday, November 24, 2006

i see the net an easy way of looking up information

plus emails are fast mail but i live live real always will asways have a email from my ex spurned me to write this yes i care lots ;if only you could see what i see ill post random pictures instead of watching tv or media i play on this away from the deluge of emails on that goofy thing i accidently discoverd sometimes i wish i never discoverd it one gets type casted but the angels have there reasons it uncanny how corinne and i contact she is very aware and psysic i was searching our common old battle ax a sick person realy mentaly ill i wont even bother posting it so in saying i once good bored with tv and now iam getting bored with this with tv i just dont watch it or the media why its a form of social engineering over time you get thuoghts like your scared to look at children becuase of the media training or look skinny or and or i see why hathaway does dont hav in his home tv but again there was radio and news papers so wheres the connection hummmmmmmm random photos tonight

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