Sunday, November 26, 2006

attack again of cyberstalker simple a person with

cyberpsychosis truly a landmark case this is her or he writting same person known as aerrille ---------------------------ITS STARTS HERE like the aussie pig jason PiNgMaSta said - "Just pointing out something
(YOU) may have missed."

hey hutchison - you weird bahstard -

why dont you and your aussie pig jason PiNgMaSta go off in a corner and fuhk yourselves blind instead of denegrading arilla - she doesnt even remember youre alive so she certainly is not writing anything about you

stop flattering yourself - you are nothing to arilla - not even a memory
- i know - i asked her - she is a very nice person - she is a successful professional pr person with a good life - why dont you get a life -

mmmmmmmmm hutchison - why dont you get a life -

but - if you want arilla that badly - you should be nice not stupid ass nasty like you always are - but - better yet - go play with your slutty acquaintences and leave arilla alone -

youre ruining your own reputation by writing crap about arilla - everyone knows how nice she is and knows youre lying - we are going to make sure all the other radio and pr people know exactly what kind of scum you and youre stupid junior league followers are -

we all remember when arilla got you on the art bell show - she is the one who started your show time - without her getting you on all those radio shows you would be in the free food line with the rest of the bc bums - and -

we all remember when you were telling everyone you were going to marry arilla and how lucky you were - well you fuhked up big time and lost her
- arilla has a really good man now - so now go lick you wounds and grow up scum bag -

youre letting everyone know what a low life insane creepy stalker you really are - get that hutchison - you are a low life slandering, libeling creepy insane stalker -

and btw - everyone knows you didnt marry filthy whore cynthia delaine shoe martinez who has been married at least 6 times before - the more you repeat that lie - the more people are laughing at you and are sure you are totally insane -

you had better be careful hutchison - youre the one posting all kinds of crap -

if you are charged with stalking and libel and slander - you will never be able to "go south" -

like the aussie pig jason PiNgMaSta said - "Just pointing out something (YOU) may have missed."

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