Saturday, September 23, 2006

some of my exs from 1996 we are still close friends

a;llways best of friends my exs the hotist fires lasted longest we are close friends distants was the killer in these relationships yin moved to india;was from texas yet what we shared wwill never be forgotten we still communicate with heartfelt feeling always to makeing me understand moveing from this dump is the best thing that iam doing now to meet my new love and not fail they will all of them confirm who iam and what i can do some already have bragging iam no i respect woman and wil dump all i realy dont want for her a lot of these ladyies my exs moved for a month just to be with me but had to returne yin and i where traveling but she wanted to leave hollywood move to india we met 1988 sumer and she left in 2000 to india so i seeing my losses due to my not moveing from here never again iam moveing closer to you

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