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cyber stalker photos arreille louise history

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Since Aerielle Louise led her negativity campaign against The Lou Gentile Show last year after I fired her on the air, I have been saving a few things. Here is one of them that is sure to show up in the search engines in a matter of hours.

(The photo must have been altered, look closely! We did not touch it!)
I have received MANY requests since 2005 asking what did she look like. Well , search no more! Here is the photo of Aerielle Louise (who now goes by DR. Aerielle Louise). This came from an original email addressed to the show. Aerielle never wanted to disclose her photograph on the internet because she thought that the FEDS were going to try and get her again for ....
( I won't say exactly what right now )
Aerielle Louise WAS a past producer of The Lou Gentile Show and she was a very sneaky dishonest woman. I did not know about anything she was up to until the very end. Aerielle pushed her personal agenda on my show, listeners and guests. Aerielle Louise had even asked many of my listeners and guests for money or the paying of bills such as Gas, Electric and Internet Access. These acts were unknown to me at the time maybe because she was to embarrassed or she just wanted to take as much as she could without letting anyone know. Usually a thief will take as much as they can, then claim the victim was never gracious enough with them and that's why they did it. I did not find out about anything Aerielle Louise was doing behind the scenes until the incident with Roy Timm. Roy Timm gave me a clue that Aerielle Louise was trying to pray on my Guests and there finances. Roy sent me an audio cassette that said Aerielle Louise was trying to suck him dry and he was doing as much as possible for her but he was getting low on money because of it. When Aerielle Louise found out that she could get no more out of Roy Timm she decided to sever the ties with him and black-ball him on the show because of it. When Aerielle (Aeriella) explained the situation to me she left out anything to do with money. I knew at that point she was trying to use the show, listeners and guests for her financial gain.
AT this point I was like the FEDS and was building evidence against her so that when I fired her, she could not weasel out of it like she does so well with MANY situations. However, I let her negative campaign shoot it's load and waited till now...
Aerielle Louise literally stole all of my guest contacts and went on her merry way to try and start her own PR quest for other radio shows. I warned these other radio shows that Aerielle Louise is DISHONEST. They chose to believe her and use her for advertising their shows. Aerielle Louise also contacted many of my guests and told them total lies about my show. Some guests chose to believe Aerielle and others knew what I was dealing with and ignored her.
I make this statement. If you are using Aerielle Louise for booking guests for your show, you are a fool. When you finally get sick of her DEMANDING and Psychotic attitude/agenda and fire her, Aerielle Louise WILL turn on you and go on a negative campaign against you. If you do not believe me, ask Jim McCanney or John Kenneth Hutchison. She tried to defame, slander and destroy both of them because they would not bow down to her wishes.

Aerielle Louise for the public record uses the following information to try and book guests for radio shows:
Aerielle Louise for the public record uses the following information to try and PR people for radio shows:
*** THE * BEST * GUESTS ***
On a side note, here is something that shows exactly what kind of person you are dealing with. Aerielle Louise was not affiliated with The IBC Radio Network when I was running the show. Aerielle Louise had been given explicit instructions that she was to only be doing work for my show and she always told me to "TRUST HER" and that she was not doing any other bookings for other shows. I found postings like this all over the net and it started to really concern me but then again Aerielle Louise will always be Aerielle Louise.
" Radio stations interested in subscribing to the syndication can contact Aerielle Louise, Senior Executive of IBC Networks, of which Jancik's show is a part."
So you want to be in radio huh? Well I would find something else to do because the DRAMA only gets worse! Now it seems Aerielle Louise is working with BlogInService.com, Deperate Times Call for Despirate Measures! Have a look:
Please contact Aerielle Louise for all appointments, scheduling, new programs, or to request to be on Blogin Broadcasting Services as a guest or host Aerielle@BlogInService.com
Thank God my wife Antoinette took over the position of Producer for The Lou Gentile Show. Antoinette managed to sort out all the B.S. and put things back into perspective. Right now, The Lou Gentile Show is doing better then it was doing even when we were on terrestrial radio! To that I thank Antoinette and all the Fans. After all, if it was not for the FANS, Antoinette would not need to book guests!
Best Regards,
Lou Gentile
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