Thursday, September 21, 2006

nicholes poetry and pictures

Looking in your eye’s
I can see you hide
What is your shame,
What is your pride,

Braking down the wall
To see you there
Why are you alone
Why are you scared

Dream’s of flowers
And hearts of gold
You look to the sky
To see an angel fly by

Down on your knee’s
You start to cry
What is your shame
What is your pride

Drop’s of blood fall from grace
Lying there in a frantic shake
What do you hide,
Why do you cry?
Who do you blame,
What is your shame.
By: Nichole Ortberg

Follow the river that leads to the sea,
Give your life the ability to be free,
Heal your soul from your own created disease
Shear yourself with a person in need.
Open yourself to the lesson you've been taught,
Reason Isn't really what you thought.
Surrender your heart to the rethem of it’s beats,
This is your life an you lead.
By: Nichole Ortberg

It’s time to see what God did for thee
An Angel in disguise,
An Angel is what she'd be,
She took your heart and made it pure,
She gave you love like none before,
Never to speak a word for it came from the heart,
An Angel sent from God, is never to part.
So look to the sky when in need,
She'll be your Angel for eternity.
By: Nichole Ortberg

Sleep Wake
You sleep to be awake, reviling all the mistakes,
To see is to be blind an only then you'll find
the true light that shines. Peace is an envy we all
Try and fine, while all those mysterious thoughts
try an unwind
By: Nichole Ortberg

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