Tuesday, May 06, 2008


parisbff.com block one no 2 me lol
http://parisbff.com/browse/recently_updated?page=1 ok its block one of 25 iam at no2 block 1 if you get this paris fire me a note thanks ps also you should advise adrien on the pictures at www.hutchisoneffect.ca hes also you you www.pariswhilton.org i think we should call you the paris effect you have many dedicated fans gesus i got my own blinger says la some folks dont like me stepping outside my scientist role my main real arts are the art of love makeing as well as entertainment learning threw my producers i hate type casting iam lots more then heffect i rareley do these levitations antigravity only for tv cres and some scientists i do many other things most dynamic is building other devices ark of the covenant ; free energy units ; alternative medicine ; life exstenstion ; and true love makeing to woman so beware but i found an angel

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