Wednesday, January 23, 2008

TOM SKY and the effect

hi tom ill pass your message along i guess it the gravity feilds distubed the space time continuum the rf involved is micro watts an could not have done anything but others repoert levitaions and metals melting yet my self according to my doctors a youthfull 30 year old body as seen in fotos of me and tests oh well lucky it opens new frontirers rebirthing is what i think might have happed as you yourself look darn healthy now hummmmmmmmmmm tom what if this thing does go into that diamention but with positive intention as nature herself is positive always bonding creation of new life all the time even while negative issues are at play the act of survivial as it could not be used negatively a law of ultimate nature ; sure we can destrooy the planet with hydrogen bombs most life or bt it all things come back threw many transformations even our sun maybe iam nuts but before rebirth always pain untill you get the energy to unshacle those bonds on yourself whatever they maybe and live life without self faults ego and other stuff.... if all true if this device does this realy on this level i feel compelled then to turn it over to ?? dala lama ? maybe a higher force will handle it hey iam not an inventor scientist what iam realy tom lets say a jut a fellow human being sutch things like what you say i feel oh just dont know maybe ill sell it as scrap metal one of my plans i just dont know my main ideas for hollywood to have it thanks tom i truly respect this energy of nature its not mine to own or profit from teach yes but in some ways safe guard is folks think its a hoax or joke i think 50 percent so thats keeps it in check the gov guys call ist pk in te medias a joke or safe guard tactic so it looks goofy as iam not trying to prove anything realy art bell interveiw .or hip hop folks,, or both check out all the options on myspaces also please OUR FOX TV PRODUCT PLACEMENT COMPANY WWW.LEGACYUS.COM

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Subject: Tom Thank you note

Hey John

If possible please post this message to all your friends that wished me well

"GREAT GREAT THANK YOU to all of John's friends who wished me to get well
Some of your emails were turning points in my life and health.

I'm getting stronger and healthier with each day, and
I can apreciate the world around me again, only with
much greater respect for its limitless beauty.

By connecting 'good will' of many people we can heal not only
one person but a whole planet"

Tom Sky


I was communicating with David who is a doctor near by your lab
he mentioned there were some people who felt the effects on them during our demo
with all respect to you and the science I feel for people a lot I can only say
please be VERY careful this is unknown science which should be
practiced away from people until its known better or controlled better
it is no longer about me but others who can potentialy be harmed

I hope and wish you best in further science and any discovery

I would say I'm back in 'old skin' only have some pain in leg bone
looks like energy is still acting on me somehow
I'm practicing health daily


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