Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Oh "Johnny"!How so poignant of a letter !Love -P xxoo Paris,,,,,,,,,,,,, "Hugs"......
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From: "TOM SKY"
To: bxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Thank You
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2008 15:18:13 -0800

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I asked John Hutchison for your email address (please don't get mad at him - only me)
I permitted myself to personally Thank you for sending good energy to me
among many other John's friends. I was nearly on "the other side"

God saved me and left me with a memory of unbelievable experience
which I went through after being exposed to radio frequencies at John's lab
I can only blame myself for being too curious and not careful enough.

Well well well things are much much better now and I'm recovering very quickly
Hoping and praying there will be no side effects afterwards.


P.S. I know that people as important as You are can very much change our world
I wish I could express my love and appreciation for the mother nature and our
grand mother earth which has TRULY saved my life there is no words I can write
no music I can compose or express myself in any other way to underline the
importance and fundamental value of our planet earth which we often
ignore and abuse to extremes in daily stream of life.

Tom Sky

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