Tuesday, December 25, 2007

merry christmas from bag shot row

merry Christmas from bagshot row b.c Canada ;;grey cool outside folks don't look happy in fact look angry ;;lol where i walked anyway new west is regarded as a weird place but i see it mixed cultures and very interesting folks;; a movie script most likely be made from the heat generated in a famous trial here;; folks come from all walks of life here ; its tainted with the massive mental hospitals that where emptied .anyway its bag shot row from my point of view . alik says it reminds him of Russia anyway my Christmas i spent here on angel watch for any folks needing help out there .... as it turns out the Virginia beach fellow military need some;;; i posted his letter in hobbits in trouble bloodspot section here my producer of fox kept me ok with his films ;; dr judy wood sent over greats amounts of music thank you judy ; as the night bore on i was fiddling with blogger a gift as it was to the men and woman of 911 my gift but i feel Christmas should be on hand at all times not just one day geese whats this a reality check or what... i guess its good for folks eating a lot and family stuff ;;;; i spent in person Christmas eve in part with hobbit fan http://xiosfluid.deviantart.com/. we chased down a healthfood store for paba very kind as new west had none ;; we are going to go ghost hunting and look over some DVDs today you should check out this young artists website i like it http://xiosfluid.deviantart.com/. as well as http://www.myspace.com/hydrostatikpressure now Christmas day ill be listening to the great music from dr judy wood as well as DVDs with a new friend hobbit yes i use the term lots but the idea in keeping physically fit as well as mentally young also ; i see everything as films or situations as films.. so no wander the scientific community does not take me serious lucky iam as iam not a scientist!!! i learn from others over the years in old technologies this means tesla Edison steinmetze or on hands work taught to me by film folks.. old machinist or gun makers ; chemists ; biological scientists . life extension folks and so on greatest was the artificial reef society navy ships and heavy guns ;;; life experiences best was the heart break hotel we called it misdiagnosed with an apology but a great time lol reality check with also the provincial gov failed attempts on 2 big news fronts 1978 then 1990 then 2000 then 2003 mild versions of there insanity its all in the medias ;; so i collect unusual things and do imposable things www.bluebookfilms.com ark of the covenant www.gryphonproductions.com beyond invention www.motionpicturesprod.com earth black holes www.pioneerproductions.com ; plus many others over a long time way past 100 also i did a great number of radio shows this month i think about 200 or more i don't keep count new books and other stuff magazines and blah blah blah sooooooooooooooooooooo off to rivendale Brandywine river keep positive my fellow hobbits follow your dreams happy new year cheers john i used spell check ROBERT MY PRODUCER WRITES Hello John,
Do you believe that the US government brought down the New York buildings?

I wanted to let you know of this site where one can watch the latest's Hollywood movies for FREE. Without any downloading or install of any kind. It really amazing. It's a YouTube for movies. I watch the Simpson new movie, which is super funny and a few others. Have alook.

Merry Christmas, Robert.

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