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Laura Saba has a diverse background in communications, education, the arts, physics, and philosophy. A published author, educator, inventor, parent educator, seminar and workshop leader, life coach/ADD/ADHD coach, nutritional health counselor, and devoted homeschooling mom, Laura does her best to always Live Her Truth - and again, her product represents this, as well.

Much of Laura's current work focuses on NOW living, stepped in a Live Your Truth paradigm. The many products and programs Laura has developed cull from these myriad interests, producing unique and powerful keys to living. This approach guarantees quality and authenticity. Laura not only professes a belief in these approaches, she infuses her work with them as well - this is why Laura stamps her product with Laura Saba's CORE Promise: Count On Repeated Excellence.

With a focus not on 'being right' or 'expert' but on being a 'guide as we together work to figure out this thing called life,' Laura gently leads one down the path toward Discovering and Living Their Truth, through the Am-Powerment of language, Conscious Intentional Living, and Education coupled with Self-discovery exercises. This is a powerful format, but Laura realizes that this alone is not enough. To truly succeed, one needs to build upon a strong foundation. This means having a healthy body, mind, and spiritual life - with all things in proper balance. Only then is one truly able to explore reaching - and perhaps even surpassing - their potential. For this reason, Laura provides a information on overall wellness, including Integrative Nutritional Health Counseling, Fitness and Lifestyle Coaching, and Am-Powerment workshops.

Laura developed the Now Clock Project as a way in which to bring attention to The Now. When is the best time to create change, to be the person you want to be ? NOW! The clocks serve as a reminder of just this.

To Learn More About Laura Saba, visit her website at www.LauraSaba.com

Remember: There's No Time Like the Present!

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