Wednesday, August 01, 2007

the hutchison effect band

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The Hutchison Effect
Experimental / Psychedelic / Progressive


KENNEWICK, Washington
United States

Profile Views: 3603

Last Login: 7/17/2007

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Contacting The Hutchison Effect

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The Hutchison Effect: General Info
Member Since 10/10/2006
Band Website
Band Members The Hutchison Effect has played and recorded with many wonderful and talented people including:
Autumn Scardina,

Phillip Chouinard,

Dom Paul,

Jason Jones,

Jessica Ballard,

Lui Rod

Distant Early Message

Geronimo Saenz announced Sunday evening that he had to undergo two more surgical procedrues (due to a throat injury) on top of having dental surgery, and said he is already feeling much better. "I know some people are probably wondering if my nephew Alex and I are ever going to finish this album and get out and play. But this problem was effecting my singing and my entire well being. I couldn't ignore it any longer. Gery also expressed concern that so many things had come up in the last three months, preventing him and his nephew from completing their project. "But we will do this and it will be worth the wait. I guarantee it."

The health challanges that both Alex and Gery have faced recently are non related. Alex is undergoing occupational therapy for his severe muscle and nerve damage in his left hand and arm, while Gery is seeing a group of specialist for his throat and gout condition. "We're trying to take care of ourselves now so we can give our listeners and friends our very best when we do get back in the studio and start perfroming live. " Explains Gery. "Our plans are to start performing in the Tri-Cities, WA, and cover a large portion of the westcoast area by the Fall. I expect to be in Tri Cities soon after I get the green light from my doctors. We have much work to do and auditions to get through. We are determined to out do ourselves and we will. Thank you all for being so patient!"

Influences Ludwig van Beethoven, Hilary Swank, Ritchie Blackmore, Lisa Loeb, Albert Einstein, Emiliano Zapata, J.S. Bach, Luis Royo, Phantom Light Post, Cynthia Preston, Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Francis Ford Coppola, Mohandas K. Gandhi, Randy Rhodes, John K. Hutchison, Russel Targ, Edward Van Halen, Richard Pryor, Plato, Frank Zappa, Benjamin Franklin, Jimi Hendrix, Stephen Schwartz, David Bowie, Edward Dames, Jason Becker,Robert Dinero, The Beatles, Walter Payton, Mr. Derfler, Racheal Weis, Chris Carter, Bob Dylan, Jonina B. Dourif, Supertramp, Doug Norman, Carl Sagan, Bruce Lee, Micheal Persinger, Audrey Hepburn, David Gilmore, Ridley Scott, Charles Tart, Sting, Kevin Von Eric, Steve Vai, Alan Holdsworth, The Archangel Gabriel, Pink Floyd, Leonardo Davinci, James Brown, H.P. Lovecraft, Micheal Jordan, Leo Fender, Tim Burton, Clive Barker, Bjork, Ingo Swann, Eric Clapton, Christina Ricci, Clint Eastwood, Jeff beck, Testament, Jennifer Batten, Maria Bello, Rick Emmit, Larry Carlton, Sarah Brightman, Robert Rodriguez, Rush, Maryln Monroe, Andy Summers, Steven Seagal, Mel Miller, Loyd Auerbach, Nora Jones, Christopher Chacon, Robert Duval, George Bellas, Dean Radin, Hal Puthoff, Nikola Tesla, John Collier, David Copperfield, Beyonce, Irvin Kershner, a personality known as "Seth", Baddi Assad, Alph, John Mclaughlin, Sergio Leone, The Alan Parsons Project, Beck, David Grey, Mazzy Star, The Church, Dan Myers, Autum Scardina, Oscar De La Hoya, M. Night Shyamalan, Christie Brinkley, Steven Speilburg, Paul McArtney, Mr. Betchert, Mohamed Ali, Eric Pearl, James Redfield, Salvador Dali, Joe Pass, Herbie Hancock, Dr. micheal Persinger, Kobe Bryant....



more videos coming soon!
Sounds Like ...A symphony of controlled chaos.
Record Label Fire Frost Entertainment
Type of Label Indie

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About The Hutchison Effect
The Hutchison Effect started as a two-man project, Geronimo Saenz and nephew, Alex Saenz. The duo began writing and recording original songs as a private hobby during their teen years.
By that time, the two aspiring songwriters had already been exposed to a lot of avant-garde music, which included psychedelic, fusion, hard rock, folk, classical and world music.

After a few years of collaborating on several concepts while working under the name of The Mystic Assignment, Alex and Geronimo decided to attempt to form a band around songs and concepts that they had been creating. Enter The Hutchison Effect.

Named after physicist John K. Hutchison, the line up was completed in 2007 with the addition of friend and keyboard extraordinaire, William Matthews …

The Hutchison Effect’s sound, style and approach is lush, elegant, and heavily eclectic. The objective is to create artistic statements that offer meaning, though not necessarily define any one thing.

Rather than imitating or becoming a tame, bloated parody of what is currently mainstream music, the band has elected to journey between seemingly eluding melodies and mystic rhythms that transcend within a vast ocean of ethereal sounds.

“Remnants” is a good example of the band’s experience, perseverance and finely honed blend of mood and melody. This fine mix of artists emerges with clarity and grace…

______ .



The Hutchison Effect Answers Your questions

Please e-mail all questions to be posted in this section to:
Questions will be forwarded to the band or to a specific band member, and as time permits they will send in their answers with your corresponding questions to the webmaster for publishing on this page. The Hutchison Effect does not directly answer e-mails.

April 9,2007
Question from Victoria Mayfield of Buffalo, NY: Hi, I heard your interview the other day and liked how you described your guys’ song writing approach. I am a musician interested in learning how to compose eclectic music rather than just traditional Jazz music. I’ve been playing piano, guitar and alto sax for 16 years now and know my music theory. You guys obviously have a wide range of influences, and I wanted to ask you how you feel about jamming with other people, if that helps your creative juices flow. Is there an advantage to impovising over having structure for you? Also, Who and what do you like to jam with the most, blues players, jazz players, rockers, acoustic guitars, keyboards?

Answer from Alex:

Although we love to experiment a lot and approach music in a free flowing manner, having structure is very important if you ever plan on writing something that is digestible on a musical level. Substance without a container in which to carry it in is just messy.

One should never mistake improvisation with mindless jamming. I like to play with someone who can cover a lot of ground regardless of genre, and someone with whom you can discuss the language at a reasonable level; otherwise it gets kind of frustrating. I'm not really interested in sitting down and doing some "jamming" - that just sounds moronic. I’m referring to playing over two chords or a 12 bar blues progression for like an hour or more, and never arriving to a specific plateau.

We are more interested in working out interesting harmonic and poly-rhythmic stuff and seeing how you can for example, make two acoustic guitars increase in size by the way you use the qualities of the guitars and other instruments – like open strings and stuff like that. Currently we are also experimenting a lot with keyboards and electronic sounds. So sometimes we prefer to use a different “brush” with maybe more viridian hue and less crimson.

I think the fact that we learned to play by ear and the fact that we listened to many, many different styles of music over the years has a lot to do with how we do things. I can’t tell you how to go about it, only what we’ve done and do. I think its’ a major plus if you are schooled and use music theory to help your creative process. But our songs are more like paintings in a way – each one always starts with a sort of a pencil sketch, then it gets to another stage and it may have completely changed by the end, but it's a slow metamorphosis until it gets "ripe” I don’t know how else to explain it. You have to balance the creative and the technical side of music or it just wont be as expressive or as interesting as it should be.

March 11,2007

Question from James Lucas of Twin Falls, Id: Why do you seem to have so much trouble with finding a singer or singers for you band, why not just keep singing yourselves?

Answer from Gery: I don't know, I guess we just never came across a vocalist who could and who would compliment the music and lyrics we put together. This is why Alex and I do in fact keep singing the parts I originally had intended for someone else to sing. Nothing against any of the singers we've worked with in the past, its just cut and dry you know? Your voice either works for this or it doesn't. I really hate the sound of my own voice, but I can at least carry the melody I hear in my head when we're composing the music and lryics. Unfortunatley for us, the chances of meeting a good vocalist who hears the same things we do are billion to one!

February 24,2007

Question from Christopher Wilcox of Richmond, VA:Yeah, this question is for Will the keyboard player- what kind of keyboards do you play and do you guys all share the same philosophy and background as a group? Also, do you see yourself as an integral part of the band?

Answer from William: I use the Roland Fantom X8 as my main board right now and a few older boards like the yamahas and what not. But I create my own sounds and tweek them in many different ways rather than just using factory presets. That is another aspect of making my own sound. As far as philosophies and backgrounds, we're different in some respects and yet we share the same goals and ideas as artists. Its very important to have the chemsitry that we found between us, because if any one of us just wanted to make it big or make music for the money or for attention, then it would never work. What attracted me to The Hutchison Effect was its timeless vibe and Zen like quality. This is music I can see myself listening to 20 years from now, why not be a part of its creation?

January 18,2007

Question from Gloria Torelo of Pasco, WA: How did you come up with this name (The Hutchison Effect)?

Answer from Alex: We named this project after a collection of unknown phenomena discovered by Physicist, John K. Hutchison over 20 years ago. We saw a correlation between what Mr. Hutchison does and what we do. It is a possibility that what occurs when we work together as a group of artists and what occurs when people listen to music with emotional content, is in a sense a “Hutchison Effect” ....Things that defy categories and definitions. I hope this makes sense.

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Jess(t) Me

Jul 17 2007 1:55P

Must get together! Must consume coffee! Must chat about lotsa stufferz!!! hehehe =) How was your trip?

Jul 15 2007 4:32P

whats up????? Where have ya been? Me? been working like crazy. I have already requested a day off for the RUSH concert! You goin? BTW I got a guy here who wants to go up there to your studio to record two full CDs. Let me know as soon as you're opening so I can tell him! Holla back hombre! :)


Jul 15 2007 11:13A

If you're looking for a pro singer for your other band, I would not settle for anything less than the best. Martin is the best. I'm telling you he can belt it out with a lot of feel. He's got a 5 ocatave range to compliment your guitar playing. He's 6"1 and cut like Roy Jones jr.-THE GUY LOOKS AND BEHAVES LIKE A PRO-a great attitude. He's been singing since he was 9 has had music training and is 24 years old. I showed him your instrumental rock stuff and he loved it. He started singing lyrics to it! You have to try him out. No Emo and none of the ego. You will be impressed Alex.
Candy Noel (The Official Myspace)

Jul 14 2007 11:52A

Have a great weekend Alex!


Jul 13 2007 6:35P

happy birthday my brotha!
Israel Galvez

Jul 13 2007 6:05P

Happy Birthday Amigo!!!

MySpace Comments / Glitter Graphics

Jul 13 2007 1:59P

Happy Birthday man! Love that new instrumental! Not bad for a rough demo. Its a good tune to cruise to! Is your Uncle finally here? I can't wait to hear the next batch of songs you guys are going to come up with! My girlfriend plays your guys' Cd all the time and sings along to every song! So are you guys having your birthday bash in Spokane or what?

Jul 13 2007 1:49P

You are a very beautiful man, with a heart of gold, and a very deep and creative mind. Your music is beyond words. You have inspired me in many ways and I am so glad we are friends. Those who don't know you have no idea what they're missing out on :)

Dom Paul

Jul 13 2007 12:33P

yeah, it sure has been a while. happy birthday, by the way! hope the studio is coming along smoothly. let me know if you need any help wiring, moving or setting up.

Jul 13 2007 12:08P


Jul 12 2007 10:27A

Hey Alex,
Just wanted to say hello. Did you end up painting or do you still want dom and I to come by and check out the colors? Also isnt your birthday on friday? What do you have planned?
~Bonnie & Clyde~

Jul 10 2007 10:58A


I am glad that you like my page!!! Nothen major...but itt works for me!!! So, I know that you are a busy I will let you get ahold of me whenever you want to proceed with the music!!! Hope all is well!!! Good luck and Rock on!!!

<3 Danielle!

Jul 5 2007 5:35P

Sweet lord that woman is fine!
Candy Noel (The Official Myspace)

Jul 3 2007 1:39P

Thank you Alex!!


Jul 2 2007 2:23P

Hey, I hope all is well! Got anything fun planned for the 4th? Dom and I have not decided what we wanna do yet. Well keep in touch!

DrivenMadness Radio

Jul 1 2007 11:15A

We have been in touch with some agents in NY. We have made some deals, and have some great interviews setup for the live show. We'll see you soon, Alex.

Thanks for everything


Jun 22 2007 5:45P

Hey I think its cool that you and your uncle are finally going to put your band together!

I think I know why it takes you so long to form a band. :-)

You guys should record the whole Cd on your own or with whomever you already have in your roster now, and then hire the right guys to tour with.Are you guys still auditioning?

Inquiring minds wanna know whats going on guys!!!!!

Luv, La Mona

Jun 13 2007 2:28P

Hey! Its good to hear from you! How have you been? I've been good, really really busy. In fact, I havent had much time to touch my guitar lately. Sad, I know. :( But when ratings period is over at work things will slow down a bit. Hope all is well Alex.
~Bonnie & Clyde~

Jun 10 2007 2:59P

Hey Alex!

Hope all is well~ <3 Danielle

Jun 10 2007 2:32A

I think you are gonna surprise lots of people with all the things you now do besides rap beats and recording bands.
speaking of that, how went your band practice? and when are you going to make your studio web page? you know you should! No one's ever seen a 7 room studio around here before with a crew your size and a radio station! WOOOHOOOO!!!! :)

Luv, "La Mona"

Jun 10 2007 12:37A


Jun 8 2007 10:42A

I got my 60's Ludwig Knock Off drumset!!! Yeppie!!! hehe

Jun 7 2007 1:46P

What is up with all these girls and their "whoot whoop woo-woo" monolgue? I swear its been like that at my office for the past three days. Is it a happy hormonial thing?

Get in touch with James if you can tonight. He has a TRN for you.

~Bonnie & Clyde~

Jun 7 2007 11:58A

Woop Woop!!! We are gonna CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES...come on....dooo doooo dooood doooo dooot doo doo!! LoL....sooooo I better be the first person you call when your ready to have that shin!! But I will totally celebrate with let me know!! I have been soooo busy with different projects.....I painted my best buddies house and I cleaned out my Gay ummmm yah school..just occupied...completely....let me know though when youur ready to get together!! Hope all is well with jew!!

<3 Danielle
Jess(t) Me

Jun 6 2007 10:27P

woot woot holla at me man! =)

Jun 4 2007 9:12P

I had a dream that yogurt was made from biomolecular, solar powered, juice makers.

Everyone was wearing elfen prada, and hedgehogs took the innocence of every new born by making them watch 20/20.

Is that strange??

May 31 2007 12:49P

Dude, I told you every now and then you will have some jelaous people person to talk about your personal life and attack you so to make you look bad or whatever and screw with your biz plans! hey, they shoulod be greatful that you are taking YOUR time and YOUR talent to help them! You could be writing and doing things for your own band or movie instead of helping them! I went through that with Dwayne last year and I've since then cut that guy off for good. But you just stick to doing what you do best and you will get results!

~Bonnie & Clyde~

May 30 2007 10:14P

ummmm jew have some splaining to do......
~Bonnie & Clyde~

May 29 2007 10:41P

I had so much fun!!!! WOOOOeeeeeeeee

May 29 2007 10:07P


May 29 2007 11:20A

dude, you are such a cyber pimp! lol

I'm signing up for your classes now.
"How to pimp it" 101

Cheers! lol

May 29 2007 10:46A

i would love to meet you someday too!

i see you're in washington - i'll be in seattle august 4th!

May 29 2007 7:53A

I loved your "confessions" You defined what your indie label is all about. Good Job! I hope you get more rock bands from Austrailia interested in your services and not just people who want to buy beats and samples from you guys! thats cool too and its good money, but I know there are a lot of great bands over there who are unsigned! And don't forgte to sign yourself! LOL! :) Hey, is Gery fianlly here?????
Let me know!
Love, Gloria

May 25 2007 3:08P

I think having women dancing in front of as new BMW is fine and all. As most cultures can't see that sort of thing on TV. I can see how it would be atractive to some men, and women! lol

As for me. I'd rather see women doing what is more common. Walking up and down a shopping mail, talking on a cell phone, and spending a credit card all at the same time. Multi-tasking in it truest form! haha

I just want some truth to my media sex apeal. Is that so much to ask? hehe
~Bonnie & Clyde~

May 24 2007 12:22A

This weekend won't do because I am going to the Sasquatch Music Festival at the Gorge!! But next weekend will do just fine!! Yeah!!I'm excited!! We really have to get together soon!! If you need help painting...just let me know! I am always down to help... Mexican accent..." I will help you, my friend" LOL.... Your so funny!!... Hey it's different talking to someone when you have actually met them

<3 Danielle!!
JB's Sugarmuffin

May 23 2007 3:06A

~Bonnie & Clyde~

May 20 2007 2:24P

So I really enjoyed the show!! So did Shane!!! You guys did a great job!! A+ Status!! So ummmm.... when is that I see that it starts soon.....Can I be last....hee hee!!

<3 Danielle
Fire Frost Entertainment

May 16 2007 11:17P

JB's Sugarmuffin

May 14 2007 5:31A

Andy Slatter

May 13 2007 12:40A

Hi Alex,

Not heard from you for a while,hope you are well and enjoying the spring weather,what are you up to?Take care,


May 12 2007 9:13P

Congratulations, Im sorry.

Congrats on your progress with your building but I'm sorry you've had the hand problem. shit boy, I couldn't tell from hearing you play! Well it sounds like you're on your way to a fast recovery. Its good you chose alternative meds/healing.


May 11 2007 7:04P

Hello Mr. Fender Strat, lol. Just stopping by to say hello. Hope I get to bump into you at your show. You sexy bitch... mmmmmm LMFAO

peace -dm
DrivenMadness Radio

May 11 2007 2:31P

Yeah, you need both hands to play a guitar. lol
Glad you're feeling better, Alex.

May 10 2007 6:44A

~Bonnie & Clyde~

May 9 2007 5:11P

Ohla!! When is that show again? So I can come !!!!

May 8 2007 11:38A

Hey, just wanted to stop by your page and say hello! I hope you are doing well. Ill chat with you later.
Take care,
Jess(t) Me

May 7 2007 9:07A

Sorry to hear that your hand is still givin you problems.. Definitely got to get a real diagnosis & solution so we can get you back to 100%!
I didnt' get your msg til Mon mornin (we saw Spidey3 last night)... Wed I have a rehearsal for the show, so I can't do anything then. =/
Relax and recoop mister. We'll figure out something later.

May 7 2007 8:45A

Hey! So you're doing an acoustic show eh? Right on. Show people your roots! I'm curious what you and your buddies are going to sound like since I've never heard "acoustic metal" before. I'll see if Jake wants to come.

DrivenMadness Radio

May 6 2007 6:53P

The interview is running!!! lol

Man that second half is funny as hell. Atleast from where im sitting. :P

May 6 2007 2:55P

hey.. alex.

im just stopin by to say whats up.. !! and to see how your doin?? k..♥Gaby aka unique

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