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The Secret Language of Abundance....
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The Secret Language of Abundance

Laura Saba
author, inventor, educator, integrative nutritional health counselor, life coach, and homeschooling mom

Parent education specialist; toy, game and product creator; life and ADD/ADHD coach; integrative nutritional health counselor; educator; designer of "Now" clocks; seminar leader and public speaker; author of numerous books in a variety of fields; CEO of The Possibility Factory....Laura Saba has manifested a fun, engaging, and expansive career which allows her to be of service to the world while working on projects she loves.

Laura has manifested a structure and schedule for her life's work that enables her to focus her time and energies on the things she is most passionate about: Time with her children; time spent exploring, both ideas and the world; exploring art, literature, dance, and music; enjoying a variety of outdoor adventures; working to continue to turn the beacon of light upon Truth, Love, and Beauty in the World, through a variety of avenues, her work being one of them.

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Danielle Simonian
athletic trainer, holistic and energy healer, integrative nutritional health counselor

Danielle Simonian is a Thrivologist with a degree in Sports Science and certifications in Athletic Training, Holistic Health, and Energy Healing. She is CEO of Peak Vitality, LLC, a Holistic Health Practice with services focusing on the individual desires of her clients ranging from vibrant health to creating a positive lifestyle.

Many of Danielle's clients report an increased feeling of zest for life infused with vibrant health, positive energy, and inspired, passionate living! Her clients report having an increased feeling of empowerment and enthusiasm to take control in creating their heart's desires!

For more information about Danielle Simonian, and the work she does, please visit

Two Fantastic Spirits Combine their Talents to bring you The Secret Life of Abundance!

Laura Saba and Danielle Simonian met in a PhD training program in Nutritional Health and Naturopathic Medicine Certification. Together they also pursued a Nutritional Health Counselor Certification through Institute for Integrative Nutrition, with certification from Columbia University.

Upon meeting, Laura and Danielle found that they 'spoke the same language'. Life began unfolding like a great adventure, with coincidences and surprises finding their way into their lives at every turn.

Soon they found themselves on a journey into joy, beauty, love, and abundance unlike anything they'd individually experienced prior. Following the symbols and signs guiding them along the way, the two women found themselve deeply entrenched in both research and travel, as they found more and more evidence of what seemed like the key to success: the ability to harness the power of symbolism, through the spoken and written word, images, vocalizations, movement, color, and vibration, to shape and mold one's self-identity in a way that raised one's vibrational level in such a way as to allow them to attract and recognize opportunities they otherwise may have never seen. More and more evidence appeared indicating that this was Truth. Everywhere they turned, they saw signs and symbols for what has always been there, right before our eyes, but that few recognize, much less utilize to aid them in their everyday life.

The women quickly realized that there is so much more to the Law of Attraction than had before been explored. They realized that structured meditations upon different symbols, thoughts, and images could produce far more intriguing results than what others have described to date.

They pulled this together into a program, which they began presenting at seminars that quickly grew popular. Hand printed copies of their manual, The Secret Language of Abundance were distributed. The manual quickly grew to a full book/workbook combination. Then the Key To I Am spinner wheel became a reality, with people clamoring to get a copy.

Their goal for this website is to, over time, present The Core elements of The Secret Language of Abundance. If these intrigue you (as they are sure they will), you may be interested in attending a seminar, or exploring the books, which provide a deeper exploration of the topoic, as well as specific exercises to help you harness these ideas for use in your everyday life.

Laura and Danielle Welcome to The Secret Langauge of Abundance! Am-Power Yourself Today To Live the Life of Your Dreams!

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