Sunday, May 27, 2007


WHOM I MET BRIEFLY IN STUDIO CITY I ALMOST FORGOT THE INCIDENT AND MIGHT HAVE FILMED IT AS I MET SO MANY FOLKS RECENTLY SHE WAS POSTING ON MY FORUM NOW THE FORUM IS BROKEN FOR AWHILE STILL WORKS A FORUM MEMBER SENT HER POST I THINK BY POSTING THIS KIDS AND FOLKS IN GENERAL GET AN IDEAS OH THE HIGH PROFILE OR HOW THE FILM INDUSTRY WORKS MAYBE A WARNING FOR KIDS PARIS W HILTON WRITES Hello again Forum. "John" I noticed you signed the "online petition" for me thank you...Its heart warm enduring these times . Its made me look a little within... who "Iam" back then. and now. I have memories of what Yin told me some years ago' "Oh time moves fast like a river never ending" " you where not present at that time I think your where in Canada? ready to come down to Sherman oaks if aim not mistaken.Your TV show was airing on T.L.C The Learning Channel As i recalled .... What i was going to mention is to those trying to understand the music industry, as well as the film industry, is that we entertainers have agents who promote us. To no ends, and they have contracts with People' Magazines as well as the Tabloids .... I call them that' i know its a British term ; we have "media scouts" "media manipulators" who set up situations to draw in more medias like the large networks "CNN" for example , Our Record companies set up situations to yet build more medias events attorneys also hired for protection. "Makeup Artists" for photography within the very above mentioned "Magazines" Air Painters for the Photography as well as the "Makeup Industry Competition Contracts" and leaving it all to Personal Assistances to handle this...Glitterama. "Promotional Agents" setting up situations to bring in yet more exposure, The record companies are high drive promotional industries ; there's agents that make calls to the Newspapers and small medias without MY knowledge reporting events I"am not even aware of they use "SETUPS" as its called in the industry , As well as go as far as setting up "telephotography" forming a giant glitterama as its known...... not a moments piece I love children and animals as well as a home life the gliterama rarely lets you see the "REAL" person as evident on all the internet as well as medias you see about me out all over the place. I hope somebody learns a little about what this means or try and comprehend it various traps and pitfalls . I"am caught up in it its grasp and its very hard to escape this World of glitterama hype and constant medias .As i fed into it myself and promoted it. I choosed your forum as its small, and there's no rants from my Fans or the opposites who are trying hard to put me down i think more competition between agents then anything else . As well as you and Yin who don't run for all thas glitterama as sabra said in the hills that day "Smoke and Mirrors" is Hollywood's plastic side . how is Sabra Peterson ? John its good to see you Got Married..... well I got legalities to deal with and must go.. This will be my last post here for awhile in your forum I"am sure we will meet up iam very interested in your fox network show as well as meeting you and your wife maybe i could be a guest ; or wisdom tells me honestly an observer of it only... As what i have brought upon myself would not help your show or you... Please give my kindest regards to Steven and Tashi as well as Yin Sincerely Paris W Hilton P.S ill send a copy 818xxxxxxxxx310xxxxxxxxx

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