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Dear All,
News from Project Camelot:

1) Project Camelot interviews David Corso, a Vietnam veteran who supports Duncan O'Finioan's 'Ultimate Warrior' testimony.

2) Most of our video interviews have now been fully transcribed.

3) Henry Deacon's important testimony has been translated into six other languages.

4) Project Camelot took part in a recent Open Minds Skypecast: Henry Deacon made an unexpected appearance.

5) There have been recent heavy and prolonged attacks on the Project Camelot server.

6) Henry Deacon has been silenced. We've published a further update with all the remaining information we received from him prior to his disappearance.


1) AN UNCONVENTIONAL FRIENDSHIP: David Corso and Duncan O'Finioan

We interviewed Dave Corso at his home in Pahrump, Nevada, together with Duncan O'Finioan. Both were part of PROJECT TALENT, an unacknowledged MK-ULTRA military program. These unconventional friends have a strikingly similar background involving Vietnam, a mysterious military base on an island off St Thomas, and frequent symptoms of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). Both have been known to draw the blinds and sit in the dark with a loaded gun, armed against some hidden threat just on the other side of the front door...

Corso's substantiation of important parts of Duncan's story is significant. Their joint testimony strongly suggests that the US military has a program of super soldiers, not only those like Duncan - with psychic abilities and uncommon strength - but also those in command, who were trained to spot military talent and were skilled in psychotronics, that is; mind control. Controller and soldier? Who rescued who in the middle of that Cambodian jungle? Their relationship is unclear. But somewhere in the murky waters of the past, two men, from vastly different backgrounds, have come together as friends only to discover that what brings them together may be far more mysterious and sinister than either is prepared to remember.

Click here to download the video:

Google video:


2) Video transcripts:

Clifford Stone:

Gordon Novel:

Michael St Clair:

Duncan O'Finioan:

Dan Burisch:

John Lear:

Bill Hamilton:

Mr X, ET archivist:

The transcripts have been done by a number of volunteers who have requested to remain anonymous, and who have put in a great deal of dedicated and time-consuming work. You know who you are, and we thank you publicly here.

3) Henry Deacon's testimony has been translated into Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Hungarian and Finnish:

4) Open Minds Skypecast:

On Sunday 25 March there was an Open Minds Skypecast which featured Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy, and on which the important insider Henry Deacon made an unexpected appearance. He was asked many questions, and the answers were intriguing.

Visit to listen.

We have also been interviewed by Marshall Masters on Your Own World USA ( ), which focused on the testimony of Henry Deacon and Dan Burisch.

5) There have been heavy and prolonged attacks on the Project Camelot server.

We must be doing something right. In the last few weeks the site has been inaccessible for extended periods, for which we apologize. This has now been handled, at least temporarily. We're seeking more permanent solutions, and welcome hearing from others who are in a position to offer practical assistance.

6) Henry Deacon himself appears to have been silenced.

We've not heard anything from Henry Deacon for nearly six weeks, whereas previously we were in contact with him regularly. Despite our efforts, we've been unable to re-establish communication. Just prior to his disappearance, he had told us he was being 'coerced'. Readers may draw their own conclusions.

We continue to regard him as a good friend whom we'd grown to like, admire and trust. We miss his wry messages, his sparkling humor, and his strong principles and values. Wherever he is and whatever he is doing now, we hope he is safe, and wish him well.

The most recent compilation of information from Henry can be read here:

Best wishes to all,

Bill and Kerry


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