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Subject: fox TV film shoot may 4 2007addition on veiwing the video .shown is a kraft empty peanut butter plastic container 2 kilos that appears to be in some type of world of its own as it moves about and looks liquid .the label drops off of it intack . and it appears to have shrunk about a third leaving the top and bottom larger yet the lid is loose looks hour glass shaped same hight as a 2 kilo kraft but transformed ; label like new peanut butter inside did it shrink also ?

Wow! May 4 at 6 pm, Paul of Polar Shift Productions, arrives with host,., radio host and host Monica as well as make up folks and camera crew directors... I think about 8 folks, everything was all set.
I had everything ready and was for a week prior ; doing tests within this tiny place,... we greeted and actually got to work.
I had anchored George Hathway camera towards the known target areas; unlike before with other TV folks.
So I tuned up the systems,.... lots of amperes driving vacuum tube systems. We got a one pound pendulum swinging back and forth; like before. Plus I believe, the central core of this is about 1500 pounds, it was vibrating.
Then oddly a can appeared to move,... a large quart container. I learned later it was used for small parts so weighed it, I believe it was about 4 pounds. This can levitated up to 1 foot and stopped,... then starting to spin. Then after some minutes it took off and fell down,...... part of this can was blocked by aluminum shielding. I was asked to go in and put the can on the same spot and remove shielding ; so I did and we tested it again.
Being a long test the scopes where showing resistance in the high voltage caps plus over saturation of ions,... I suggested to power down and cool stuff off ; as we where going to do more testing.

In doing so we did interviews, that turned into a late night until we decided to call it quits. No time for tests, great team we had lots of fun. Working in tight spots and very friendly, Paul took the crew home and returned, we chatted until 3 am.
Other effects where noted the water vibrated in the target areas again, .... I used in the mini Philadelphia Experiments, plus all of the film crews hotel keys did not work after leaving here,.... Paul told me they thought, "Hutchison Effect", caused this phenomena. I got to sleep at 3 am with oddly a headache, waking up the machine still connected, I decided to run the test again, Day no 2 or May 5 TH, 2007.
I put the shielding behind the can and the can did the same thing went up a foot and started to spin and flew off making noises, the pendulum did its movements then unexpectedly the water in the small tube vibrated until it turned into water spouts going as high as over a foot,..... it emptied the entire tub leaving a big mess to mop up. I was surprised Hathway trusty camera caught all of this on film of day 1 and 2. I do believe that Paul has a lot more of day one,.... as I couldn't see anything fantastic.
Thank you,.. cheers

John Hutchison

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