Friday, April 02, 2010


judges corruption in the capital building MN Supreme Court declares WAR on the Citizens
Judges not required to abide by oath of office, constitution or M.S 351.02
April 02, 2010
St. Paul, MN
This week the Minnesota Supreme Court denied review of a case that involved Judge Joanne Smith, who had violated her oath of office.
Judge Smith had ordered that Tim Kinley  not teach his children inappropriate religion, including the teaching of Bible lessons.  After years, Kinley finally had the order of Judge Smith overturned by the Minnesota Court of Appeals, because Smith had violated his constitutionally secured rights.
EVERY public official is required to swear (and file) an oath of office that they will defend and uphold our constitutions.
Our LEGISLATED law, M.S. 351.02 states that if a person is found to have violated their oath of office, the seat becomes vacant.  Which means, the person is NO LONGER in office.
After it was found by the Court of Appeals that Judge Smith violated Kinleys constitutionally secured rights, Nancy Lazaryan appeared before Judge Smith in an unrelated case.  Lazaryan, on the record, told Judge Smith she was no longer in office because she was found to have violated the rights of Kinley, and according to M.S. 351.02, she was no longer a judge.
Judge Smith responded, The Governor has not contacted me, and proceeded to rule against Lazaryan.  Lazaryan appealed, and her argument was that Judge Smith was no longer a judge when she issued the ruling against Lazaryan.
The Court of Appeals in the Lazaryan case decided M.S. 351.02 does not apply to judges.  Lazaryan then filed a Petition for Review with the MN Supreme Court.  With a Petition for Review, the MN Supreme Court decides if the case is worthy of them looking at it.
This week the Minnesota Supreme Court denied Lazaryans Petition for Review.
By denying the review, the Supreme Court is upholding the decision of the Court of Appeals.
The Minnesota Supreme Court has thereby declared that if judge is found to have violated a Citizens constitutionally secured rights, the People cannot remove that judge with M.S. 351.02.
Remember, our LEGISLATED law (351.02) says that if a person violates their oath of office (to uphold the constitution), that person is OUT of office.
The Minnesota Supreme Court is in fact saying, We can apply the law to you, but we are above the law. They are saying, You can legislate any law you want, but you cannot apply that law to us.
By the MN Supreme Court saying we are above your legislated law, they have declared WAR against the Citizens.
What most people do not understand is that the Minnesota Legislature and Governor are in collusion with the MN Supreme Court.
We have current statutes on the books that say, Court Rules eliminate statutes. And Court Opinions eliminate statutes.  Because of these statutes, the Minnesota Supreme Court can declare the law does not apply to judges.
We have been reduced to slaves. We have NO legislated law.
And no one stops them.
People, WAKE UP.   As the government makes us chase for dollars so that we can provide food and shelter for ourselves, they have filled us with fear.
Unless we act, NOW and sacrifice our time and energies to take BACK our Republic, there will be nothing but stories of  once free Citizens.
Egos must be set aside. Fear must be replaced with courage.
Join with others, or watch us all perish.
Nancy Lazaryan

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