Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Good morning, John. Are you the same John Hutchinson I have seen on TV, such as Discovery, etc, experimenting with high-frequency electricity? These are great experiments! Wish you could retro-fit my vehicles with this! Listen, I am having a problem with someone on YouTube, handle is, "106C9LWOU." By doing some research on him through Google, I found various letters regarding him & you & others. Apparently he is a trouble maker of sorts. Constantly brags about using "critical thinking". On the YT channel known as, "TheTrutherGirls," he is constantly arguing with me. I think he is delusional, probably psychotic & dangerous. My YT handle is, "bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb" That actually is my favorite xxxxxo. I love it. Licensed as "xxxxxxxxx." I've seen you have had various run-ins with this guy. Has he ever taken it to a physical level with you? Any info you can send me regarding him would be greatly appreciated. In case he steps this up with me. Address, phone, etc. I am a part-time self-employed skip tracer, among other things. Just doing some advanced planning in case he attacks me. I read that he has a booze problem? Then if he is constantly drunk, not much control there. Looking forward to hearing from you, not only regarding this, but to talk about the physical universe, and other subjects. Thank you,xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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