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KEEPING RECORDS OF NEW AS WELL AS OLD TV SHOWS I WAS INVOLVED IN FOR INFO TO FILM FOLKS SOME FILMS LIKE POINT OF VEIW PRODUCTIONS NEVER TOOK OFF ON MY STORY LATER FOLLOWED MANY OTHERS INCLUDEING MIRAMAX MOTION PICTURES global tv alyn edwards coverd many of my adventures as well as the first televisied demonstration of antigravity Alyn Edwards - Reporter CBC-TV Vancouver; one of the first and longest serving reporters CHAN-TV Vancouver; Vice President and head of media training and video production group Peak Communicators Ltd. Vancouver current ; this interesting reporter has coverd many stories Mike McCardell
Reporter, Global BC
Global TV
In his own words

Q: Position?

Mike McCardell

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AAAAFont: A: Marble player, caption writer and occasional reporter

Q: Shows/segments on which you appear?

A: 6:55 pm.

Q: How long have you been at Global BC?

A: 24 years:

Q: How long have you lived in Vancouver?

A: I have lived in the same shoes for 10 years... and in B.C. 27 years. That's a long time for shoes.

Q: What is your hometown?

A: I was born during a snowstorm in New York City. Three months later the Allies invaded Europe to keep me safe.

Q: Schools/universities attended?

A: I went to school at night - Pace University, in New York, for ten years. After that they gave me a degree and said, "Go away." The degree ALSO CKVU TV GRANT FREDERICKS AS WELL AS THE VANCOUVER SHOW was fun more info TV ASHIA JAPAN ONE OF THE STATIONS THAT COVERD US as well as german and austrian
Hiroshima Home TV

Launched December 1, 1970
Sister channel(s) KITV,WXYZ-TV,CFCF12,TBC
Analog television Channel 35
Digital terrestrial television Channel 5
Hiroshima Home Television Co.,Ltd. (HOME, 株式会社広島ホームテレビ, callsign: JOGM-TV) is a TV station in Hiroshima. It is a network TV station of ANN. It is broadcasted in Hiroshima Prefecture.

[edit] External links
Official website of Hiroshima Home TV
TV Asahi Networks

Kanto,Shinetsu,Shizuoka:TV Asahi-UX-abn-SATV
Kyūshū,Okinawa:KBC-NCC-KAB-OAB-KKB-QAB Vancouver Sun, CBC News
1965 - The Province, BCTV new CBC news CKVU TV Vancouver show
1978 - News release each month till 1980
1980 - Symposium International - Alan C. Holt
1982 - Atlanta Conference - JH Effects
1983 - Los Alamos U.S.A. Army Intelligence - Classified
1983 - Paper by Tom Bearden - video presentation
1983 - Scientific Paper on Hutchison Effect by Louise Vallee
1983 - Lt. Col. Bearden papers psychtronic program
1984 - Pharos Lab Reports - show tests on metal samples and other demonstrations, witnesses, film analyses for USA Government a $36 million investment no funds received
1985 - McDonald Douglas Report - unclassified
1985 - Dr. Yao - JH Effect CKVU TV News
1986 - Esquire Magazine, Germany
1987 - Max Planck, Germany
1987 - CBC News TV
1987 - Fraun Houfer, Germany
1988 - International Symposium Paper by George Hathaway
1988 - Papers by Dr. Andrew Mickrosky and Lt. Col. Bearden
1988 - Extra Ordinary Physics - Lt. Col. Tom Bearden Book:
1988 - Stuttgary-Documents - German Production
1990 - Vancouver Sun, BCTV, Radio
1990 - Propulsion. Italy conference-Hathaway-JH Effect
1992 - Power space - Japan
1992 - Tama Publishing Book on JH Effect Japan.
1992 - Extra Ordinary Science Journal
1992 - Tokyo, Japan Mr. Yoko Publication
1993 - Electric Spacecraft Journal JH Effect, George Hathaway
1993 - TV Asahi
1994 - Frontier Magazine USA Dr. Patrick Flanagan
1994 - Jeane Manning 'Angel Do Not Play Haarp'
1994 - Symposium Denver INS paper-JH Effects
1995 - New Frontier JH
1995 - Electric Spacecraft Journal -JH apparatus
1995 - Innovator Magazine
1996 - Jeane Manning Book: Coming Energy Revolution
1996 - Canadian Government -unclassified
1996 - Steady Signal by Albert Budden, England
1996 - Electric Spacecraft Journal Tom Valone JH Effect
1997 - Fourteen Times -England
1997 - Nexus Magazine- Australia
1997 - Weird Science Albert Rudden England
1997 - Explore Magazine USA 2 television interviews in the U.S.A-Journey TV
1997 - 2 Discovery Channel 1 hour documentaries "Time Travelers" and "Ghost Hunters"
1997 - Strange Universe TV segment
1997 - British, Japanese, Korean, Germany, and Austrian magazines published
1997 - Hutchison Files - Pace publications
1997 - Teslar Japan Publications
1997 - NASA : Challenge to Create Warp Drive
1997 - Tokyo, Japan Scientific Publication Boardline Science
1997 - Japan petrol-graph society Books JH
1998 - TLC show airs Area 51 by Nick Cook called Widdows Lane showing a segment of Hutchinson's research. Beyond Productions, from Australia, prepare TV show for TLC on Hutchinson's work called Ghost and Time Travellers a prime time show.
1999 - Sachnof and Lipman of UNBIX Entertainment Los Angeles prepares a TLC primte time show called Science Fronteirs that aired twelve times into 2000. This was very successful. Fox TV airs prime time X-files host Skinner and journalist guest Alan Edwards who covered the very first levitation of television back in 1995. For Fox it was Triage Entertainment Company.
2000 - Fox Prime Time with Jonathan Frakis hosted by Star Trek's Number 1 airs prime time to 20 million viewers compliments to Michael Bailey of Kiviat Entertainment.
2000 - TLC Prime Time airing of the Billion Dollar Question by journalist Nick Cook airs prime time for one hour revealing Lockheed Martin's Skunkworks. Skunkworks
Boyd Bushman confirms Hutchison Effect and improving upon it.
2000 - 2 one hour specials airs on Elaine Smith's TV show in the USA.
2000 - California Sun story on Hutchison
2000 - John Hutchison guest on Jeff Rense radio show USA Prime Time
2000 - Rogers TV Canada making 2 part TV story on John Hutchison
2000 - Book, Electric UFO's by Albert Budden of England
2000 - Nick Cook in process of publishing book on the Black Budget Projects
2000 - Miramax and Viacom contact Jim Cherry with offers of money for the movie

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