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Toast John just kidding i found this
« on: May 29, 2007, 04:33:00 PM »

Hello John. and "FORUM" I found some tantalizing interesting information in my collection of notes that maybe of some interest to your forum as it is to me. It is an article from a news paper i don't have the title of it unfortunately, but reading it came from India, no "date" but the month is mentioned, quoting it as follows "Mysore July 24 Hollywood based filmmaker MS. Yin Gazda is in the city and is planning to make a TV serial on the spiritual masters it goes on in saying the filmmaker from California is undergoing ayurvedic treatment" the new paper goes on saying "that the film is and it was about synthesis and the unity of beliefs and faith that are woven around one God and representing the various faces of deity or divine faith or belief according to MS..Gazda the film is about the five major religions are portraying god even thought the in essence they are the same ,they are only different in language and imaginary but the messages are actually identical" the articles go on to say "she asserted that she would contact only those who are witness to God" "she mentions also there are many false guras" also the film will use special effects and big budget.... her other film a T.V Serial which she had produced earlier was called UFO and Cosmic Dimensions a very spiritual film which made one see the unseen dimensions of space time and cosmology that was previewed on Entertainment Tonight" i did see that episode a few years back I brought the topic up also to see if anyone within your forum follows a spiritual path aim looking for lots of information on these topics your Wife would have some Its a lovely website she has thank you; Paris

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