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What does it mean? When you hear the word Seduction, what images swim into your view?

Unfortunately, there are those of us who think it has something to do with finding ways to convince a woman to drop her resistance long enough for us to have sex with her (before she changes her mind).

So we try all kinds of things to "seduce" her, hoping to stumble upon something that works. We click all over the screen in frustration, trying to push all her buttons and levers in the correct sequence - like some bizarre version of the game Myst. It is a lot of work, but worth it if we manage to "get lucky". After all, this is seduction!

Well, this is dead wrong.

This is not seduction. This is manipulation.

So what is seduction then? Dictionaries generally have two definitions for the word:

1. The act of leading astray
2. Something that attracts or charms

What I am talking about is the second definition. Looked at in this light - something that attracts or charms - there is a quiet beauty in the notion of seduction.

The truth is, women WANT to be seduced. Do you know what women think about when they hear the word seduction? They think of torch lights and tangos, sand and sarongs - that's what women think about!

Women everywhere are starved for seduction, for passion, for romance.

I believe that seduction is the number one element we are missing in all of our interactions with women today. It is the missing ingredient in all our relationships. It doesn't matter if you just met her five minutes ago, or if you've been married to her for 30 years. Women, all women, will still respond to the same things they have always responded to.

I am often asked in interviews to describe the concept of Enlightened Seduction in one sentence. Well, the phrase that comes closest to the essence of what I do is this: I teach men that women are beautiful...

Now, that might sound like nothing more than idealistic and florid rhetoric - especially in our modern age of cynicism and mistrust - but the truth is, when you start to believe that women are beautiful, they will start to believe it too.

It is that one core belief that separates true lovers of women from pickup artists, one night stand cowboys, and heartbreakers with a whole bouquet of empty promises. In fact, with that mindset, all things are possible with women, and they will open themselves up to you in amazing ways.

This has nothing to do with masking your desires as a man or positioning yourself as the "nice guy". Women know right away what I am all about. Even though I am friends with all women, they would never place me in the "let's just be friends" category.

Always remember that women are complicit in their own seduction. They WANT to be seduced. A common theme I hear from women all the time is the feeling they have that there are no longer any real men.

So here's the thing: discovering the secrets of women, and learning about the kinds of things they universally respond to, is very powerful. It is truly the only thing that works with women! It is the only way to have exceptional women in your life on a consistent basis - women who can't stop thinking about you... who dream about you when you are not around.

These are the kinds of things that "Naturals" have known for centuries. Naturals are men who are at ease in the land of women. And a woman will always respond to a Natural because he shares in her secrets. She simply can't help it.

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