Friday, November 17, 2006


Beyond Invention premiered February 12th at 8:00 PM EST on Discovery Channel Canada. Below are the summaries for each episode; please check TV listings or go online at for the scheduled airdate and more information.

New Energy
Energy drives the planet, but it also drives three inventors.
In this episode you’ll meet John Hutchison, who makes objects float in the air; Tim Ventura, who levitates UFO’s in his basement; and Joe Newman, a self-made scientist who battled the US government to bring his machine’s cheap energy to the whole world. These New Energy inventors find strange new ways to power the planet.

Bigfoot in your backyard? Sea Serpent stalks Fisherman! Extinct Mutant Creature Lives! Believe it or not, these headlines are real! Rick Noll has stalked the giant hairy Bigfoot for thirty years. Artist Jason Walton and scientist Dr. Paul LeBlond hunt down a sixty-foot-long sea monster. And Dean Harrison is hot on the trail of the Tasmanian Tiger which experts tell us died out seventy years ago.

Drawing DNA… Crafting life in the lab… Brigitte Boissilier says she’s already cloned five humans. Robert Lanza is using cloning to rescue endangered species. And Lou Hawthorne of Genetic Savings & Clone wants to clone your pet. These are the pioneers who make cloning a reality.

Amazing Flying Machines
The fun of your own personal hovercraft, the freedom to escape morning rush hour with your own flying car, or taking your next holiday as a space tourist. No, this isn’t science fiction. Inventors Kevin Inkster, Paul Moller and Steve Bennett are actually making these crazy flying machines right now.

Animal Inspired Innovations
Meet Jeffrey Turner, a genetic mastermind who stops bullets
by splicing spiders with goats; Keller Autumn, a biologist who dreams of sending robotic lizards to Mars; and Bob McIntyre, a country inventor unleashing a bionic predator over the rooftops of Scotland. Animal-inspired inventors find space-age solutions to modern-day problems with a helping hand from nature.

Necessity may be the mother of invention most of the time, but to three visionaries it’s all about exploration, saving lives and the quest for creative expression. Step up to meet three extreme inventors: Brian Walker, the ultimate toy maker; Tod Machover, a genius composer; and Mike Wescombe-Down, the creator of a shark-stopping device.

Enhancing Sexuality
Silicone: it’s the magic potion for enhancing sex. Michelle
Mone is using it to create the maximum in cleavage enhancement, Jana Sylvest and Otter Louis are using it for the ultimate in erotic toys, and Matt McMullen uses silicone to make the sexiest of life-like dolls.

Artificial Intelligence
Robots and Artificial life have been science fiction dreams for decades. Well, smart cyber beings are here right now and they could star in the movies, or save your life! Barry Spletzer builds flying robots, cyber pioneer Demetri Terzopoulos creates life inside the computer and mechanical engineer Robert Michelson brings smart swarming bugs to the military.

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